'Hart of Dixie' Delivers its Most Watched Episode in a Year

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November 14th, 2012

via press note:

Last night's HART OF DIXIE was the series most watched (1.68M) episode in nearly a year (since 12/5/11) and hit a season high in adults 18-49 (0.7/2). It matched its season highs in A18-34 (0.7/2) and W18-34 (1.1/3).

Versus its last original episode on 10/30, HOD was up 19% in total viewers and up a tenth in A18-49, while holding steady in A18-34 and W18-34.

EMILY OWENS, MD was up 39% in total viewers (1.42M) versus its last original,mand rose a tenth in A18-34 and A18-49.
  • Carl

    Gotta love the people that write studio press releases. Who else could spin a 0.7 as a great thing?

  • tv#1

    HoD is a solid series for the CW. I myself am not a fan, but I can see why it is a good fit for them. This may be too early to say, but I feel that they will make at least four seasons of this show. It could be potentially good for them in syndication. I could see a few outlets who would have interested in it.

  • Anon


    We got to see Dr. Hart’s Toyota again last night. Hooray for placement!

    Golden Brooks has been a good addition to the cast; they should find a way to keep her character in Bluebell.

  • Obveeus

    The last episode 18-49 demo trend for each CW show:
    Hart of Dixie: up 17%
    Emily Owens M.D.: up 33%
    90210: up 50%
    Gossip Girl: up 33%
    America’s Next Top ModelU up 50%
    Nikita: no change
    Vampire Diaries: no change
    Beauty and the Beast: up 17%
    Arrow: up 30%
    Supernatural: up 25%

    Could this be a post-storm surge?

  • Brandy

    Go Hart!great show

  • POI

    i hope arrow and supernatural also rise tomorrow and the cw keeps rising because they have many good shows such as Nikita, Supernatural, Arrow, TVD, 90210 and HOD, even B&TB is getting better and kinda interesting i only watched it for Kristin Kreuk at first but now its getting good and i think i will watch it even though it might get canceled if the ratings dont rise more.

  • Jared

    HoD is a solid series for the CW whose audience stays steady week to week. The fact that this series is cheap to produce makes me think it will get picked up for another season. Rachel Bilson and the rest of the cast are great. I always look forward to this show every Tuesday.

  • Antonio

    I didn’t watch this series last season but caught up with it over the Summer. Happy that I did because it’s definitely one of my favorites on the CW.

  • Christian

    I gave this show 10 episodes to hook me in and it failed spectacularly. I don’t get how it’s outrating Emily Owens, which is a far better show! CW needs to cancel 90210 and Dixie and get some spectacular programming on the air before it’s too late!

  • Andrew

    yay! I love this show so much!

  • Jared

    HoD will be back next season mark my words.

  • Lisa

    Love this fun show. I look forward to it each week.

  • Lisa

    Supernatural, Arrow, Heart of Dixie & Vamp Diaries are my fave CW shows. Side note: I would much rather be watching The Secret Circle than Beauty & the Beast which I quit.

  • Bizarro

    Last nights episode of HOD was so good by far one of the best!

  • Brandy

    VD,HOD,Beauty &the Beast are my favorite CW shows, but I do like ANTM,GG,90210 EO(which will be cancelled).EO &Nikita should be cancelled based on ratings, 0.3_0.4,under a million viewers for Nikita.

  • Heather

    Love HOD..last night’s episode was hilarious with George and his haircut in the trailer, and Wade is definately a cutie. The writing is refreshing for me, compared to other shows. I find most of the time the writing is mediocre at best. B&B needs to step up the writing skills of the staff. Aside from the fact that Vincent doesn’t really look like a Beast. In this day and age with technology, it’s not great the original Beast on tv was better then this updated water downed version.

  • Michael

    There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this show but I find it charming and sweet and find myself looking forward to this show every week.

  • Justin121

    Good for HoD and EOMD.

  • Melissa

    Hart of Dixie is the only show I watch on the CW, but I really love it. Such a feel-good show in the middle of my week. Rachel Bilson and the rest of the cast are so fun and likable.

  • Moi

    I LOVE HoD. I didn’t watch it last season because I thought it would be cheesy. I just started watching last month and I am hooked! I watched the entire first season on netflix in 3 days. It’s so fun and light-hearted and I love all the characters…esp ZADE (seriously, one of the best tv couples ever). I do hope it continues gain viewership because it’s such a fun show and a great contrast to the many popular shows out there that are darker. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE darker…I love Revenge, Nikita, etc. I think that’s why I love this show…it balances out my tv experience.

    I’m also a HUGE Nikita fan…been since day 1. I hope it gets better ratings…it’s so under-rated.

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