CW: Why Do 'The Secret Circle' Fans Hate 'The Beauty & The Beast'? (Poll)

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November 13th, 2012

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Program Status Renew/ Cancel Index
Nikita (F) :) :) :) :) 0.37
Emily Owens, M.D. :oops: 0.49
Gossip Girl final season 0.50
90210 :| :| :| 0.60
Hart Of Dixie :| :| :| 0.77
Beauty And The Beast :| :| :| 1.01
Supernatural :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.18
Arrow :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.60
Vampire Diaries :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.92

CW rookie The Beauty & The Beast is currently a "toss up" for renewal or cancellation. Its ratings are too close to sophomore Hart Of Dixie's for me to make a call between them at this point (particularly if you factor out the BATB premiere). I hope there's some separation later in the season that will clear things up, but based on recent CW history that may be wishful thinking.

What is very clear is that a cadre of vocal fans of the 2011-12 casualty The Secret Circle hate The Beauty & The Beast with the fire of a thousand suns.

While the reasons for each fan's hate may be different, that doesn't stop me from asking what our readers think. Vote as many times as your fingers will allow!

Emily Owens, M.D. is certain to be canceled.

How can Nikita with absolutely "look away" bad ratings be "likely to be renewed"? The pull of a fourth season for syndication purposes is one of the strongest forces in the TV universe. Read more about it here.

Because the folks at the CW seem to like short final seasons for their veteran shows, 90210 could be renewed for a 13 episode final season next year, even with its terrible ratings, that's why it's just a "toss up" for cancellation or renewal. They could certainly re-ealuate their penchant for short final seasons if schedule time next season gets tight though. Read more about it here.

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  • :oops: - certain to be cancelled by May, 2013
  • :cry: :cry:- more likely to be cancelled than renewed by May, 2013
  • :| :| :| - toss up between renewal or cancellation by May, 2013
  • :) :) :) :) - more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2013
  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: - certain to be renewed by May, 2012

The Renew/Cancel Index is the ratio of a scripted show's new episode adults 18-49 ratings relative to the new episode ratings of the other scripted shows on its own network. It's calculated by dividing a show's new episode Live+Same Day adults 18-49 average rating by the Live+Same Day new episode average of all the new scripted show episodes on the show's own network. The network's average ratings in the calculation are not time weighted (ex. hour long shows are not weighted twice what 30 minute shows are).

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  • CrimTV


    If The Carrie Diaries succeeds that could join 90210 on Mondays, and Hart of Dixie could stay on Tuesdays with a new drama behind it and Wednesday’s could stay the same.

  • Brandy

    Ombin,Mark is trying to appeal to a broader audience while not loosing viewers of only the young women women demo shows.Theres room on the schedule for both girly and scifi/supernatrual/superhero shows.He cant afford to aliente the young women that watch shows like Carrie Diaries,GG,HoD,90210 and loose them to abcfamily.Also, the same problem exsists for supernatrual,scifi superhero shows as did the girly shows:hits for2_3 seasons,then the craze fades, then ratings cellar.I think vampires ect craze will die soon after the last Twilight.

  • KindredKian

    CW 2013-2014 Fall Schedule

    Monday- Girls Night

    Hart Of Dixie
    The Carrie Diaries

    Tuesday- Scary Night

    Sleepy Hollow (New Series)

    Wednesday- Action Night

    The Tomorrow People (New Series)

    Thursday- Seduction Night

    The Vampire Diaries
    Embrace (New Series)

    Friday- Soap Night

    90210 (Final Season)
    Reign (New Series)


    The Selection


    Emily Owens M.D
    Beauty & The Beast

  • Jason50

    I really like the idea that someone brought up about BATB of making the female the beast. Especially if the network had you just assume the male was the beast in the early trailers. Then at the end of the pilot reveal it’s actually the girl that’s the beast. I think more people would have stuck around after the first episode to see what happens with that twist in plot. Most of the shows on CW get poor ratings anyway so why would it hurt them to take more chances with their programming?

  • omabin


    True but:
    1) Considering how poorly mondays have done for the cw in the last two seasons, especially in spring with the added competition from ABC family, I don’t believe in carrie diaries’ sucess, though I could be wrong of course…

    2) In which case what you said would be true. The problem, however, is that lauching a new show out of Hart of Dixie would imply picking yet another “girly” show and have another “girly” night. Look at this year. Wednesdays are working perfectly and Thursdays are always fine with the vampire diaries, they just need a betteer companion show. Then look at the two girly nights, and the only show doing decently is Hart. Why would they not cut down the girly nights to one and expand the “action” nighs to three (I am ignoring friday). Lauching an “action” show out of Hart of Dixie would not make much sense. I think that if Carrie does suceed, it is more likely that 90210 does not get that final season after all, so that hart of dixie and carrie diaries can be paired up, if anything.

