'American Chopper' Canceled by Discovery

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November 16th, 2012

American Chopper will air its final episode on December 11, Entertainment Weekly reports.  The previously announced special American Chopper: The Revenge will be the swansong for the longrunning reality series which aired on both Discovery and TLC and underwent several title changes over the course of its ten years on the air.

  • Hillbilly

    10 years a good run. I stopped watching when Jr went on his own. Never did like that spoiled brat. The guy was lazy & disrespectful to just about everybody on the show. JMO

  • Jessie


  • 1123.6536.5321

    On the series finale they should build a motorcycle that is also a helicopter and chops up vegetables, a Chopper Chopper Chopper.

    …here comes a candle to light you to bed and here comes a chopper to chop off your head….

  • 1123.6536.5321

    I wonder how long it will be before OCC and Paul Jr. Designs file bankruptcy?

  • Birdsht

    I felt this was coming after the last few episodes were pure garbage. It was boring as could be. Jr. building a piece for a playground, building bicycles noone wants. Opening a “design” studio, for god only knows what. Then theres the OCC cafe that will sit empty. I hope these guys made some better investments in the background, the free advertising is over. Whos going to buy a corporate bike that isnt shown on TV, nobody. Junior just had to have his wife at every turn getting camera time. So lame

  • JeffT

    They’re already in foreclosure with their headquarters building here in Orange County. Pretty shady characters with their previous business, as well.

  • bob

    Jr is a brat,if he worked as hard as his dad and put is effort in building bikes like his dad wanted,they would be a better family and still on the air. Jr is an ass,without his dad’s effort and foward thinking he would be nowhere Go SR. your the man! On mikey as a spoiled brat too and an ass…

  • pix

    Kind of sad people post trash about a show they do not like or watch. I like the show and will miss it.

  • iceman

    sr is the man, paul jr loves himself,that mikey character is just an unkept scumbag who lives off others, and vinnie needs to come out of the closet. paul sr should get his own show and forget these three punks

  • BUMP

    Jr is as abusive to his sweet wife as he is to his father.

    He is so terrified of her seeking out a real man that he never lets her leave his side!

    Remember that Botique he promised her? Never happened never will!

    He hasn’t enough sense to leave her out of Business meetings where she has nothing to offer and plays no role in the decision making anyway.
    She looks pretty fed up with him this season.

    Remember when one of his first employees at “PJD”,”PJD”,”PJD”,”PJD”,”PJD”,
    LoL, decided to act just like Jr did at OCC like mouthing off at the boss, coming in late, taking long lunch breaks, not doing what he was told to etc. and jr was outraged wanted to kick his ass and then fired him? He is one of the most self-unaware people I have ever seen.

    One last thing…please stop calling him a ‘brat’ my gawd he is almost 40 years old! Call him an A-hole instead.

  • Batman

    Great show in the past fame went to all their heads

  • Cal Igula

    Did not realize it was still on…..

  • Labtec

    If it werent for occ that guy who he calls himself a designer whats his name Jason he would be flipping bugers at burger king cause hes stupid,immature, and the biggest moran ive seen to day. What SR sees in him is beyond me maybe SR needs puppet LOL

  • Labtec

    That guy Jason should be flipping burgers at burger king cause he worth nothing else otherwise my thoughts are that JR made OCC

  • Me

    Yawn. Who cares

  • Honkytonk

    Reckon there could be some illness issues going on. Snr lost A LOT of weight. Co to think of it so did jnr. snr doesn’t look we’ll tho.

  • geak

    jason thinks hes a good designer not!!!!

  • Jenny

    It’s about time!

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