Late Night TV Ratings For November 5-November 9, 2012

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November 15th, 2012

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – November 15, 2012 – NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" have generated #1 results for the late-night week of November 5-9, with Jay delivering bigger 18-49 and total-viewer audiences than CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman" and ABC's combination of "Nightline" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in that hour, and Jimmy topping CBS's "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" in every key ratings category. Note that all regular programming was preempted on Tuesday for election coverage.


For the week, "Tonight" delivered bigger audiences than "Late Late Show" in adults, men and women 18-49; adults, men and women 25-54; and adults and women 18-34, plus total viewers. Jimmy Fallon out-delivered "Late Late Show" in adults, men and women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54, plus total viewers.


Season to date for the 2012-13 season, "Tonight" has stretched its leads versus one year ago over CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman" in viewers 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54. In viewers 18-49, "Tonight" has established a margin over "Late Show" of 9 percent (1.001 million vs. 922,000), eliminating last year's "Late Show" advantage of 4 percent. Jay has also generated a 25-54 advantage this season of 6 percent (1.276 million vs. 1.201 million) after trailing by 3 percent at this point last year, and stretched his 18-34 lead to 20 percent (344,000 vs. 286,000) up from last year’s 7 percent.


Jimmy Fallon has established a 13 percent lead over "Late Late Show" this season in viewers 18-49 (651,000 vs. 575,000), up from 12 percent at this point last season, and in viewers 18-34, Jimmy's lead over "Late Late Show" this season is 47 percent (285,000 vs. 194,000), up from a 35 percent margin at this point last season.




(According to in-home viewing figures from Nielsen Media Research for the week of November 5-9. Ratings reflect “live plus same day” data from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise noted. Season-to-date figures are averages of “live plus seven day” data except for the two most recent weeks, which are “live plus same day.”)


ADULTS 18-49


11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Tonight,” 0.9 rating, 4 share*


CBS “Late Show,” 0.8/3*


11:35 p.m.-12 midnight ET


ABC “Nightline,” 0.9/3*


12 midnight-1 a.m. ET


ABC “Kimmel,” 0.6/3*


12:35-1:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Late Night,” 0.6/3*


CBS “Late Late Show,” 0.5/3*


1:35-2:05 a.m. ET


NBC “Last Call,” 0.3/2*




11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Tonight,” 3.6 million viewers*


CBS “Late Show,” 3.3 million viewers*


11:35 p.m.-12 midnight ET


ABC “Nightline,” 3.8 million viewers*


12 midnight-1 a.m. ET


ABC “Kimmel,” 2.0 million viewers*


12:35-1:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Late Night,” 1.7 million viewers*


CBS “Late Late Show,” 1.7 million viewers*


1:35-2:05 a.m. ET


NBC “Last Call,” 1.0 million viewers*


*Tuesday telecasts were preempted by election coverage.




ADULTS 18-49


11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Tonight,” 0.8 rating, 3 share


CBS “Late Show,” 0.7/3


11:35 p.m.-12 midnight ET


ABC “Nightline,” 0.8/3


12 midnight-1 a.m. ET


ABC “Kimmel,” 0.5/3


12:35-1:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Late Night,” 0.5/3


CBS “Late Late Show,” 0.5/3


1:35-2:05 a.m. ET


NBC “Last Call,” 0.3/2




11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Tonight,” 3.4 million viewers


CBS “Late Show,” 3.1 million viewers


11:35 p.m.-12 midnight ET


ABC “Nightline,” 3.8 million viewers


12 midnight-1 a.m. ET


ABC “Kimmel,” 1.9 million viewers


12:35-1:35 a.m. ET


NBC “Late Night,” 1.6 million viewers


CBS “Late Late Show,” 1.5 million viewers


1:35-2:05 a.m. ET


NBC “Last Call,” 0.9 million viewers






Comedy Central, 11-11:30 p.m. ET, “The Daily Show,” 0.9


Comedy Central, 11:30 p.m.-midnight ET, “The Colbert Report,” 0.8


TBS, 11 p.m.-midnight, “Conan,” 0.4


Adult Swim, 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. ET, 0.8


Adult Swim, 12:30-1:30 a.m. ET, 0.5


Each adult 18-49 rating point equals 1.27 million viewers




Comedy Central, 11-11:30 p.m. “The Daily Show,” 2.0 million


Comedy Central, 11:30 p.m.-midnight ET, “The Colbert Report,” 1.6 million


TBS, 11 p.m.-midnight, “Conan,” 0.9 million


Adult Swim, 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. ET, 1.9 million


Adult Swim, 12:30-1:30 a.m. ET, 1.2 million




  • Eroll Muller

    @Gary Middleton Why would you even say that? “Sambora will be on next week and only next week.” Yes, they had only booked him for next week, but what if all of Craig’s viewers start tweeting about that week after it’s over, and over 900 emails go to Craig’s program every night about that same thing? Once that happens, CBS will have to make Richie Sambora Craig’s official band leader, and David Letterman will have to go on his show just to make that announcement clear!

