'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue' Canceled by ABC

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November 16th, 2012

The Cancellation Bear is beginning his Thanksgiving feast a week early. Just a few hours after the cancellation of Partners, two more shows have been axed. Per The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has canceled its freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Each show will air all 13 episodes that were shot, but will not continue beyond episode 13, despite the additional scripts that were ordered. There is already some speculation that Nashville could take over 666 Park Avenue's time period. We will post more details as they become available.

  • The End


    Come again? You can’t blame the network if no ones watching the show in question. If people want to watch something, they will watch it regardless of timeslot or day. 8pm for example isn’t too late, or too early in the evening for Nielsen families to sit down and watch something.

    This is why I generally don’t accept timeslot claims. Neither of these shows are bad, they just didn’t appeal to Nielsen families and ultimately if you don’t appeal to the Nielsen families you’re going to be canceled.

  • John

    @frank5859: People like you who can’t even think properly or have enough attention span are the exact target audience for the preposterous writing and acting of Last Resort. I loved the actors, but it also had two of the worst episodes I’ve seen all season on any show. Only the pilot and fifth episodes were amazing. I, for one, am not sad that its getting cancelled. If you treat your audience like as if they’re brain dead, then you’re going to pay.

  • TvAllDay

    Not my 666 WTH you Losers.

  • The End


    Stop spamming that nonsense, you’ve already copy pasted that line about 5 times already. It won’t make any difference what so ever.

  • Dan

    If both canceled shows air their orders as scheduled than Last Resort will end on January 17 and 666 Park Avenue will end on January 20. Private Practice should also end its run on January 22. This gives ABC a chance to Not only air all episodes but to promote their midseason shows which should all premiere early february. I expect Body of Proof to air at 10pm.Tuesdays while Red Widow and Zero Hour will likely be the replacememts.

  • The Other Tony

    Okay, a couple of things:

    First, several of you are some of the biggest whiners I’ve ever seen (and I visit a lot of Internet messageboards). Anyone who gets emotionally invested in TV shows (including myself) should be prepared for the inevitability that a lot of those shows won’t make it.

    Several of you are expressing that you don’t want to “get invested” in a show if you don’t have a guarantee that it’ll make it to Season 2. For me, it’s just the opposite: when a show is just starting, I’m even *MORE* eager to check it out and follow it the whole way through, even if it only runs 13 episodes (or fewer) — the reason being, I want a chance to have been able to view it in its entirety before it fades into the sunset.

    I’ll use ABC’s three new dramas this fall as my case study:

    Last Resort is probably the one of the three that has done the best at capturing my attention; however, I still find its quality somewhat mediocre. But I’m still going to watch all 13 episodes just to see how it plays out.

    666 Park Avenue: I had high hopes for it, largely because of the O’Quinn/Williams casting, and I thought the concept was intriguing. It started off too slow, it’s now picking up the pace, and much like with Last Resort, I’ll follow it the entire 13 episodes just to see how they decide to end it. But it never really “hooked” me in any substantive way. I still think it might have had a better chance at 9pm Sundays, to possibly pick up some of the supernatural-lovin’ audience with OUAT as its lead-in…then conclude the evening with Revenge at 10pm. But ABC has always been pretty bad with its scheduling decisions, so we got what we got.

    Nashville: another one I wanted to like, largely because I enjoyed Connie Britton in AHS. But I barely made it through two episodes and then deleted it from my DVR’s record-list. Not because the acting is necessarily bad…but basically, because the scripts are BORING. Much like Fox’s two-episode failed series Lone Star (of which I couldn’t even get through the whole pilot episode).

    Now as for the scheduling, I’ll say it again — Holly is right that the high-concept of Last Resort had a huge challenge going in as to whether it could have found an audience in the first place, based on the type of show and premise/plot that was chosen. I even think some people here are right when they say it would have worked better as an intentional miniseries (although the creative team must have had a five-season plan in place for it; because ABC wouldn’t have picked up LR if they didn’t think there was the potential for 100+ episodes.

    However, those of you insisting that “8pm Thursday was as good a place as any” to schedule Last Resort are, quite frankly, DELUSIONAL.

    Aside from being high-concept and serialized, Last Resort is extremely action-oriented and male-skewing. Common sense should have told ABC that such a type/genre of show would have a better shot in a 10pm (or even a 9pm) time slot rather than leading off the night at 8pm. And it didn’t help that Last Resort was tasked to lead off a night already housed by two largely female-skewing dramas.

    So I think the reality lies somewhere in the middle. Last Resort didn’t structure itself to be accessible enough beyond a limited, narrowly-targeted audience. On the other hand, ABC hastened LR’s likely demise by giving it a time slot that was really incompatible based on the show’s demographics and genre.

