CBS Orders Two More Episodes of 'Elementary', Cuts 'Vegas' Episode Order By One

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November 15th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has ordered two additional episodes of freshman series Elementary, bringing its total episode order to 24. One of the extra episodes is due to the series landing the coveted post-Superbowl slot. Vegas lost an episode at the blackjack table. The network has cut its episode order by one, for a total of 21 episodes.

  • Rob

    Both these shows will get renewed

  • Bill Gorman

    “whats the point of only cutting Vegas by 1 episode?”

    “but why only 1 episode? It just seems dumb unless they have plans to move it.”

    Scheduling Tetris only. They’ve mapped out the rest of their season and they need one fewer peg to fill their holes.

  • Holly


    You might want to check out the “AHS renewed” thread. Looks like several sockpuppets.

  • POI

    well vegas got boring and elementary isnt that good so i dont care i just wish POI gets 24 episodes this season

  • Bill Gorman

    “You might want to check out the “AHS renewed” thread. Looks like several sockpuppets.”

    It was a veritable lost dryer-full of sock puppets. Now at least weeded out a bit.

  • Justin121

    Usually an order is cut to 18 or 16.

    One episode is odd…

  • Bill Gorman

    “One episode is odd…”

    Correct. Two would have been even.

  • ToXiX


    I see what you did there.


  • Nick

    Too bad about Vegas. The relationship between Chiklis and Quaid is fun to watch. Hoping ratings improve slightly once SOA is finished on 12/4. Based on the numbers we see each week Tuesday at 10:00 has the fewest network viewers.

  • maxine

    the problem for me is .. every week .. after watching a fantastic episode of POI, Elementary seems so boring and makes me sleepy so I turned my tv off and go to bed.

  • John

    @ChuckieChk I agree. I had high hopes for Vegas, as it was second on my list of new shows going into the season (behind Last Resort, which is doing even worse in the ratings), whereas my expectations for Elementary were lower (I had it fifth behind Last Resort, Vegas, Revolution and Nashville). But Elementary (along with Arrow) turned out to be the best new show of the season. Both Elementary and Vegas are procedurals, but Elementary is much more interesting on a week-to-week basis. Most of Vegas’ procedural elements are fairly mundane. The only thing that keeps me watching is Michael Chiklis and the rest of the mob stuff. The most recent episode was very good because the procedural case was tied directly to the mob. Honestly, I think the show should have been doing that every week. It would have been a lot better qualitatively, and it might be doing better in the ratings. It’s too bad that we’ll never know.

    @POI If given a choice between the two, I’d rather have two extra episodes of Person of Interest (along with The Good Wife, probably the best network drama on TV) as well. But Person of Interest is already getting good ratings. Elementary’s ratings are pretty good, especially compared to fellow CBS freshman Vegas, but I’d like to see them go higher. I want both it and Person of Interest to be successful, so I applaud CBS’ decision to put Elementary after the Super Bowl. I think that will really help it when people realize that this is a good show. The extra episodes is a different matter, as that could have gone to Person of Interest without adversely affecting Elementary. But I’m not going to complain that I will be getting a couple of extra episodes for a good show.

  • John

    @Maxine Person of Interest is a better show right now, but it’s also aired 28 episodes, while Elementary has aired just six. I just caught up on Person of Interest in the last couple of weeks, and I think that Person of Interest’s first six episodes were about on par with Elementary’s.

  • darius

    So those geniuses at Cbs are giving 24 episodes to Elementary and only 23 to POI.I hope this crap called Elementary falls under 2.0 as soon as possible.It s an offense to a legendary character.

  • Ram510

    CBS really wants this show to be the next hit (like The Mentalist or even POI) and so far it’s just not it. It’s been a terrible season for new shows one CBS, not one it at all.

    However since Elementary has the post Super Bowl spot I’m 100% sure it’ll get a second season. One no show in all my memory has been cancelled one it got the post Super Bowl spot. 2 CBS doesn’t have have anything else and is not going to cancel all of their new shows.

    I believe it’s ratings in the spring will have a huge deciding factor as well. But still CBS isn’t going to cancel everything and even if Elementay isn’t doing that great in spring, I’m sure they’ll at least renew it and put it on Friday just for PR

  • CrimTV

    Don’t understand why NBC doesn’t order additional episodes of Go On and The New Normal to 24 episodes each

  • Nick


    well vegas got boring and elementary isnt that good so i dont care i just wish POI gets 24 episodes this season

    I may be mistaken, but CBS announced it had 24 episodes as soon as it was renewed.U

  • Bill Gorman

    “One no show in all my memory has been cancelled one it got the post Super Bowl spot. “

    As Ultima pointed out, ABC’s Extreme in 1995 was canceled the same season it followed the Super Bowl.

    Not sure if there were others before that.

    “But still CBS isn’t going to cancel everything”

    They canceled all their rookie dramas in 2007-8 (Cane, Moonlight, Viva Laughlin). That’s not to suggest they will this season, but they’ve done it before while we were running this site.

  • Dan S

    It seems like a terrible waste to schedule Elementary after the Super Bowl. Seeing Vegas get even 1 episode cut shows it’s in trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Golden Boy scheduled on Tues after Vegas ends its run.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Seeing Vegas get even 1 episode cut shows it’s in trouble.”

    Nah, its *ratings* show it’s in trouble. The episode cut just means the CBS Tuesday schedule can only fit 21 on the nights they want new episodes.

  • sebacon

    cbs has many shows to cancel… was and is really making bad decisions

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