FOX News is the Number One Basic Cable Channel in Primetime & Total Day Among Total Viewers for Fourth Straight Week

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November 13th, 2012

FOX News was again the number one basic cable channel in both Primetime (1.78 million) and Total Day (3.54 million)among Total Viewers for the week of November 5, beating ESPN and USA. This is the fourth straight week that FNC has been the number one basic cable channel among Total Viewers. FNC was also the number two cable network among Adults 25-54 (1.03 million Total Day, 496,000 primetime), beating every channel but ESPN.

The last time FNC performed this well in primetime was during the week of the 2008 presidential election (11/3/08)  with 1,14 million Total Viewers and  527,000 Adults 25-54.

The other cable news channels also performed well during election week. Among Total Viewers, CNN ranked number 4 in primetime (1.96 million) and number 8 in Total Day (1.04 million)while MSNBC was number 5 in primetime (1.83 million) and number 7 in Total Day (1.04 million)..

  • Mark2

    This is only because it included the election night numbers. The day after MSNBC kicked their butts for 3 days in a row.

  • AppleStinx

    Awesome! This is truly remarkable especially because the weekend ratings in the period were downright awful.

  • Ralph Hahn

    In ratings, they don’t measure the network or local ratings of the best three or four days of the week. Aside from the daily numbers, the totals of the demos and the total overall is measured. It did not take Fox to unseat CNN/MSNBC as the most-watched cable news network over a few days.

    That’s why a sudden drop in ratings is not an indicator of a network’s present and future trends. When the ratings start to drift slowly to the competition, that’s worrysome. “MSNBC is on fire?” Sounds like a statement from The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” A clown says it so often and if and when the BS (tragically) becomes truth? No one will believe The Boy.

  • Aok

    MSNBC draws a younger demographic meaning their viewers will be around long after Fox’s audience had died off, and I mean that literally.

  • 1966

    hahahahahhahahhahhaha you’re a moron

  • David Platts

    The other news programming is diverse. It is middle then goes to the left. This news does not come from just Cable but from other national channels. There were a total of seven networks covering the election. Fox News is far to the right. Having a viewership of 3.54 million does not surprise me. Its all these folks have to console themselves. It is not a number large enough to win nationally in the future as time passes. I would like to have the numbers watching the other six networks covering the election.

    I know one family member and various other folks that I communicate with on other issues. I made the mistake of communicating with my brother who is the family member. I won’t do that again. Way to much anger. Misguided ideas. He has only one news channel to watch. We have a free country so these folks may watch FNC. I watch FNC from time to time. I just want to keep in touch when as many ideas as I can. I am well educated academically, in business and culturally adept. If you want to believe I do not understand and I am a disgraceful American as seems to be a constant theme running throughout FNC, be my guest. In a free country, insanity is allowed to be vented until it causes damage to others.

    Please, hahahahhahahahhaha you’re a moron is not an argument. You do not appear very bright 1966. The younger demographic has gone blue. It is a concern for Republican strategists. However, I do have many problems with MSNBC. There shooting at FNC at every opportunity widens the williness gap of all people living in our country. Frankly, I am tired of MSNBC and FNC constantly bickering over ideas. 2 parties means two sets of ideas. Accept it or move out of this country. I hope all people have enough skills that they could find an acceptable country to live in. I do believe right now, more than Democrats, I will tell these crazy Rebublicans crying over the election to leave this country if you do not like it.

  • clinging to my guns

    Hey Mark 2,eat it!!!! lol

  • clinging to my guns

    The only reason Fox news dipped after election day was because Megan Kelly and O Reilly took the next few days off…getting almost 12 million viewers is hard work, you know, compared to MSNBC’s paltry 4 million.

  • david

    poor msnbcrap, but what you expect chris ‘tingle in hie britches matthews, rachael long neck madcow and those real idiots in the msnbcrap 3 oclock sissy as hell white guy one really ugly black guy and two yankee women

  • Pundit

    No. 2 in the demo to ESPN. Not bad.

  • Moncon

    And as FOZx viewers “die off”. The young viewers at MSNBC will have hanged from a liberal mindset to a more conservative one. Just like me.

  • tony

    @Moncon–You are right,as Churchill said if your not a liberal at 20 you have no heart,if your still a liberal at 40 you have no brain.

  • Paul

    @David Platts

    I was reading your post with interest in what you had to say, but as soon as you stated “I will tell these crazy Rebublicans crying over the election to leave this country if you do not like it” you lost me. That was just plain moronic. Why didn’t all the Democrats leave the country when Bush was in office if they hated things so much, especially that idiot Alec Baldwin? Typical liberal arrogance.

  • 1966

    @david platts
    you’re just stupid hahahahahaha

  • City Kitty

    Way to go Fox News!

  • Richard

    O’Rielly has a larger audience in 1 hr than the 3 stooges have in a combined 3 hours on MSNBC. Amen

  • Joe

    You can easily identify an insecure moron when they tell you how smart they are. I won’t mention any names but it rhymes with Ravid Splats.

  • Rolly

    It appears that the best way to figure out Fox News Channel’s viewer numbers is to add all the other cable news channels viewers combined. It adds up to be pretty darn right on.

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