ABC Ranks as Daytime’s Number 1 Network for 9th Consecutive Week in Women 18-34, Delivering the Programming Block’s Best Numbers in Well Over 2 Years

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November 15th, 2012

via press release:

ABC Ranks as Daytime’s #1 Network for 9th Consecutive Week in Women

18-34, Delivering the Programming Block’s Best Numbers in Well Over 2 Years;

#1 for the 5th Straight Week in Women 18-49


Soaring to a 21-Month High, “The View” is the Week’s #1 Program in Daytime in Women 18-34; Wednesday’s Show is the Series’ Most-Watched in 21 Months


“General Hospital” Levies Largest Competitive Edge Over “Young & the Restless” in Nearly 4-1/2 Years in Women 18-34; Up By Double-Digits Year to Year


“The Chew” Heads Into the Holidays with Weekly Series Highs in Women 18-34; Hits 10-Month High in Total Viewers, Near 9-Month Highs in Women 18-49/25-54



Daytime Programming Highlights


  • ABC stood as Daytime’s #1 network for the 9th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/253,000), generating the daypart’s most-watched week in well over 2 years – since week of 7/6/10 – and was #1 for the 5th straight week in Women 18-49 (1.0 rating/624,000).


  • “The View” ranked as Daytime’s #1 program in Women 18-34 (0.9 rating/294,000), with Wednesday’s telecast standing as the series’ most-watched in 21 months – since 2/9/11– powering a 21-month weekly high in the demo – since week of 2/7/11. Moreover, the talker hit a near 9-month high in Women 18-49 (697,000) – since week 2/27/12.


  • In another solid week, “General Hospitalranked a strong #2 in Women 18-34 (0.8 rating/266,000), posting its largest competitive advantage over “Young & the Restless” in nearly 4-1/2 years (+39% – vs. 191,000) since week of 6/23/08.


  • Versus the year-ago week, “General Hospital” soared by 21% in Total Viewers (2.82 million vs. 2.27 million), by 54% in Women 18-34 (266,000 vs. 161,000) and by 23% in Women 18-49 (679,000 vs. 571,000).


  • Heading into the holiday season, “The Chew” delivered its most-watched week on record in Women 18-34 (195,000) – ranking among the week’s Top 5 daytime programs in the demo (0.6 rating) – and with season highs, registered its most-watched week in 10 months in Total Viewers (2.48 million) and in close to 9 months in Women 18-49 (474,000) and Women 25-54 (620,000) – since weeks of 1/9/12, 2/20/12 and 2/27/12, respectively.


  • Year-to-year, “The Chew” spiked by a solid 13% in Total Viewers (2.54 million vs. 2.25 million), by 28% in Women 18-34 (195,000 vs. 152,000) and by 10% in Women 18-49 (482,000 vs. 438,000).


  • rob60990

    ABC has 2 different numbers posted for The Chew’s total viewers & W18-49.

    Glad GH is doing well.

  • Mike

    Nice numbers for all, but really glad to see The Chew building its audience.

    Don’t like The View that much but glad to see it is back up considering it had been dropping for awhile.

  • ChuckieChk

    Love The Chew!

  • James


  • rcp

    Love the chew!!! At first hated it and now since the multiple hosts have become comfortable so have I! Love it!

  • Sean

    GO GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GH IS ON FIRE!

  • cass rowland

    love the chew best show on daytime televishion watch it whenever i can it a sin to miss it

  • Jeff

    YEAH GH! Good job!


    Damn go GH GO GH. Ron Carlivati/Frank Valentini kicking ass and taking names. GH is killing it right now. It looks like a big renewel. The Faison/Duke reveal was soap nirvana stunning. They are rewritign all the wrongs of the Guza/Phelps years and bringing us back GH old school. Its amazing to watch. This show went from dead man walking to freaking hot.

    Okay people don’t hate me I hated ABC for cancelling AMC/OLTL. I still miss OLTL but I hate to admit to everyone I don’t MISS AMC at all. It was such a bad last five years for the show and it ran its course IMO. I hated the Chew for coming on and wanted to really hate the show. Now after its first kind of working the kinks and jitters out I am really enjoying it. Its finding its footing. All IMO I would change is maybe a stronger female on the panel. Carla/Daphane to me are the weakest links of this staff. Maybe find a really a strong female voice. Honestly those are great Chew numbers and the show is on half the budget AMC was. Chew/GH make a good combo. Is the Chew doing the same numbers as Katie on a much cheaper budget?

  • I like this show

    Glad GH is doing well BUT I can’t stand AJ and the other old characters I don’t care about them.

