'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue' Canceled by ABC

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November 16th, 2012

The Cancellation Bear is beginning his Thanksgiving feast a week early. Just a few hours after the cancellation of Partners, two more shows have been axed. Per The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has canceled its freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Each show will air all 13 episodes that were shot, but will not continue beyond episode 13, despite the additional scripts that were ordered. There is already some speculation that Nashville could take over 666 Park Avenue's time period. We will post more details as they become available.

  • Joseph A

    I liked the idea of 666 Park Avenue and even watched 2 episodes , but , I think they moved to quickly showing off the creepy parts of the show , and rather should have created the 2 evil leads with more humor and only gradually showing their dark side , but evening doing the creepy moments with a touch of humor , oh well goodbye 666 !
    As for Last Resort , this should never have gotten to the pilot state , even though its a guilty pleasure checking out the 1/2 naked men ,
    Partners , not a bad idea , but I at least can not stand the way the lines were delivered , it came off like bad stage acting ,

  • javier

    china’s us drama official website has bought both of them …what a misfortune

  • Networkman

    I can understand the cancellation of 666 Park Avenue. But I do not feel Last Resort got the fair opportunity to succeed. First, Network executives had to know that the premise would be a hard sell to the desire demo. But to air it against The Big Bang Theory, X-Factor and The Vampire Diaries is crazy. It was inevitable that the show would skew old. Third, why didn’t ABC try special airings in other timeslots to give it more exposure. Before the comedies Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B… aired their season premieres, ABC should of shown Last Resort behind DWTS. I feel it could of worked on Friday after Shark Tank as well. Last Resort was not an 8pm show and to have it lead off the night was ridiculous.

    The only good news is that now Terry O’ Quinn is available and hopefully he could guest star on Person of Interest. That would be great.

  • POIfanatic

    Hopefully Terry O’Quinn is free to work on POI and Revolution now. He could be a great recurring bad guy on either show.

  • Networkman

    Well, I do not feel Nashville should move to Sunday @10pm. I’ve tried serveral episodes of the show and I feel that it has lost focus. Airing after Revenge would make it look even worse in comparison. It is too slow paced. If Shonda is not willing to have Scandal moved to Sunday @10pm then I feel ABC should show some guts and move Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B… to that hour. They are dying where they are now, competing against the other comedies. It would be a breath of fresh air after the intense, dramatic Revenge to have these two young adult comedies. Nashville should really move to Thursday @10pm. NBC has no competition. ABC has some good options. Hopefully, they’ll schedule wisely.

    Option 1
    8pm Once Upon A Time
    9pm Revenge
    10pm Scandal

    8pm WipeOut
    9pm Grey’s Anatomy
    10pm Nashville

    Option 2
    8pm Once Upon A Time
    9pm Revenge
    10pm Happy Endings
    10:30pm Don’t Trust the B…

    Option 3
    8pm Once Upon A Time
    9pm Revenge
    10pm Body of Proof

  • frodo

    Abc actually are trying new things, new concepts and they should be commended for that, Its a shame about 666 Park and Last Resort but at least we get 13 episodes and who knows maybe someone else picks them up. These types of shows would have never made it to CBS unless it was a procedural. If anything people are to blame for this, 90% of the audience are fickle and watch reality shows.

  • Mika

    I also believe Scandal should be after Revenge on Sunday and Nashville after Greys on Thursday. It makes the most sense.

  • POI

    i want Last Resort to be picked up by another network, good riddance for 666 park avenue.

  • Jen

    Too bad for 666 Park Avenue. The last episode was starting to open exciting things in the show. Too bad the writer let it come out too late :(
    I don’t watch LR but I heard it was a good show too, if it wasn’t so expensive and had been put in a better timeslot, it might have had a chance…

  • Roy

    666 Park Ave. cancelled. :-( What idiots, they don’t even move a show to a new timeslot anymore to give it a shot. Put Nashville there, I’m sure it will do real well, it’ll die there as well. Just like GCB. Wasn’t it in that slot? Another show I liked. I vote to get rid of whoever it is thats doing the programing! At least there going to air the final 13, so we’ll still get to see Whoopi Goldbergs appearance at The Drake.

  • Jack

    It’s better to not watch shows (any tv show) until it at least reaches 3 seasons.

    Then you won’t be disappointed ^^

  • Jlew

    Very disappointed to see Last Resort go, enjoyed the premise; Andre Braugher, whom Ive followed since the Homicide days, was in fine form; and the time slot was cr@p. it obviously wasn’t a cheap show to make, so why not give the thing the best possible odds by providing a better time slot and maybe a little more exciting promotion instead of the (what I felt) was lame marketing for a quality production. my favorite (and only) new show for fall 2012. every year our network viewing lessens, with now less than 4 hours a week. soon, it will be online and cable all the way. Ladt Resort will by my last shot for real-time viewing… I won’t have the latest gossip, but I’ll also never start a show which out knowing that there will be a reasonable time for proper exposition and at least some sort of finale, RIP, Ladt Resort, Be lookin for you in the next one, Andre. I was sad to lose you from the screen with Men if a Certain Age ‘s cancellation, was happy to see you “in command” and hope for something good coming from you next…

  • Oliver

    Interesting that they have been given enough time to wrap themselves up.

    I wonder if this will be a trend going forward: serialised shows given proper endings in order to improve their after-market value (i.e. Netflix).

  • ronnie

    Somebody pls clear my doubt.please! I want to know -of the remaining episodes of the 13ordered for 666,have they all been shot or some of them are waiting to be shot? Some viewers are Hoping that these cancelled shows will end properly but this can happen only if the thirteenth episode hasnt been shot yet.has it? Pls reply.pls reply.

  • ateofi

    So, “Lasr resort” and “666 park avenue” are cancelld and “Revolution got full season pick up. Now that’s unfair as both shows are superior to this NBC monumental and mindboggling stupidity.

  • Lena

    Honestly I’m giving up. I’m tired of the way tv runs, even though I can understand the reasons behind this kind of choices. It’s getting so frustrating, and years after years it seems things are degenerating: show are canceled too soon, at this point I guess it’s pointless to start watching a new series that could be canceled next week, or next years, or after four seasons without an ending.
    Maybe it’s time for some sort of revolution in the tv industry, maybe it’s time to work on a new system not based on ratings, or something like that. God, is it really that much expensive to give a doomed series three or four episodes in order to have a proper ending?

  • DD

    Poor Bear, the real prize is Mob Doctor, but we’ll see.

  • omabin

    I agree with the previous posters in regards to the schedule. I have arguing for that for a long time now. Scandal should follow Revenge on Sundays whereas Nashville should follow Grey’s on Thursdays (even though I personally do not like the show). Happy endings and apartment 23 should go to wednesday at 10, abc needs to have the guts to do it. Tuesdays simply need to be completely rebuilt and, right now, they are better off challenging CBS’s supremacy of the older part of the demo (35-49) in the night than they are fighting with fox and nbc for the younger demo.

  • Statix

    Timeslot screwed Last Resort.

  • Justin121

    That’s a lot of time to fill, along with the 5 hours occupied by:

    Dancing with the Stars
    Happy Endings
    Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23
    Private Practice.

    Let alone bubble shows Scandal, Nashville, Castle, which now look “Certain Renewals”.

    Heck, even Body of Proof is likely to become a certain renewal.

    ABC is doing very badly this season.

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