Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Middle', 'Law & Order: SVU', & 'CSI' Adjusted Up

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November 15th, 2012


The Middle, Law & Order:SVU and CSI were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, November 14, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.9/8 8.15
CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.6/8 10.06
ABC The Middle 2.6/8 8.79
NBC Whitney (Season Premiere) 1.4/4 4.22
CW Arrow 1.2/3 3.83
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.9/5 6.82
NBC Guys With Kids 1.3/4 3.91
9:00 ABC Modern Family (9-9:31PM) 4.6/12 11.89
CBS Criminal Minds 3.0/8 12.20
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1..7/4 5.78
CW Supernatural 1.0/3 2.32
9:30 ABC Suburgatory (9:31-10PM) 2.4/6 7.07
10:00 CBS CSI 2.5/7 11.01
ABC Nashville 1.8/5 5.93
NBC Chicago Fire 1.6/5 5.77



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  • rob60990

    I couldn’t be happier that ABC is not airing new comedies on Thanksgiving Eve. I believe there’s someone new there in charge of scheduling so hopefully they keep making good decisions. :)

  • thesnowleopard

    So, Arrow and SPN skewed up a little in the final audience. Huh.

    It’s kind of funny that some people are convinced SPN’s only doing well because of Arrow, while ignoring the fact that those viewers for SPN from Arrow are *new* viewers for an older show. And that it was already second or third on the network without Arrow.

    I’m sure the CW is just pleased as punch with its Wednesday block this fall. If the rest of the week were like that for the network, it would be in a lot better shape.

  • JOE

    Interesting that Criminal Minds is the 3rd youngest skewing show of the night….I would of never thought that.

  • JOE

    Sorry, not youngest skewing but rather has a higher 18-34 demo than most shows less X-Factor and MF

  • Leondre

    Next week is thanksgiving week so don’t expect a rise for The X-Factor or any other show.

  • Mickey


    There’s no evidence the ratings increase was due to new viewers from Arrow though. It can be entirely explained by a shift from DVR viewing to live viewing.

    Oct 3: 0.8 live +SD plus 0.6 DVR +7 = 1.4
    Oct 10: 1.0 live +SD plus 0.4 DVR +7 = 1.4

    Between the week SPN premiered without Arrow, and the first week it was paired with Arrow, the live numbers went up by 0.2, and the DVR numbers went down by 0.2.

    I think Arrow is helping SPN only in the sense that a double feature (and on a weekday rather than Friday) is good incentive to make an evening of it in front of the TV instead of taping and watching later. In that sense, SPN is helping Arrow just as much.

    And SPN earned all of those viewers. They didn’t start watching just because the TV is still on after Arrow ends. They’re watching because they’re into SPN, and Arrow just gives them more reason to watch live.

    I’m sure we did pick up some new viewers, but I think they’re the people who were catching up on Netflix and TNT that I kept running into everywhere last year, rather than people who jumped in at the beginning of season 8.

  • SarahL


    The crop circles and “I’m more of a prober” gag had me rolling on the floor.

    That line made me laugh hysterically. I cracked up when Dick Butkus hit the guard who questioned him and when the Bird-Kersees kept coming up with different explains for their diverse ethnicity to Marty Weaver’s parents. I also loved Jackie Joyner Kersee’s sisters

  • Mae

    @ Mickey,

    I don’t think you should be using SPN’s Oct 3rd ratings as an indication of what SPN would live do on a Wednesday night without Arrow.

    On Oct 3rd, SPN was up against a presidential debate. It was not normal programming that night. SPN was the only show aired that night on the major networks that was not the debate.

  • david

    Arrow does very good with adults 25-54, i think that is the target demo for the show. That is the highest demo rating for the show that is why i say that. Both Arrow and Super Natural did good last night.

  • @carloslabarca

    I’m happy for the x factor

  • david

    Oh and next Wednesday the CW will have the movie Planes Trains and Automobiles the night before Thanksgiving. So Arrow and Super Natural will be back in two weeks. Good job again for the CW for another great Wednesday night.

  • AllenK

    Decent numbers for Xfactor but it’s still very disappointing.

  • Jiji Moran

    I watched “Whitney” last night, to see if it had improved. Nope, same o’ sex jokes that aren’t funny.

    Now, in the new season, Whitney and her boyfriend (I think) got married, so their constant sex-talk may be more morally accepted. I really can’t explain what the episode was about, without risking having my post banned by the message board censors, but it’s not material to base a comedy on, and something that isn’t that funny anyway.

    I’m not a prude, btw. Just saying.

    To me, if I watch a comedy for half an hour, and those laugh muscles by the side of my mouth don’t move at least once, it’s not worth the time spent watching.

  • Nick

    No bump for Tessa’s mom on Suburgatory? Or Matthew Broderick on Modern Family? O.o

  • Dan

    Wow great for CSI and okay for Nashville, hope it can get a second season, such a good show.

    As for Whitney its actually decent i get some laughs out of it so ill keep watching until its over.

    And lmao The Voice results episodes doing better than the flopfactor live shows.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Supernatural was excellent this week. Mark Shepard was in fine form as Crowley as was Misha as Cass.

    The surprise (to me) addition of Amanda Tapping was welcome. Looking forward to seeing how that develops.

    Arrow was pretty good, although it was a filler episode that did nothing to advance the overall story arc.

  • mayorofsmpleton

    Come on NBC and order 3-5 additional episodes of Parenthood. ;) It’s doing VERY well this year.

  • thesnowleopard

    I don’t think you’re quite understanding what I’m getting at. New viewers for SPN are *good*. They mean that SPN can still gain new audience to offset its yearly losses and do so from its lead-in. That justifies it having Arrow as a lead-in in the first place and extends its potential lifespan. There is nothing wrong with SPN getting a boost from Arrow.

    Also, DVR ratings don’t mean much if they don’t materialize into same-day demos. SPN’s live numbers, which were already good for the CW, are up after Arrow. The network’s happy. Retentionistas are happy. The only people not happy are the ones who don’t like one or both of the shows or the CW, or just plain want to reschedule a combination that’s been in place for less than a third of a season.

  • Paul

    Whitney had 4.22 million viewers.

  • coolioni

    @ Richard Steven Hack
    I definatly would disagree that last night episode of SPN was a “filler” episode. It introduced Niaomi (Amanda Tapping) and it also brought Cass back into the program except for the occasion flashbacks.
    We now have somewhat of a story arc with Cass being told what to do by this new group of Angels, but he is not going to ever know that he is being told what to do by the new angels , he just forgets about what is bweing told to him. I am very excited to see how this plays out.
    Next weeks previews look cool as hell showing Cass wanting to become a hunter along with Sam and Dean. This episode was by far the best one of this season and hopefully this is the episode that really gets this season going because up until this episode I was starting to get a little bored with the show.

    I would not be surprised if the ratings over the next few episodes dont creep up even more now that word that Amanda Tapping is on the show and that its not going to be just a stand alone episode.

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