  • Stephen Judson

    That means one of the episodes achieved over 3 million. Good for GH.

  • Jason

    GH is doing great! I want to see more Heather. Bringing back Faison!!, Duke, AJ and now Robert. It’s must see again.

  • Mike


    The last time they showed ratings for Katie they were very similar to The Chew. This weeks ratings were not released at all due to the Hurricane.

    I keep reading on sites that comparing Katie to the network talk shows is like comparing apples to oranges.

    I know there are many factors as Katie airing on different network affiliates, hardly the same time slot across the country, etc.

    I know I was shocked that Katie is airing so late in the afternoon in so many areas. I thought it was locked in at the GH timeslot almost everywhere, but I keep reading where it is airing 2 hours later in many areas.

    I also read that Katie has the advantage of licensing fees over The Chew.

    I am really happy for The Chew. And so glad to see it building an audience. I DVR it everyday and agree with you about the weak spots. It and GMA are the only things I catch on ABC daytime — well even primetime too. I hope it will continue to build.

  • moshane58

    I wouldn’t give Mario the time of day.He skimmed over 5 million in tips from his waiters,allowed sexual harrsement,refused to pay overtime ,sick days and vacation days.It took a judge in everyone of these lawsuits to make that creep pay up and stop skimming his workers.At least the Food network had the decency to phase him out for all his evil ways.For all those waiters he skimmed i’m backing you guys.Millionaire and skimmed from people making less then mimumin wage.People should be ashame for backing him.Once being a waiter you need those tips to make a living.The pay isn’t nothing.

  • Mike

    moshane, you are a broken record. You post the same thing over and over and over again. What’s a shame is you post it over and over and over again but it has nothing to do with why you don’t watch The Chew. You wouldn’t watch it even if he wasn’t on.

    Thankfully moshane I don’t judge people on the things they do or have done in the past. Especially those in the entertainment industry because if I did I probably wouldn’t have much to watch if I did. Its the entertainment industry — they are all out to get money.

    Since you are so caught up in what those in the entertainment field do and judging them on it? Did you stop watching GH while Steve Burton was on it? I think I remember reading where he conned a lot of people out of money in some type of pyramid scheme. Even the folks at ABC had to call him out on it for doing it at fan events.

    Keep investigating I am sure you will find out a lot of things about the folks in the entertainment industry. Maybe you will be left with something that you can watch. I mean since you are only watching shows with folks in them meet your moral superiorities.

    What next to meet your agenda you will judge us and shame us for backing people who cheat on their spouses? smoke marijuana? cheat on their taxes? have premarital sex?

    I’m not ashamed — so you didn’t accomplish anything with your broken rant. Long live The Chew.

  • moshane58

    Mike you can hold up for Mario but I will not.didn;t wath him on the food network won’t watch him on ABC,Your like a broken record holding up for the creep.Even people have posted on his facebook when it open up just how cruel he is in real life.People who had experience with him.So you hold up for him.I have my right not to like the theif and I’ll hold on to that right.You don’t like my opinion of Mario don’t read it.I really never read yours until you bring up my name.I ould care less Mike what you have got to say.Your opinion is your opinion.So you like theives thats your business.I don’t/I’ll post anytime I want how he is nothing but a rich guy running over top of people and at least mind is the truth.Get over it.Next time it comes up I see it I’ll write what he is and really don’t give a damn what you think.I don’t like theives.More power to you he;s your type of person.I personnally think he should be in a jumpsuit to match them orange crocks.I will be back Mike.And we’ll see your rants to.

  • marc t

    All I can say is screw the Chew and everything else on ABC. When OLTL went away, so did I. I’m enjoying 3 of the 4 soaps that are left on the air. I don’t watch General Hospital, but respect Frank and Ron, as they were incredible at One Life.

    Bold and the Beautiful is in the midst of telling two gut-wrenching emotional stories with the exit of Stephanie Forrester and the post-partem depression story involving Katie Spencer.

    DAYS is great at long as they have Will and Sonny.

    Y&R – finally getting Adam back on the screen.

    So – no ABC for me.

  • Mike

    moshane — keep opening your mouth. You just make yourself look more and more like the judgemental person you are. I don’t believe anything you say. Just like you posting that Nielsen doesn’t count soap viewers over 49. That has been proven wrong by a number of sites. Truth be told most of those people posting on Mario’s site are disgruntled soap fans like you. You and your compadres need to take your own advice. The disgruntled soap fans constantly post if you don’t watch the soaps you shouldn’t post about them. Well the same can be said if you don’t watch The Chew then don’t post about it.

    marc t — I totally agree with you about B&B. It is the only soap I care about right now. Gave up Days and GH years ago, and can hardly sit through Y&R these days. B&B is just engrossing with the stories it is telling now. Nothing campy. Nothing overdone. Just classy story telling and acting. I hope Susan Flannery will nail one final Emmy for her mantle. She deserves it. She will truly be missed on B&B.

