Update: CW Says 'Emily Owens M.D.' Production Not Shut Down

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November 13th, 2012

Update: The CW's Paul Hewiwitt denies that the show has been canceled. "It has not been shut down.
If anyone had bothered to call me, I would have told them that.:"

Our apologies to the CW. In our haste to get the story first, we jumped the gun.

original post:

Vancouver based production blogger Susan Gittins has tweeted that Emily Owens has been canceled, writing. "Sad news today. Vancouver-shot #EmilyOwensMD cancelled. A charming show that got lost in Fall launch."

The show premiered to an 0.5 adults 18-49 rating. Subsequent episodes hit as low as a 0.3, though last night's episode rose slightly to an 0.4. More details as they become available.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Wow, that’s actually kind of a shock.

  • Bee

    that’s a bummer. and i’m not sure it’s the right call to be honest. yes, ratings were VERY low. but it felt like it could’ve been another grower like HOD. people liked/were warming up to the show. oh well.

  • taylor

    hmm. not surprising, but i wonder if it’ll air its 13-episode order still

  • herpderp

    inb4 SPM trolls.

  • lawrence


  • Holly

    @Jeff (Canada),

    How is this shocking in the least?

  • Mano

    If a CW show falls, does it make a sound?

  • Michael

    I kinda feel bad for the fans. It must suck to see it cancelled, even though CW has other low rated shows.

  • Pablo

    Didn’t watch it, but would have thought they might wait a few more weeks to pull the plug. It’s viewership numbers weren’t bad for CW, and it’s demo was poor, but not the worst (Nikita). After the good repeat number on election day, thought that they would give it until after November to show if it would grow any.

  • Max

    Now, can we FINALLY cancel Mob Doctor?

  • Jeff (Canada)


    See Pablo’s post, pretty much. And it’s not like CW has a ton of shows they can replace it with, I would have figured CW would leave it on the air for November sweeps.

  • Dóchas

    I’m not surprised at all but I do feel bad for Justin Hartley. Someone scoop him for your show quickly! Preferably a gritty cable show or something with some action.

  • BagToPunch

    I don’t watch this show, but I have caught a little of it here and there and it wasn’t so bad. It’s hard to make a hit medical show and maybe the CW wasn’t the right place. No doubt trash like The Carrie Diaries or whatever it’s called will bring in the 12 year old eyeballs the network is known for.

  • Jorge

    I hope they finish up the season. I REALLY liked the show

  • Linda

    This show was growing on me.

  • POIFanatic

    Poor Mamie Gummer. Can’t even keep a show on CW. I actually thought it was a charming little show.

  • Jared

    Not surprised..Emily Owens never seemed to find an audience and those voice overs in the commercials are so annoying I couldn’t even imagine watching a full hour.

  • Max

    It was bound to happen. That would be a dream if all of the low rated CW shows were canned too.

  • Michael

    Meryl Streep needs to help her daughter land a juicy show on HBO or Showtime.

  • RyanCanada

    i love this show tho, ugh

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