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November 12th, 2012

Last week, Revolution fell to a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating, the first time it hit below a 3.0 in that all-important demographic. The prior week it hit a Hurricane Sandy-impacted 3.0. Now that the nation is not focused on the election or natural disasters, will the show rebound? It may be helped by its lead-in, The Voice,  which has (finally) selected its Final 12 and moves into the next phase of competition this week. Make your predictions below.

  • ateofi

    Forget “Revolution”, hopefully “Hawaii 5-0″ and “Castle” will rebound to above 2 in the ratings.

  • hoki

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.0
    Castle: 1.7

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.3
    Partners: 2.1
    2 Broke Girls: 3.4
    Mike & Molly: 3.1
    Hawai’i 5-0: 1.7

    90210: 0.4
    Gossip Girl: 0.3

    Bones: 1.8
    The Mob Doctor: 0.8

    TheVoice: 4.4
    Revolution: 2.6

  • senor chang

    Down from a 4.8 in the overnights last week to a 4.6 this week. Small enough deviation for it not to be too problematic, but not encouraging.

    The Voice also down slightly (7.0 from last week’s 7.2). All other networks had fairly standard ups and downs.

  • Patrick Gillease

    I think now with Sandy gone (though the hurricane’s power outages and devasation continue), the election over, and the snowstorm melted, viewership in the Northeast will slowly rebound, so I think “Revolution” will tick back up to the 3.0-3.1 range. That being said, NBC is BEYOND STUPID for shelving new episodes of the series until the Spring.

    (1) Did TV-land learn NOTHING from putting genre shows on long hiatuses only to see their niche audiences wring their hands and give up?! Then when the shows finally returned, their viewers had forgotten about them. This happened with “Flash Forward,” “V”, and to lesser extent, “The Event.” ALL of them were canceled! Why does NBC think, with their own rocky levels of viewership, that putting “Revolution” on hiatus for several months won’t yield the same woeful result?

    (2) By putting “Revolution” on hiatus to ensure it always has “The Voice” lead-in, NBC is saying to the public that it does NOT have faith in “Revolution” enough to let it stand on its own without its strong lead-in. That’s a very sad and telling statement.

    (3) NBC has nothing else of merit to air during the hiatus, so WTF are they planning to put in the “Revolution” timeslot? “SMASH”? Do that, and BOTH of these promising shows will die on your network and you’ll be back to a 1-hit wonder.

    Whoever made this decision should be fired from NBC!! If not now, then certainly in the Spring when low ratings for “Revolution” upon its forgotten return will merit its cancellation by May. So much for “Proud as a Peacock” and more like “Dumb as Dirt!”

  • CrimTV

    @Patrick Gillease

    Sort of agree, but if your a good enough fan you’ll keep watching. Also Flashforward’s final episode before the hiatus was a 2.1 and following the hiatus it scored a 1.9! So it was only down two tenths! Also NBC plans to air new series “Deception” in Revolutions timeslot from January 7 and will air The Biggest Loser there until The Voice comes back on!

  • senor chang

    @Patrick Gillease
    1) All of those shows were on rapid declines even before the hiatus. Revolution has been far more stable so far. Furthermore, if long hiatuses kill shows, then why does virtually every show that takes the summer off come back in the fall unharmed and cable shows rise year-to-year?
    2) Maybe to you, but I doubt the average viewer cares much about where Revolution is, so long as it’s on.
    3) Premiering a serial show (Deception), relaunching a reality franchise (TBL), letting both run without breaks to build and retain audiences, allowing viewers to take a breather from the Voice/Revolution combo so they won’t get tired and leave, and going repeat-free on Mondays for the whole winter aren’t all valid, worthwhile goals? Would you rather have NBC execs shoot at a dartboard to decide when to spread the remaining episodes of Revolution through five whole months?

  • CrimTV

    OH NO! It’s half hours were 2.8/2.4 :(

  • ogla sungutay

    My guess is that it will go down and follow a steady path around 2.6 and likely to diminish in its second season. I’d be surprised if we see a third season.

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