  • The End

    @The Other Tony

    To be fair, people who don’t want to invest in a show through fear of it not making it to a second season have no effect on the ratings at all unless they have a Nielsen box.

  • Networkman

    @The Other Tony, I agree that ABC hastened LR’s likely demise by giving it a time slot that was really incompatible based on the show’s demographics and genre. Not only for all those factors that you mentioned, but let’s not forget that Thursday nights in the Fall also has football games that men are watching. Now CBS has been able to build an audience with the established comedies and then their loyal viewers staying to watch Person of Interest. But even POI is not doing as good as it could be due to it being more male oriented. We should start to see it increase once football is over. So ABC really should have moved Last Resort to Friday @10pm or placed it behind DWTS:result on Tuesday. It may have done better than Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B…

  • POIFanatic

    Just because we think a show we like might not make it to the next season doesn’t mean we have to stop watching the show. You still have 13 or 22 episodes worth of story to love and get comfortable with.

    The Other Tony makes valid points. That’s almost exactly the way I feel about all 3 of ABC’s new dramas as well. I’d like to add that Last Resort showed mind-boggling stupidity even with the awesome Shawn Ryan at its helm. It shot itself in its foot with the horrid writing and overacting. But I’ll still follow it to its grave because its ambitious and something different. It was also among my 3 favorite new shows of this season even with all its fallacies.

  • Allen

    I was really excited about Last Resort when the trailers came out. But I have see every episode and I can honestly say it didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s just not that interesting and I find most of the characters annoying. No issues with this news.

  • Hanna

    Oh. Bummer.
    Abc should had tried to sell them to TNT. After all they bought that turkey of H50.

  • frank5869

    @John: I can’t think properly and I lack attention span ? What? You are the one on crack here. You don’t know me.. what the heck are you talking about?
    You think to be so smart and cool and more intelligent than other people,uh?
    “Only the pilot and fifth episodes were amazing”… you even contradict yourself there. Pathetic. Just plain childish, arrogant and silly.
    Go back to kindergarten little kid.

  • Sue

    Why is it that when you finally get a good, scary show, that isn’t bloody, with great acting and effects, it gets cancelled, but trash like The Neighbors, every kind of ridiculous “reality” show they can come up with, stays put! And when are advertisers gonna get it that there are lots and lots of people who watch TV and spend money that are over 49! It’s getting to the point that you almost don’t want to start watching a new show.

  • frank5869

    @The End: “Come again? You can’t blame the network if no ones watching the show in question”—just plain nonsense. Silly and pathetic.
    Nielsen ratings ARE FAKE. They can’t be trusted. And it’s all about dirty business what network managers do.
    Last Resort is being produced by top-notch movie Casino Royale’s director Martin Campbell which after the huge failure that Green Lantern was (due to WarnerBros managers on crack more than his own fault) now trying to get back on track starting with a tv show.
    How comes Disney ABC managers sign a deal with Martin Campbell giving him the resources to produce Last Resort and then all of a sudden just after 6 episodes they claim that “Nielsen ratings are bad, no one is watching” ?
    THAT is a huge lie. As it always happens with these fake stats being tampered with for dirty business reasons.
    Business wise anything like this doesn’t make any damn sense.
    Cancelling a series you are producing before even having shopped it for at least 2 years all over the world it’s just plain crazy. No true business man would ever do such a thing. But these managers are hacks, just thieves and liars. They are like bankers. They should be put in jail by FBI ASAP.

  • frank5869

    @Sue: these network managers are just like mafia. Exactly like bankers. And no one is acting to put them in jail as they deserve. FBI should but is not investigating on all of this.
    These people use productions to evade taxes, steal money from investors and do dirty business and balance of power inside their own groups. They are even more corrupted than any politician.
    These people are not business men, they are liars, thieves and mafia style gangs.


    Networks need to consider quality over quantity. Sure, American Idol and “Dancng With Stars”, “Bachelor, etc. pull a lot of viewers, but their IQ’s are mostly under 80 and if they have any money, it’s probably just an allowance from the old man.

  • KJ Styles


  • KJ Styles

    Nielsen can go straight to hell. Their ratings system is outdated, tired, inaccurate, and needs to be replaced. 25,000 people deciding the fate of shows that millions of people watch is ridiculous.

  • T

    I liked 666 park avenue. I wish abc would give them a shot. I mean come on, try another time slot maybe? What is wrong with people loving all these crappy reality shows. Get an imagination! Shame on ABC- I’m still mad at them for canceling Pan Am!

  • Enzo

    Last Resort was an awesome show. It was not given a chance by ABC. I don’t understand how shows like Scandal stick around and shows like this get cancelled. If ABC would have bumped its timeslot ahead at least an hour it would have succeeded.

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