'90210' Delivers Highest Rated Episode of the Season

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November 13th, 2012

via press note:

Last night's 90210 was the series' most watched (1.24M) and highest rated among A18-34 (0.8/2) and W18-34 (1.2/3) of the season.

It was the series most watched episode and best A18-34 rating since 3/27/12 and its best W18-34 in nearly a year (12/6/11).

Versus last week, 90210 was up 40% in total viewers, doubled its W18-34 rating, and was up 3 tenths in A18-34 and 2 tenths in A18-49 (0.6/2).

GOSSIP GIRL also had some big week to week gains, up 22% in total viewers (808,000) week to week and up in all key demos. It was GG's highest rated episode in A18-34 Nd W18-34 since 10/8.

One note that Dancing with the Stars aired on The CW's Kansas City affiliate last night, so these could be adjusted when national ratings come in this afternoon.

  • John A

    90210 will adjust down.

  • Jorge

    This press release is just…sad

  • Brandy

    Good for 90210& GG,

  • gary

    90210 adjusted down everybody knows

  • Jarrod

    And it was well deserved. 90210 may not be the best show, but I love it and clearly 1.24 million other people do also. Last night was a great episode and I hope those ratings continue, seeing as the show does deserve to go beyond 5 seasons.

  • Roswell

    90210’s half hours were

    1.36 0.7
    1.12 0.6

    It won’t adjust down. If anything, it’s possible to be adjusted up. Although ill be happy with just a 0.6

  • Christian

    This show is awful. It would be fitting if the show ended this season; it’s half the show the original 90210 was so it deserves half the run!

  • halloween

    pathetic numbers, both shows should be pulled

  • John A

    Dancing with stars aired on Some CW stations 90210 bound to adjust down. CW say that at the end.

  • Jarrod

    For a show in it’s 5th season, I’m pretty sure that these ratings are beyond acceptable. Honestly, if the show can adjust up and pull a demo like that (a 0.7 and a 0.6) respectively in half-hours, I can’t imagine what the DVR ratings will pull. Seriously, if the show does continue to stabilize and pull anything beyond 0.5 for the rest of the season, I guarantee it’ll get a full season pick-up next year. I may be jumping the gun here, but if 1.24 million viewers are tuning in, it means they’re out there and will most likely continue to watch if they like the way the show is going.

  • Glue

    Happy For 90210, Even GG. 6 More episodes for Gossip Girl :(.

  • glover

    CW celebrating these numbers is just pathetic.

  • ronnie

    Bring RINGER back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    So glad it didn’t adjust down. Now it just needs to stay steady

  • Tommy


    I agree. I highly doubt ratings between a .5 – .7 (which seems to be 90210’s average) in a series in it’s fifth season are really going to effect anything. They are high enough to be renewed, especially when all the behind-the-scenes money is factored in.

    Although on the same token I wouldn’t be shocked either way (cancellation/renewal) come May.

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