NBC Orders Four More Episodes of 'Guys With Kids'

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November 15th, 2012

Deadline reports that NBC has ordered for more episodes of multi-camera comedy Guys With Kids, bringing its total to 17 episodes. Though the show has low ratings (last night's episode earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating), it has been saddled with a tough time period and consistently outperformed its Animal Practice lead-in. As some commentors have noted, it also repeats well. Maybe NBC will end up pairing it with the upcoming multi-camera version of Up All Night.

  • chris

    This is a funny show and it’s actually pretty smart. I hope it survives for another season.

  • Reed

    I think NBC has a lot of faith in the future of Whitney and Guys with Kids that some of you guys aren’t seeing. Plus NBC owns these shows through Universal so they can control their destiny as far as making it to syndication that’s why Whitney won’t be cancelled.

    Their likely going to try and see if Guys with Kids fits well with Up All Night.

    My only question remains is if Wednesdays are a bad night for NBC to try out comedies. If not then they need to let Whitney settle in and grow slowly so they can install a 2-hour block of multi-cams next season.

  • Justin121

    r0ckmypants, CrimTV,

    Thanks for the replys.

  • iggy agrimotor

    ” it has been saddled with a tough time period”

    No it hasn’t! Was this straight from a press release?

    If it wasn’t a press release, it was Deadline.

  • spike

    i dont understand why it isnt a hit. i think its hilarious. Zach Cregger as Nick is fantastic, especially his hate relationship with Chris ex wife

  • TVDude

    See, I don’t understand NBC. They say they want to broaden their shows and have more multicams. They said this last year, actually. Then they put two single camera shows behind The Voice, when multicams would probably do better.

    I do believe multicamera shows are better to compete against ABC, so perhaps that is why they are placed there. Also they are cheaper, so it makes sense to put a cheaper show in a time slot that has suffered since I have followed TV ratings.

    I don’t think NBC will take the timeslot into consideration when they decide what to renew though. I mean, they might make special exceptions as they seem to have a more long-term strategy, but in most cases, if a show is rated poorly it’s toast.

    At least we know it’ll have 17 episodes now. Hopefully we will know the Wednesday midseason schedule soon.

  • TVDude

    Sorry for the double post. :)

    I’ve been trying to figure out if Go On and The New Normal are returning in January or not. I know Revolution is going on hiatus, but I don’t think the comedies are.

    I wonder if NBC is going to put the multi-camera shows on with the last few episodes of The Voice. I don’t think Go On and The New Normal will run that long, especially considering both shows started early.

  • yoda

    By this criteria, Partners, another funny new show, should get a back order

  • Potato

    @Fan– When exactly did God promise to give more episodes to an Anthony Anderson sitcom?

  • Bynum’s Hair

    I’m liking the combo of Whitney and Guys with Kids better than Animal Practice.

    Spike I still think it can be a hit its in a situation right now where its flying way under the radar but its ready to bloom. It takes time for these shows to grow that’s why I’m glad they finally gave Whitney a permanent timeslot so that the audience can settle into it plus there’s reruns coming up for competition so these two shows can go up around the Holidays.

  • Nick

    Just a placeholder until Save Me an take the slot.

  • Dan

    I knew this would happen I expected 5 more episodes but My guess is 17 episodes of Guys With Kids then 5 more episodes of Up All Night multi camera = 22 eps and likely NBC will order a full 22 episode season of Whitney too. This pick up was Not unexpected and it seems that Animal Practice will be the only cancellation for this fall and a while.

  • Lamdog

    I am surprised. Cannot put my finger on it as to why, just do not find the show funny. It has a relatively strong cast something is not quite clicking.

  • Networkman

    NBC needs direction. The network first has to decide its identity. Secondly, what shows do they feel has potential that they are willing to support that coincides with their future identity. NBC knows that their single-cam comedies are on their last legs. So was it really important to give Animal Practice and Go On the push they received from the Olympic Games and The Voice? Did the network really want them to replace The Office, 30 Rock, etc. The network wanted Matthew Perry’s new vehicle to succeed. But is this comedy going to attract the masses and be the breakout hit that will turn NBC’s fortune around?

  • jimbo

    So excited to watch more GWK!!

  • erwan from france

    I’m so happy !I love this show and I love NBC !Thenks ,NBC !

  • Phil

    2012- the year where shows stay on when they normally would be cancelled before midseason.

  • JP

    What? Ugh, so many good comedies getting terrible ratings when stuff like this gets support. I just don’t get it.

  • Rebecca

    Go On airs through November 27th and then returns January 8th.
    TNN airs through December 4th and then returns January 8th.

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