CBS Replaces Next Monday's Episode of 'Partners' With Repeat of 'Two and a Half Men'

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November 16th, 2012

CBS is pulling the just canceled Partners from its schedule right away. On Monday November 19, it will air a rerun of the season premiere of Two and a Half Men inthe 8:30PM time period.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Well that answers that.

  • George

    I wanted to like it but it wasn’t very good.
    Can we resurrect The Class? That was a good show

  • Travis

    But Sophia Bush. :(

  • American

    TBBT would’ve been better.

  • Max

    A re run of Two And A Half Men? Seriously?

  • CrimTV

    Does anyone know how many episodes were shot before it was cancelled?

  • POI

    i love sophia bush and i want her to go and get a new show on the air i will never get sick of her she is the hottest woman on tv and that was the only reason i watched partners. Love You Sophia Sorry for your show getting canceled.

  • John A

    Why not just air a Partners burnoff? I doubt a 2 and half men will do any better.

  • Oliver


    Oddly, CBS won a bidding war for The Class. If NBC had won the bidding war then I think the show would still be on the air given the network’s subsequent woes.

    CBS replaced The Class with TBBT and cancelled it instead of the then-low-rated HIMYM, so CBS almost certainly made the right decision.

  • panda22

    Hopefully Sophia Bush books a better gig.


    @ Crim TV

    Wanna say nine, but honestly didn’t take notes on it (sorry)

    Glad it’s gone for ratings sake

  • viewer

    I don’t understand the Sophia Bush love. There’s plenty of pretty girls in Hollywood that are more deserving.

    Bush has no comedic skills, a voice like nails on a chalkboard, and is arguably insane with her personal liberal causes.

  • Bretta

    I never even seen 1 episode… it just never peaked my intrest

  • tv#1

    Two and a Half Men is doing really well this season. Both in the ratings and content. Last season was kind of messy. It had its moments, but overall it was mostly forgettable. But now the show seems to be back on track. If it can continue to pull in its current ratings for the rest of the season I think it will have a good shot at coming back for an 11th season. Especially, if How I Met Your Mother doesn’t return for a ninth season; CBS isn’t going to want to lose both of those shows at once.

  • a p garcia

    Does anyone know when ROE will finally get on the air??????

  • Nicholas R.

    RoE is slated to begin in January.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ viewer

    I agree. I mean, she is attractive, but her super liberal viewpoints are so annoying.

  • Survivor Fan

    I just think that they should have either aired a TBBT repeat or a Partners burnoff.

  • Andy

    Very disappointed that this show was cancelled! Unlike others who disliked this show. And what is so great about ROE?

  • Networkman

    tv#1, you are right. CBS has to be thinking that Two & A Half Men might have to return to Monday night to help out the night. HIMYM should end in May so a final season of Two & A Half Men will be needed.

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