  • Elie Muller

    @Gary Middleton Come on, Gary! We all know that Richie Sambora will be a fan- favorite with Craig Ferguson and his fans. Think about it! He was part of Bon Jovi back in the 80’s, his solo albums need a lot of promotion, and Craig Ferguson has always wanted to have a house band for his late night talk show. Plus, hadn’t it ever occur to you that CBS is trying to get Kristen Bell her own late night talk show to air opposite Carson Daly every night? She has appeared with David Letterman and Craig Ferguson a lot over the past 8 years or so, and she deserved a late night talk show.

  • Douglas in TN

    Just caught Letterman’s Friday show with Dr. Phil.

    Did I see something, or did Dave give the Doctor the bird?

  • Aaron

    I don’t usually say this, as I respect free speech, but would Ellie and Eroll please just be quiet? I think it would do everyone some good.

  • JBS

    Eroll and Elie, at least think of new stories to troll us with instead of repeating the same crap over and over please.

  • kscottk11

    I disagree with people about Chelsea Handler. I like how she’s completely inappropriate in what she says, how she says it and her whole delivery. And how she doesn’t give a “rat ass” about what she says.

    I think she has a sharp tongue and a quick wit.

    I also think she is a good interviewer with her different guests.

    IMO, it’s generally a fun show to watch and it looks like a fun show for her guests to be on.

    I do see how people can find her as completely obnoxious and unfunny. Just like you can make a case for or against any other Late Night talk show host.

    For a cheap small show to produce, on the little E Network, I think the Chelsea Lately show works.

    Aaron, I agree with you about Eroll and Elie Muller, they’re annoying.

  • GARebelman

    Is there a reason why Elie and Erol always comment one behind the other? >_>

  • Bill Gorman

    “Is there a reason why Elie and Erol always comment one behind the other? >_>”

    Because they’re sock puppets, who had escaped my efforts until now.

  • Gary Middleton

    Thanks once again, Bill.

  • Douglas in TN

    Of course everybody has an off night, but the last few times I’ve checked out Chelsea, she seems bored with her show, although that may be part of her schtick. Didn’t she sign some type of production contract with NBC recently?

  • Gary Middleton

    Douglas, it was a very lucrative 2 year deal signed nearly a year ago, so it might not run that much longer. The shows she produced for NBC are already either canceled or hanging by a thread.–Network/8438035

  • Aaron

    Thanks alot, Bill.

  • Brad

    I lean more with kscott than JBS about Handler. I enjoy interviews with celebrities. Their enjoyable, not mind bending. They are a bit gossiping as JBS said it, like how Handler will sometimes ask “remember the time we met at the club” but that’s what whole show is about, heck, that’s what the whole network is about. GOSSIP! Personally… I like the format, I think its funny, I enjoy her interviews, and her sketches are fair. But do I watch it all the time? No. I’m not a sucker for Hollywood gossip.

    By the way, her After Lately show is pretty good guys. Its like a mix of The Gary Shandling Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • Brad

    Thanks Bill. Much appreciated.

  • Gary Middleton

    0.46 for Conan last week.

  • Diana Santiago

    Serious Jibber-Jabber with Judd Apatow. Deep, thorough, well-thought interview splashed with personal commentary and funny anecdotes. I wish Conan did this more frequently.

  • lancelot48

    Is it true that some stars are boycotting Jay Leno, after the Conan boondoggle?
    I never see Bruce Willis or Julia Roberts, to name but two, on the Show.

  • Gary Middleton

    lance, those two never did Leno’s show anyway. I don’t think Julia Roberts had been on since 1993. Not sure Bruce Willis has ever been on. Presumably a loyalty-to-Dave thing.

    Very few of these situations seem to trace to the Conan situation. Those that do are probably Will Ferrell, a couple of the 30 Rock people, and a few people whose visits were quite sporadic anyway like Tom Hanks and Jon Stewart.

  • Gary Middleton

    Dave’s kiss of Amy Poehler last night was the type of thing that once earned him good notices. Now the word “creepy” comes up again and again. One of the enduring ways that I believe his 2009 scandal shredded his elder-statesman comedy gravitas and to a great extent the integrity of his TV persona.

    Dave was a big part of a lot of our youths and his farewell months should do pretty well. His final show should be quite big. But it won’t have nearly the impact nor prestige that once seemed a given. His final NBC show certainly did have all that.

  • Diana Santiago

    “Now the word “creepy” comes up again and again.” – Probably only in your mind, Gary. I read at least 5 news articles and saw the video, and the word creepy didn’t come once.

    What’s your take on LiLo’s interview?

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