    Bottom line: I really have trouble thinking about a scenario in which Supernatural does not have to move again. The exception would be if Cult is somehow a huge breakout hit and can lead its own night, but the chances of that happening are very slim (and even if that does happen, there is also a chance that the cw then decides that it is better of just leaving it on thursday, since something is finally working there)

  • John

    Lol. This is hilarious. I saw 12 episodes of TSC and both the acting and writing were ridiculous. Over the top teen melodrama and these tweens think Tonkins is Emmy-worthy. The girl barely has three expressions. I just endured as far as I did because I loved Diana and the girls were good eye candy.

    Gave BATB a chance as well for Kristin, but this show has no charm at all. The guy is the real ‘beauty’ and she’s the ‘beast’. The guy can’t act to save his life, while Kristin acts the hell out of her character. I saw 2 episodes and ditched though.

    All the butthurt TSC fans should back off. Your stupid show isn’t coming back and at this moment, even BATB’s chances aren’t looking good. Just enjoy it or shut up.

  • John

    @Tori: “How about a fifth option for that poll? No one likes Kristin Kruek. She was hated on Smallville, and that long of passionate dislike is a hard thing to just forget once her horrible acting skills show up in yet another show.”

    You’re simply exaggerating. Each and every guy LOVED Kristin on Smallville. Its only a few vocal fangirls who hated on her. She’s a pretty decent actress and is better now than when she was on Smallville.

  • sabina

    Kristin K. is a bad actress looks like a statue of cera.Dai times Smallville, 10 years ago, is NOT improved but only older. The ‘Canadian actress should go to an acting school.

  • Melanie

    I get TSC fans hating on HOD since it was renewed and TSC wasn’t, but why hate on BATB?
    The problem with TSC’s ratings were that they were falling. Sure it started out great and its early high average did make it ‘the third highest rated’ overall. But TSC Spring ratings were tanking and HOD’s were stable vs its Fall ratings. Not to give credence to Retionista Jedi Mind Tricks, but TSC, with the best lead-in the CW could give it, lost a lot of audience. HOD, with a crappy lead-in, built audience out of it, showing that the audience tuned in specifically to HOD. So far this year, as a self starter, HOD has remained stable — still not with great ratings, but stable. I think the CW made the right choice in cancelling TSC and keeping HOD for another season. Whether HOD’s ratings are good enough to get another renewal remains to be seen.
    So far, I don’t see BATB getting renewed simply because the CW still needs ‘hit’ shows. It will depend on the relative ratings for Carrie Diaries & Cult and how the Spring ratings go for all the shows and, of course, on the CW’s bench strength for next season.

  • Melanie

    @omabin It costs the network advertising money to shuffle the schedule. Wed night is working for the CW — I don’t see them changing it. They don’t need Arrow to launch a show. What they need, is another show — like Arrow — which is a self starter and can lead off Tuesday nights. (And one for Mondays for that matter, unless Carrie Diaries is a big hit — not holding my breath)
    They’ve been trying to launch shows behind TVD for 4 years and it has yet to work. Personally, I think the biggest mistake they made with TSC was not putting it in the same universe as TVD and doing crossovers with Bonnie or something to bring the TVD audience into it.
    With so much barren landscape on the CW schedule, I just don’t see them messing with the only things that are working for them.

  • omabin


    While that is true and a new arrow type of show that could self-start could in theory work, what would follow it? Another newbie? That’s my problem. I just don’t see the cw betting on two new shows for a whole night, even if the truth is that they would not be loosing much anyway.

    As for thursdays, I do agree, they should have made the secret circle the same universe as the vampire diaries, the same way greys and pp did. I did enjoy the secret circle very much but the problem was that i enjoyed only the 2nd half of it. I thought the first half was very very weak, but the last part of the season was actually better than the last part of tvd season 3 (and i love tvd); it just too them too much to get there, I almost gave up on it, and there were too many that effectively did. However, for the post vampire diaries, i would just go with an originals spin-off or something like that, it would solve their problem most likely. Also, we would get rid of klauss from vampire diaries once and for all at least.

  • Kelly

    Sorry, but not sorry that TSC was canceled. It was a stupid, teeny bopper, drama queens show about annoying bitchy witches! Thank god the cw canceled that junk they called “new hit series”. As far as BaTB goes, it’s wayyyy better than TSC in every possible way!

