'Emily Owens M.D.' Production Continues; The Show is Not Canceled

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November 14th, 2012

Despite social media rumors that the show has been canceled, production continues on Emily Owens M.D. The show is not canceled, per the CW. Publicity executive Paul Hewitt said, "It has not been shut down. If anyone had bothered to call me, I would have told them that." Our apologies to the CW for running with the initial reports.

  • SPM

    Lets be honest the show WILL be canceled its all a question of when so this is really no biggie is it.

  • CH2164

    damn it so close,maybe next time! well hopefully soon…

  • Dóchas

    So the canceled post was before anyone called the CW to confirm? Reporting etiquette 101.
    Thought I do believe it will still be canceled.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    The executioner merely is taking time to charge up the chair to full power.

  • The End

    No worrys. That said this is the first instance of jumping the gun that I’ve seen here in a while, I’ve never personally seen Robert and Bill get something completely wrong in their articles before lol

  • SPMflop


    Lets be honest you are an idiot and a butthurt fan that cries and moans because their horrible show was rightfully canceled.

  • Zed

    I kind of wanted it to be canceled. Not hating on the show, and sorry for any fans, but I really wanted Mammie Gummer to do something actually successful!

  • SPM

    @ SPMflop

    Oh dear

  • Max

    It still will be canceled.

  • Adam

    I think we can all agree that this series is a one and done type of show but I can understand the problems the network is facing. The total audience isn’t so far off from other CW series but the demo is awful. The real question is does the CW want to air repeats this early on in the season. The network can shut down the cancellation rumor for today but I doubt the CW will be giving this series a back 9. To me it seems more likely Emily Owens will air all episodes ordered than call it a day to save face.

  • SPMflop


    Oh dear is right. TSC sucked and your arguments suck.

  • slider121

    Where was this FOX for The Chicago Code and Alcatraz?

  • Jared

    Paul Hewitt could have easily shut people up with the announcement of a full season pickup for Emily Owens but clearly that’s not what happened. This leaves me to believe there’s more to this story than whats being reported by the network. I would assume that the network just didn’t order a back 9 which technically wouldn’t be a cancellation.

  • slider121

    opps..sorry wrong network

  • SPM


    It must be so fun to be you.

  • Lisa

    Never watched it or had any plan to watch it.

  • Anon

    The Cancellation Bear is simply cleansing his palate prior to his meal.

  • Tommy

    They probably just haven’t put the final touches and spin on the press release.

    There is no way the CW is going to continue beyond the initial 13 episodes and they have enough “special” and reality to more than cover the open air space.

  • Z

    I am almost certain that it won’t be returning for the spring. I think they are just finishing for the rest of the episodes like planned. I think the rumors has a hint of truth, that it is going to be cancelled,just not now.

  • Kavyn

    I still think this show will get its back nine. Not because of the ratings but because they have nothing to replace it with. There are no big names in the show (arguably Mamie and Justin, but not really) and it doesn’t seem to cost much.

    Plus there’s potential for growth similar to Hart. I’m not saying it’ll get renewed though, it’s very very unlikely at this point unless if BATB, Cult and TCD flop immensely.

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