'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue' Canceled by ABC

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November 16th, 2012

The Cancellation Bear is beginning his Thanksgiving feast a week early. Just a few hours after the cancellation of Partners, two more shows have been axed. Per The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has canceled its freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Each show will air all 13 episodes that were shot, but will not continue beyond episode 13, despite the additional scripts that were ordered. There is already some speculation that Nashville could take over 666 Park Avenue's time period. We will post more details as they become available.

  • Chris

    Eastwick was another damn good series that they canceled abruptly. Don’t get be started with what ABC Family did with Kyle XY. Worse cliff hanger in the history of television. Pathetic really.

  • samu

    And “The Flop Doctor” is still alive…

  • Longshanks

    @ Scott

    I’m right there with you man.It’s almost like it’s pointless to watch the first season of a show,because chances are,it won’t be around for a second,then you have just wasted your time watching it with little to no resolution.

    I should’ve learned from watching Awake last year that good shows that make people have to think aren’t going to last.

    While LR isn’t anywhere on that level,there are quite a few things that were going on in the storyline,which requires a lot of attention.

    I guess I’ll just have to make sure to stick to my guns and not watch the first season of shows anymore,and only really get invested after they have two seasons under their belt.

  • Tyson

    About 37 million Americans were watching broadcast television at 8 p.m. Thursday. More than 270 million American were not watching broadcast television then. Last Resort needed to attract some of them.

    Last Resort was against reality, comedy and comedy (LR should have been canceled the first time it lost to Vampire Diaries, if only on principle). A drama was the right idea for ABC to counter-program.

    666 Park Avenue is against football, The Mentalist (which doesn’t have the same start time two weeks in a row) and cable. Changing time slots usually means worse ratings since not everyone hears about the changes.

    Here’s the bottom line. The decent time slots have competition. The time slots without competition aren’t decent. Shows that can’t succeed will disappear.

    I’m reading talk about selfish networks. The only selfish ones I can find are some of the commenters, who want other people to spend money to give them free entertainment whenever they get around to watching it. Preferably without commercials.

    Of course, networks care about money. Are you people new to TVBTN? Get it through your skulls. You are not the customers. You are the product. The advertisers are the customers. The corporate shareholders are also customers. You are the Twinkies at the Hostess store, not the buyers.

  • tjw


    Why can’t you just enjoy a show while it airs. Some of the best shows ever have been one and done shows that didn’t get much conclusion: Firefly, Terriers, Freaks and Geeks. Why does every show have to last forever? Television is, by its nature, a weekly storytelling vehicle. Learn to enjoy the journey without being so worried about the destination.

  • SarahL

    tjw, I completely agree. One of my favorite shows ever was American Gothic. We got 22 episodes and then it was cancelled after season one. It was disappointing, but c’est la vie. At least, we got Lucas back alive in the season finale. It has never stopped being a great show in my mind and I get to re-watch the episodes occasionally, Plus, I can use imagination to create future stories for the characters.

  • Longshanks

    @ tjw

    I can enjoy them,but I’m not going to waste anymore time watching them as they air.If they catch my interest,I’ll now wait until the season is over.

    The problem about enjoying the journey is that most of the time,you get a flat tire,or the engine blows before you even get two miles down the street.

  • boc2msg

    The time slot killed Last Resort. Dumb, ABC, dumb. Time shifting in very high numbers makes it clear this could have been a solid show in the right place. This is a 9 or 10 pm show. I think it did very well considering where it was scheduled. My favorite of all shows I watch this fall, including Grimm, Fringe, Walking Dead, Revolution, and Alphas. Lousy.

  • ronnie

    @ Bill Gorman, you seem to be taking pleasure in our sorrow.But i am sure you must have gone through the same frustration phase at some point in your life like the rest of us.
    Anyway i like you whatsoever and your articles.

  • Alexis

    As a Nikita fan, I feel a certain kinship with Last Resort fans – the whole “original, intelligent show that gets a crappy timeslot and tanks in the ratings” thing – and am sorry to see it go. I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes of LR, but was planning to catch up eventually.

    But alas, there’s nothing new in TV land. Lowest-common-denominator crap like Season 57 of Grey’s Anatomy or reality shows will keep getting high ratings, while shows of actual quality will be ignored by viewers and get the axe. Sigh. I’m thanking my lucky stars that Nikita has survived this long despite its ratings, but alas, LR couldn’t do the same.

  • tjw


    Where should they have put it? It would have gotten killed on Sunday or Monday. Tuesday at 10 might have been okay, but then it would have been up against other allegedly male-skewing shows (Vegas, Sons of Anarchy, Tosh.0, NCAA Basketball, and Big Bang Theory repeats this week) and it wouldn’t have gotten much of a lead-in from Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B. Wednesday at 10 might have worked, but ABC clearly saw Nashville as the more compatible drama to run with its comedies. So that pretty much leaves Thursday at 8 or Fridays.

  • Derrick

    “Tysom – Last Resort was against reality, comedy and comedy (LR should have been canceled the first time it lost to Vampire Diaries, if only on principle). A drama was the right idea for ABC to counter-program. ”

    You called Last Resort “against reality” while mentioning Vampire Diaries

    Does no one else see the problem with that argument ?

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)


    Hopefully you can answer this. As people will come up with their inevitably hopeless Save our Show campaigns not realizing this pretty much never happens (Unforgettable) or pushing for “a transfer” even though this almost never happens without extenuating circumstances like syndication economics (Scrubs, Medium, Cougar Town, Law and Order CI):

    Has a show ever been cancelled/not getting a back 9, in the Fall and then found itself back on the schedule the next Fall?

  • Ziroc

    I have NO idea WHY they wrote it into a corner so fast. maybe bad writing and premise? Same thing with Revolution… How long can they ‘run from the bad guys X way”.. The writing isn’t thought out.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)


    Spot on!!!

  • bk

    To be honest, despite the iffy acting, illogical/odd script treads and carbon copying scenes from classic submarine movies(ie the obligatory depth charging scene, when nowadays subs are hunted almost exclusively via homing torpedoes) I’m going to miss it. It had some potential and at least it was different from the standard run of the mill procedurals and reality shows dominating the airwaves

  • tjw


    If you’re really worried about a CW show cutting into your audience so much as to cause its cancellation, then that show has worse problems than airing against The Vampire Diaries.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    The thing people never realize with all these silly Save Our Show campaigns never realize is that I can find no evidence of an hour long drama in the last decade that has been cancelled and then “uncancelled” unless it has been within weeks (and on CBS……Jericho and Unforgettable) of the original cancellation date.

    Shows like Ringer, Harry’s Law, GCB, The Secret Circle, CSI Miami and now 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort are dead and buried with no chance of coming back with absolutely no precedent for their miraculous hoped for (and foolish money spent on) their return from the grave.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @ronnie, no pleasure, just herding folks through the TV Fan Stages of Grief.

  • Craig

    Not surprised at all with 666 Park Ave getting cancelled. But I was hoping for an extended stay with Last Resort. At least Shawn Ryan will be back with Beverly Hills Cop next year.

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