'Emily Owens M.D.' Production Continues; The Show is Not Canceled

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November 14th, 2012

Despite social media rumors that the show has been canceled, production continues on Emily Owens M.D. The show is not canceled, per the CW. Publicity executive Paul Hewitt said, "It has not been shut down. If anyone had bothered to call me, I would have told them that." Our apologies to the CW for running with the initial reports.

  • Jorge

    Well I’m glad it wasn’t cancelled

  • SPMflop


    Certainly more fun than being you.

  • DougF


    Yep exactly and for all we know they might not officially cancel it until May when all the news comes out in the lead up to up fronts.

    My guess is whoever works on the crew said this to whoever because the show hadn’t been picked up for more episodes past the initial order. They probably assumed this because most shows will film their first 13 episodes and then take a few weeks break from filming during the holidays and will come back in January and continue filming. Whoever said this probably took the fact that there is no production scheduled after the holidays and assumed it had been cancelled.

    Although we all know that it is pretty much cancelled, with no back nine ordered and CW needing a slot for Cult, the writing is on the wall.

  • Bizarro

    M.D.’s last ep rose to a 0.4 and 1.42 million viewers and I think the show will end in January after its 13 ep run. So the CW is going to cancel it in December or January if the ratings don’t improve and they probably won’t. The CW can always raise a show from the dead if the show does that bad. Don’t they have a few more eps of LA Complex to show? Cult doesn’t have a time slot yet? Pedowitz did say during the summer that they might reconsider the cancellation of Ringer and bring it back for 6 to 13 eps. They could even get another cycle of top model going for the spring and still another one in the summer. Have rerun’s at one of their friday time slots like NBC does on friday. When you think about it, it won’t be hard to replace M.D., the question remains if it does not improve and goes down again what will the CW replace it with?

  • tv#1

    I think the CW will at least make 16 episodes of this show. I bet they want to see how it will preform when it comes back after the holiday season. If it continues to preform at the same level it is at now, or worse, than I think it will be gone by March.

  • CBSViewer

    Rectification the Show is not canceled yet !

  • Kellix

    I watched the pilot episode and I thought it was good, I just didn’t bother to continue watching. Honestly I don’t wanna start because I just know the show will be cancel eventually.

  • Brandy

    I bet it wont return in Jan after the winter/holiday hiatus and all the others do.Its a deccent show but it will be cancelled_it premiered low,has low ratings,bad retention of HoD,is one of the lowest rated shows on the network and will be tied with GG for lowest show of this week since Nikitas not airing and GG s ending so it dosent really count.

  • jamie

    It’s either this or repeats.

  • Aaliyah

    Just go on and cancel the show!!! Can’t wait for the Carrie Dairies!!!

  • rob60990

    I didn’t really believe it was cancelled yet but it will be probably in the next month.

  • Tyson

    The show hasn’t been canceled yet. The best Paul Hewitt could say was that production hasn’t stopped yet. Hardly a vote of confidence.

  • DougF


    Exactly. They are probably in production for episode 12 right now and still have 13 to shoot. A crew member probably saw there was no production schedule set for after episode 13. Which then that person probably assumed it was cancelled especially after CW ordered 3 additional scripts a month ago. Yet as far as we know they were never ordered to be filmed.

    If we know about Arrow and Beauty and the Beast’s full season pick ups. We would have known about CW ordering additional episodes of Emily Owens.

  • Justin121

    If it doesn’t drop below 0.4, it’ll get the full season order.

  • rob60990

    it already fell to a .3.

  • Pepper

    The bear is patient, and will be back in January to collect

  • james


  • Antonio

    The CW should realize that nobody would have cared if this series was cancelled. Nobody’s watching it anyway. I’ve seen more press for this series today than I have since it debuted. Since we already know the fate of Arrow and B&TB if the CW were to pick up the show for a full season we would have known by now. How many more weeks of “data” does the CW need to know this show is a flop?

  • O.o

    I can believe that they haven’ t canceled it yet.
    But it will be cancelled, anyway.

  • Bobby C

    I love Emily Owens! In fact, I’m crazy about her. Love the inner workings of her mind each week. I’m rooting for this show! Tough competition in its time slot though but I hope more folks discover this gem and tune in. It was serendipity for me and I’m hooked! Give her a chance! :)

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