Sunday Final Ratings: 'Revenge', 'The Mentalist' & 'The Amazing Race' Adjusted Up; '666 Park Avenue' & '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down

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November 13th, 2012


Revenge, The Mentalist, & The Amazing Race  were each adjusted up a tenth while 60 Minutes and 666 Park Avenue were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Sunday's preliminary ratings. The final ratings for Sunday Night Football and unscrambled FOX ratings are also below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, November 11, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millions)
7:00 FOX NFL Football - Live (7-:8:20PM) 8.7/27 24.34
CBS 60 Minutes 1.6/4 11.39
ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.4/4 6.05
7:30 NBC  Football Night in America Part 2 - Live 1.4/4 3.98
8:00 FOX The Simpsons (8:21PM-8:51PM) 3.2/8 6.86
ABC  Once Upon A Time 2.7/7 8.75
CBS The Amazing Race 2.5/6 9.18
NBC  Football Night in America Part 3 - Live 2.4/6 7.32
8:30 NBC NFL Football : Houston at Chicago -  Live (8:30-11:00PM) 7.9/19 20.86
FOX Bob's Burgers (8:50-9:20PM) 2.4/5 4.89
9:00 FOX Family Guy (9:20-9:50) 2.7/6 5.57
ABC Revenge 2.5/6 7.73
CBS The Good Wife 1.7/4 9.02
9:30 FOX Family Guy  (9:50-10:20PM) 2.3/5 5.06
10:00 CBS The Mentalist 1.9/5 10.15
ABC 666 Park Avenue 1.2/3 3.90


Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Ultima

    Someone calling other people morons and you can’t even spell banned.

    I wasn’t trying to spell “banned,” it was supposed to be “ban” – typos happen. :roll:

  • Rodrigo S

    I think that if Revenge beats Once Upon A Time in one or more episodes they¿re going to cancel OUAT. I love coth of them but it’s obvious that making OUAT cost more money than making Revenge!

  • Rodrigo S

    I think that if Revenge beats Once Upon A Time in one or more episodes they’re going to cancel OUAT. I love both of them but it’s obvious that making OUAT cost more money than making Revenge!

  • aciel

    i love both shows but ouat is never going to get cancelled its too popular

  • danny94

    Good work Revenge this proves its not lead in depentent

  • don juan


  • Ultima

    I think that if Revenge beats Once Upon A Time in one or more episodes they’re going to cancel OUAT.

    That’s ridiculous. Once Upon a Time is a lock for renewal.

  • Blake Williams

    I hate the fact that Revenge and The Good Wife have to compete against NFL Football on NBC and against AMC’s The Walking Dead as well. No wonder their ratings are not any better this season.

  • Kavyn

    Sigh @ 666. Hope they conclude the show properly at least…

  • Melissa

    Once Upon a Time, unless it continues to drop, is not going to be cancelled with a 2.7 series low; don’t forget that it got a 3.5 last week and registered as the #1 network drama, beating out NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the usual winner Grey’s Anatomy. Also, football needs to stop being used as an excuse for Once Upon a Time‘s poor rating. Football may have dropped the show a few tenths, but not eight; please remember that typical Once Upon a Time viewers are polar opposites of football viewers.

  • eridapo

    Program (Network) Viewers A18-49 A25-54 A18-34
    60 Minutes 11.394 1.6/ 4 2.5/ 7 0.9/3
    America’s Funn Home Videos 6.05 1.4/ 4 1.8/ 4 1.0/3
    Football Night in America 3.981 1.4/ 4 1.6/ 4 1.2/4
    Football Night in America 7.323 2.4/ 6 3.0/ 7 2.1/6
    Once Upon a Time 8.746 2.7/ 7 3.2/ 7 2.3/7
    The Amazing Race 21 9.179 2.5/ 6 3.5/ 7 1.3/4
    NFL Sunday Post-Gun 15.381 6.2/16 6.8/15 5.6/17
    Sunday Night Pre Kick 15.557 5.4/14 6.4/14 4.5/14
    The Simpsons 6.858 3.2/ 8 3.3/ 7 3.2/9
    Sunday Night Football 20.86 7.9/19 9.0/20 6.8/19
    Bob’s Burgers 4.891 2.4/ 5 2.3/ 5 2.6/7
    Revenge 7.635 2.5/ 6 3.1/ 6 1.8/5
    The Good Wife 9.022 1.7/ 4 2.4/ 5 0.6/2
    Family Guy 5.568 2.7/ 6 2.6/ 5 3.0/8
    Family Guy 5.064 2.3/ 5 2.3/ 5 2.5/7
    The Mentalist 10.153 1.9/ 5 2.7/ 6 0.9/3
    666 Park Avenue 3.898 1.2/ 3 1.5/ 3 0.9/2

  • cris

    The Simpsons yeah!!!!!!!!

    The Good Wife :( don’t give up!

  • ToXiX

    The Simpsons :D
    Bob’s Burgers :D
    Family Guy :D
    The Good Wife *puke emot*
    666 Park Avenue :(

  • Diego

    YEAH REVENGE!!! revenge is doing so good! It’ll be renewed for sure! It almost did the same that OUAT!! Good Emily :D

  • Joe

    I am sick of reading this comments and not b/c of Max He made a single c and comment and then your responds to him are outrages can we just stop care about what he says?

  • livevil666999

    just discovered no more secret circle thats sad it was a good show it was diffrent and that made it good not predictable so go ahead cw be like fox but i will no longer invest my tv time watching your programming so keep your nikita no one really cares it cant cost less to do a show like nikita or arrow and many of the other shows cw does so we watch many of your other shows but nomore i urge every1 who fells the way i do 2 boycott cw wb and their affiliattes networks it wont save the circle but we can send them a message we dont have watch garbage shows like heart of dixie which being from the south i find it offensive and feel that it makes all southern people look bad so in the words of eric cartman scrw you guys i’m going home

  • zapbob

    OUTA will be one of the highest watched DVR shows this week….With Football going over, I didn’t watch OUTA til midnight.

  • Jon

    Why is this a Scandal versus Revenge thing for Max. They are two different shows, why can’t they both exist and both do well.

  • Kristopher

    Wohoo for Revenge! I do not watch OUAT but wow. That was a huge drop. What happened?

    And wow…Max is just…nuts. He is first on every single Revenge related post. Does he sit constantly refreshing his screen every morning waiting for the new posting? He is a troll you all give far too much attention to (as I’m doing now in fact), though he really is just borderline pathetic at this point.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Stupid Max LOLs at Revenge for being adjusted UP! That’s pure genius! :-)

    Clown stays up all night just to be first to post about Revenge. Amazing… :-)

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