CBS Orders Two More Episodes of 'Elementary', Cuts 'Vegas' Episode Order By One

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November 15th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has ordered two additional episodes of freshman series Elementary, bringing its total episode order to 24. One of the extra episodes is due to the series landing the coveted post-Superbowl slot. Vegas lost an episode at the blackjack table. The network has cut its episode order by one, for a total of 21 episodes.

  • Ali

    They really want Elementary to succeed.

  • Sammie

    Very excited about this, Elementary is excellent. The more episodes the better.

  • eridapo

    LOL…. Les must be having problems at home for him to take this kind a gamble on Elementary…

  • The End

    CBS showing faith in Elementary, and showing less faith in Vegas, pretty much confirming Vegas is in trouble as correctly predicted by Bill and Robert.

  • rob60990

    whats the point of only cutting Vegas by 1 episode?

  • The End


    The network losing faith in the shows ability to attract an audience. It’s not doing well at the moment.

  • DenverDean

    This makes sense. The basically took one Vegas hour and gave it to Elementary. CBS still need one additional hour to fill SB hour. Vegas is toast. CBS should seriously consider moving H50 to Tuesday at 10 to see if it can rebound. I’ve always said it seems like the perfect fit out of NCIS: LA. Then move TM to Monday at 10 and Vegas to Sunday at 10. The net effect would be positive.

  • Nope

    it is funny that VEGAS will have 21 (black jack number) episodes

  • karin

    Vegas, 21 episodes? why?

  • ChuckieChk

    I enjoy Elementary a lot and never miss it, I try to watch Vegas but the episodes are a hit or miss.

  • rob60990

    but why only 1 episode? It just seems dumb unless they have plans to move it.

  • Dan

    Elementary will get a second season, Vegas will be cancelled at the end of the season, nothing else to talk about. When I first saw the headline, I thought CBS was ordering 2 more episodes of Partners because despite it performing horribly, CBS probably could use 2 extra episodes if Rules of Engagement is going to premiere by March.

  • tjw

    I wonder if they’re planning to air something else in Vegas’s timeslot during March and April. Because Vegas lost a week to Hurricane Sandy, they cut the order back one to keep the season ending where they wanted it while still having eight or nine weeks to try out something new in March.

  • chrisss

    But where would CBS put Golden Boy? Friday? It would be insane of them If they tried to launch a show on Friday again.

  • chrisss

    … and that was a reply to DenverDean.

  • Cyrax86

    @Dan, No way Partners should get more episodes, CBS has another sitcom waiting for premiere (Friend Me), in fact I wonder how they are going to schedule both RoE and Friend Me.

  • bluelp85

    Cause Vegas was a bust with 22. *Ba dum bum*

  • DW

    vegas isnt doing well. it will last this season and have fun in the afterlife on some service.

  • The End


    Haha.. Brilliant.

    Anyway Elementary needs Professor Moriarty to finally make an appearance. You can’t have Holmes without him.

  • Danie

    And CBS keeps hoping Elementary is gonna become a hit! They’re putting a lot of money and faith on this show. I just wanna see the ratings come March/April. Vegas, I have no words. CBS is really making bad decisions this season.

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