'Emily Owens M.D.' Production Continues; The Show is Not Canceled

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November 14th, 2012

Despite social media rumors that the show has been canceled, production continues on Emily Owens M.D. The show is not canceled, per the CW. Publicity executive Paul Hewitt said, "It has not been shut down. If anyone had bothered to call me, I would have told them that." Our apologies to the CW for running with the initial reports.

  • Kath

    This is an example of the problem with basing everything on the demo. It’s a decent little show (and in my opinion much better than either Beauty & the Best or Arrow). With a bit of tweaking, it could find its audience.

    Bad timeslot too since it’s competing against New Girl which is similar to it.

    I will miss it if it gets cancelled. It’s my favorite of the new shows this year.

  • michael wainer

    My partner works on the show full time.It is not cancelled,as a matter of fact the episodes are getting better and the writing is impecable.
    For those of you who want this show cancelled,you have nothing better to do with your lives,over 300 people employed at this show will not have jobs!Think about this!Also the ratings have been going up the last few weeks!

  • s0303

    this is my favorite new show…so that’s good…i know it won’t be renewed, but i’m going to enjoy it while i still can :)

  • Christian

    Sara Bibel should be fired for this erroneous reporting!! I like Amanda Kondology better anywayz!

  • Christian

    @michael wainer

    The ratings haven’t been going up the last weekS, they wentup tis week, from a pathetic 0.3 to a shameful 0.4 for a show which just debuted.

  • getmilk

    I love this show. I’m so happy it’s still alive…for the time being.

  • Bobby C

    This show reminds me of Ally McBeal so much, I love it! A dramedy that’s rare these days and a tough sell but I do hope more will discover it! Don’t give up on this show CW!!

  • matt

    Time to Bring Back Ringer!!!

  • michael wainer

    Christian,you are not reading the ratings properly,last week the rating was 1.28 million without dvr ratings,this week 1.43 without dvr ratings.That is is significant difference as the CW never has a large audience.

  • Cros

    They need to give full season to the show, better that than a chain of repeats. Cult will flop and Carrie diaries will be meh.

    Please media dont make people stop watching the show believing its getting cancelled

  • slddl

    Just because a show isn’t shutting down production, doesn’t mean it’s not cancelled.

  • Justin121

    I meant from now on.

  • Alan

    It sucks that this show is not working out. I would say it’s on the wrong network, it should have been on NBC or ABC, I mean, this is Meryl Streep’s daughter!

  • Jeff321

    I like Mamie Gummer but this show is beyond stupid.

  • slddl

    No, I really doubt it’ll get a full season order unless it starts rising in the demo. They’ll air all 13 episodes, but that’ll be it.

    Look, The CW could easily push up the premiere of Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model to February – while that’s not a high-rated show these days, it at least does bring in a better demo than Emily Owens, MD. Or they could always try to re-jig the schedule with the premiere of CULT and move either Beauty & The Beast or Supernatural into the Tuesday night slot.

  • pete5125

    The problem is that only 2 nights are working for CW, WED and Thur, and they have 2 shows they want to premier strong Carrie Diaries and Cult…maybe Move B&B to Tue with Supernatural, put Cult on Wed after Arrow, put Carrie Diaries after VD, Mon HOD/90210 send Emily Owens to die on Fri w/Nikita…

    then again a Female night on Fri:HOD/Carrie Dairies
    Mon:90210/Emily Owens (why not, have to air something)
    Tue:Beauty and Beast/Nikita(low rated, but could do better)
    wed:Arrow/Supernatural(not broke don’t fix)
    fri:HOD/Carrie Diaries

  • Nix

    what? nooooo! Just recently started watching the show. i actually kinda like it. but then again i am a geek. So it WILL probably get cancelled.

  • Shmips

    Too bad for the set photog who started the rumour. Her name was mentioned in this and now she’ll have a hard time getting work.
    I don’t much like the show, but it’s innocuous and upbeat. I hope it gets picked up and goes ten years…..
    …..but it won’t.

  • Shirley Marquez

    We’ll get a clue about the show’s fate during December. Oddly enough, if they continue to air original episodes it means that the show is certainly on its way out; it would mean that The CW is using up the episodes they have during a slack time to prepare for a new series to start in January or February. They’re certainly not going to launch a new show in December.

    It’s likely still out after this season in any case unless there is a surprising uptick in the ratings (Hart of Dixie is showing signs of improvement and it’s conceivable it will pull its Tuesday night mate along), but if The CW doesn’t have anything in the pipeline they’ll give it a full pickup so they have SOMETHING to air through spring.

  • Claire

    I was surprised to find that really like this show! Before I actually bothered to sit down and watch a full episode, I scoffed at their attempt to put another medical drama on the air. But now that I’ve actually watched it, I think it’s relatable, and the writing is good. The dialogue and character development could use work, but the plot-lines and monologues/morals are inspired.

    Keep it on the air, CW!

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