  • Sel

    To all Secret Circle fans…
    At least you guys can read the books and stop with the malicious behaviour, people at your age are not suppose to act so arrogant. You guys are what? Like 10, 12,…13

  • Jeremy

    TSC was bad but B&tB is making it look like Masterpiece Theatre in comparison. I don’t know why the powers that be at CW haven’t learned long ago Kristin Kreuk cannot act.

  • TVfan

    Quite the contrary… maybe Kristin doesn’t really fit on B&tB, but even great-great actors don’t necessarily fit or do well in every role and KK really was great on SV (don’t care what you haters say, not to mention people who worked with her and their words worth a dime would disagree with you all), pretty good on Chuck and AMAZING in Partition.

    She owns TSC actors. Easily.

  • Tom

    Melanie: Enough already. Your choice of words to describe HOD’s ratings is totally misleading. The ratings weren’t stable. They had bottomed out. Big difference. And so apparently have B&B’s. The total viewership for B&B has dropped steadily and dropped even more after Burn Notice returned. It’s done for and don’t tell me you didn’t expect it. So, blaming disgruntled TSC fans for this debacle is simply a cop out. B&B dropped to a 0.6 in three episodes. It took TSC 18 episodes to reach that low. So, the only relevant question is whether TSC might have done better. TSC closed at a 0.6 and IMHO was positioned to begin a potentially interesting story arc. Therefore, I choose to believe that the new storyline and a dedicated fan base positioned TSC to achieve higher ratings. In other words, an increase of as little as 0.2 would have beaten B&B. If you disagree, suit yourself. But don’t waste your breath claiming that the CW was justified in renewing a poorly rated show like HOD just because its ratings had deteriorated faster.

    I personally could care less about some of the personal opinions expressed about various shows on the CW. There are always a few goofs out their who will laud any show. Even when it’s the LA Complex. Fortunately, the ratings supersede those opinions. Currently, only the top three rated show on the network are worth discussing. The rest are a blip on the ratings and probably wouldn’t have been renewed or even greenlit on the other major networks. So, if nothing else, try to understand that the continuing presence of Nikita, HOD and B&B is evidence that the CW is presently not in the business of making rational programming decisions.

  • Jason50

    @TVfan- I’ll agree with you, I think Kristin Kreuk is a decent actress and probably as good if not better than anyone on TSC. She definitly doesn’t fit her role on BATB. I can’t buy into her being a detective much less one that can take on two guys at one time. Even without the fighting, she’s just not believable when questioning or interrogating suspects unlike the actresses in other crime procedurals. Another thing is the chemistry with Vincent seems forced, like the writers were trying to push them together quickly rather than building it up and gain momentum(much like Lana’s relationship with Clark in Smallville).

  • Crystal

    Why does it even matter why TSC fans hate BATB, the only way they can try to make the show fail is by not watching it.

    Personally I no longer watch the CW now they cancelled TSC but it’s not because I’m bitter that they cancelled the show. I just have no interest in their other shows especially BATB which I watched one episode of because I think it’s ridicious that the Beast looks like a model and to put it as nicely as possible, the lead actress lacks talent in the acting department.

  • Melanie

    @Tom Perhaps you missed the part where I said that I don’t think BATB will be renewed?

    TSC ended last spring with .6, .5, .5, .5 and .6 — falling from a 1.3 high.
    HOD ended last spring with .6, .5, .6, .6 and .6 — falling from a .9 high.

    Only falling 3 tenths is pretty stable. Certainly more stable than falling 7 tenths.
    HOD came back this season so far with .7, .5, .6, .5, .6 and .6 — virtually the same as it ended last season — it doesn’t get much more stable than that.
    And please note — I did say that HOD didn’t have great ratings. The fact is, the ratings for both shows were terrible. I maintain that by the end of the season, HOD’s ratings were marginally less horrible than TSC.

    Right now BATB’s ratings are ‘better’ than HOD’s, but we’re only a third of the way through the season. Slow and steady could still keep HOD ahead of the Cancellation Bear.

    There’s no question that at this point in the season last year, TSC was doing better than BATB is this season. In the fall last season, TSC’s ratings were decent. The precipitous spring ratings decline killed TSC.

  • Tori

    @John: I was in that fandom. The fact that there were communities based off of pure hatred of Lana/Kristin Kruek with hundreds of members speaks for itself. I get that some men, such as yourself, liked her, but that doesn’t mean that every man loved her or that there were only a brush-off few who hated her. Her acting may have gotten better; who knows. Most fans of Smallville aren’t willing to give KK another chance though.

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