  • moshane58

    Mike hi again my friend.They show people up to 54 on ratings everyonce in awhile.Its known for that.neilsen wrote the artile on networks and advertisers do not want the imput of people over 54 and its a big mistake for there the highest veiwers.Go yell at Neilsen they keep the stats not me.For as Mario all the ingo didn’t come from soap fans.We where reading post on the first facebook called ABC/Chew facebook who where not soap fans posting what they had dealed with Mario.But damn they all band and no longer allowed to post what he put them threw.So get your facts straight.We just read em.And as they said we don’t even watch soaps.So there is where all the info came out on him.We just googled to see it was true.Yeap it was.who knows maybe your soap will get canelled just because the Ceo doesn’t like soaps and lets see how you fill.Hope it doesn’t don’t want any soap going.No matter if I wath it or not.See you slamming soaps there.I’m not like you I want the genre to stay even if its not mind.Mind lefted a year ago.I just started wathing gh for something beside cooking and talk shows.so maybe I’ll back B&B’s competition and see how you feel.your not a soap fan or you would be fighting.CBS is cutting yours back to.Never know you may be next.Cheap Tv is the new Tv.You soap watcher better remember they wanna get rid of them all.Its cheaper to wath people go from one talker to another or someone cooking a stupid receipe.There are alot AB soapers watching the same soap you are.We just want it all to stop before we loose em all.So you need to stop the enemeny before it raids your show

  • Mike

    Hey moshane,

    My soap did get cancelled because a network and a company wanted out of soaps. The first was Another World years ago. The last 2 I lost were Guiding Light and As The world Turns. We’ve all lost shows. We all still acted like adults and didn’t treat everyone online like we were the only ones to ever lost a show. AMC and OLTL were not the first 2 shows or the first 2 soaps to ever be cancelled. And they won’t be the last. Many of us have lost soaps and many have lost shows. We kept going and didn’t turn into whiny cry babies on the Internet because of it.

    Oh and your comment about supporting the competition I don’t post over there but I do read the stuff over at Marc Berman’s site. You try to shame me for supporting the competition of the show that replaced your soap. Well the man that you so gleefully defend over there praises The Talk all the time. That show replaced the show I loved most. That man and the people that follow him have no problem with that at all. So don’t act like you are all high and mighty. You post over there all the time — I’ve seen those posts where you defend him and attack others who don’t agree with him.

    As far as Mario Batali. I don’t care whether what he did or didn’t do was true. I don’t care. That is between him and the legal system. As I said if I quit watching a show because of something every one of these stars did that I didn’t agree with I wouldn’t be watching TV or going to the movies. Everyone of them have cheated someone, etc. I don’t judge people.

    I watch what I enjoy. The shows are there for entertainment. They are not for me to sit there and judge who I want to support and who I don’t. If it entertains I watch it.

    And guy please do some research. Just because the sites only report up to the 54 mark on screen doesn’t mean that Nielsen doesn’t count the numbers. The sites only report the women viewers now plus the total viewers. But that doesn’t mean that Nielsen no longer counts men. It just means that sites don’t pay Nielsen for them or that those viewers aren’t counted.

    They are still counted. Just not reported.

    What do you think total viewers means?

    Look at the ratings when they are published here and by Soap Opera Network every week. The top number is Total Viewers. That means every viewer male or female no matter what age. They are all counted.

    TV By the Numbers in primetime only reports one demo — the 18-49. Do you think that menas that only the 18-49 are counted for primetime?

    And yes advertisers do put more emphasis on the 18-49 but that is not Nielsen’s fault. Nielsen just tabulates all the numbers. The 18-49 thing has been going on for years. Its nothing new.

    Sorry folks this guy is the reason I wasn’t even posting in the soap opera thread here at all. Because of the rudeness and the idiocy of some of this stuff. Now you can’t even post in threads that are supposed to be about more than the soaps because of it.

    You can’t post or even read over at TV Media Insights because of it. Berman won’t post anything nueturally about the talk shows. He always has to put his slant on the numbers. So I quit even looking there.

    And now it looks TV By The Numbers will be taken over too. Sad we can’t even have a sight where you can post about the talk shows without the b.s. I’m actually a soap opera fan and I am even tired of it.

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