'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue' Canceled by ABC

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November 16th, 2012

The Cancellation Bear is beginning his Thanksgiving feast a week early. Just a few hours after the cancellation of Partners, two more shows have been axed. Per The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has canceled its freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Each show will air all 13 episodes that were shot, but will not continue beyond episode 13, despite the additional scripts that were ordered. There is already some speculation that Nashville could take over 666 Park Avenue's time period. We will post more details as they become available.

  • Mark3

    666 was a amazing show!!! Damn abc always canceling my fav shows. V TOO!! i can pray another network picks up 666. Im talkin to u syfy. Or tnt!!

  • mayorofsmpleton

    Still don’t get why people just tune out after cancellation is announced. As if 13 hours of a scripted series you like isn’t worth watching because it doesn’t go on 6 years. Steig Larsson intended for the “Dragon Tattoo” series to go on for 10 novels. He died with just 3 written (and outlines for a few others) — and part of the 4th book written. Should I skip those awesome novels because it doesn’t tell ‘the whole’ story? Those books are complete works that tell a solid narrative arc. A season of a series often does as well — aside from something like LOST where there’s going to be massive cliffhangers at season’s end with very few answers many shows (Veronica Mars: S1 “Who’s at the door?” — Felicity: Season 1 “Ben or Noel?”) for example still manage to leave the audience with a relatively satisfying conclusion to the story of the season. In the case of Mars we find out who killed Lily Kane – Felicity finishes her first year of independence from her overbearing parents and found herself, which guy she decides to get with is far less relevant.

    Heck, even most sitcoms, at least many of the greats would have season arcs that left us satisfied – Seinfeld often had a great arc in many seasons. Yeah we don’t always get a series finale that makes the investment WELL worth it (X-Files and Lost for many) or get canceled before they should (Twin Peaks anyone?) but does that invalidate how awesome the episodes we got were? I’d rather an unfinished Twin Peaks than none at all.

    Writing off a series because it’s being canned does just that. Every show ends at some point. Would it be awesome if every show got to tell a perfect 5-7 season arc? Sure — but that’s not reality. I’d rather 3, 2, or even 1 season of a series exist if it meant I enjoyed it enough to put time aside to view it.

    I’ve not followed Last Resort thus far but it being a 13 and done series doesn’t frighten me from it. I have a heavy backlog of media to consume. I’ll catch it later on netflix or DVD though. As I do with many shows that are canceled that I’ve discovered past their expiration dates. It probably isn’t going to tell the entire story they wanted — but I’ve heard very positive things about it — and me enjoying it or not isn’t going to be influenced by the fact that I only have 13 of them.

    A well done scripted drama should produce a solid narrative arc within each episode, each season and through the entire series… and many do. If you have invested enough in a TV series to allow it to consume an hour of your life each and every week you should probably be satisfied with an individual episode enough to not care if it ends with the next episode. Each episode should add something to the experience of watching it…

    Firefly, Wonderfalls, My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks — the list goes on and on… all got just one season but produced some of the best episodes on television. While 666 Park Ave and Last Resort probably aren’t in the same league as those shows — the notion that it’s a waste of time to watch them because they’ll be 13 and done is just weird to me.

    Now the notion of skipping 666 Park Avenue because it’s dreadful… that I can understand. ;)

  • SJ

    @Crim TV

    Following Revenge, of course. It fits in with the whole good vs. evil theme that Paul Lee had envisioned for the night.

  • Ultima

    I’m really starting to give up on television as a whole. I understand there are rising costs associated with producing television. Networks need to give shows a chance. So of the longest running and biggest shows were not hit shows in the first season, or even second season. I’m getting tired of decent shows being canceled because a network like ABC (owned by Di$ney) cannot bleed a little cash every now and then in order to keep people employed and give shows a chance.

    I enjoy your tears.

  • Kavyn

    @may A lot of people decide to stop watching due to cancellations leading to incomplete storylines. Right now it’s very likely shows like 666 and Last Resort are being written so that it has a cliffhanger in it’s midseason finale. So we get invested in the show only for it to lead to an incomplete ending. And it’s not the show’s fault but the network’s for not giving the show enough time to rewrite the story accordingly.

    I still intend on watching the shows, I’m glad they’re keeping them on the schedule for it’s remaining episodes. I can only hope the endings are satisfying enough.

  • Ultima

    Does anyone know what ABC’s mid-season replacements are? I admit to not keeping up. At all.

    The Bachelor and another DWTS cycle, with the comedies How to Live With Your Parents and The Family Tools tentatively schedule to replace the DWTS results show.

    They also have Red Widow, Zero Hour, Wife Swap, Primetime (WWYD?), Nightline and could possibly bump Mistresses up from the summer.

  • Monkey

    I think half the issue of a lot of broadcast TV shows is they cannot sustain full 22-24 episode seasons. Cable TV works well because we get short seasons from 10 – 15 episodes. In those short seasons we get maximum punch and minimum filler. Broadcast networks might find sustaining short seasons to be easier than trying to make every show into full seasons.

  • KJ Styles

    I’m bummed about Last Resort getting cancelled. I’m hoping that a cable network picks it up like they did with Southland and Cougar Town when they were cancelled, but I’m not getting my hopes up :(

    Hopefully the Knicks can win tonight to go 7-0, that will lift my spirits.

  • Monkey

    @Kayvn actually 666 and Last Resort have time to rewrite the final episode/episodes accordingly. Hell, if they were paying attention to the ratings they should have been prepared. If the show was cancelled in a month I’d agree, somewhat, don’t blame the show. But showrunners should be paying more attention and forward thinking on what the ratings – and networks – are telling them. Not just planning for another season.

  • Gibs Nolan

    I really like 666 Park Avenue. dont understand why canceled by ABC!

  • Ultima

    Broadcast networks might find sustaining short seasons to be easier than trying to make every show into full seasons.

    The broadcast network model is based around getting shows into syndication.

    You don’t think shows can manage 22 episodes a year, but you think they would be successful going with shorter seasons of 10-15 episodes which would require runs of six to nine years before becoming profitable?

  • Ultima

    @Gibs Nolan
    dont understand why canceled by ABC!

    Season average for ABC dramas (Live+SD, new episodes only)

    Grey’s Anatomy – 3.6
    Once Upon a Time – 3.3
    Revenge – 2.7
    Nashville – 2.1
    Castle – 2.0
    Scandal – 2.0
    Last Resort – 1.7
    666 Park Ave – 1.6
    Private Practice – 1.5

    Makes the reason for the cancellations blatantly obvious.

  • The Other Tony


    You’re right that Last Resort was going to be a hard sell no matter where ABC scheduled it. But Thursday at 8pm was the absolute WORST place they could have put it (short of placing first-run episodes on Saturday).

    At least in a 10pm time slot it might have had a fighting chance. On Thursdays at 8pm, there was no fighting chance whatsoever.

  • j

    Scandal takes over as ABC’s biggest uncancelled drama flop, esp given that its lead-in is their biggest hit.

  • Monkey

    @Ultima syndication models are changing too. Once upon a time 100 episodes used to be a magic number, now it’s down to 80. If I remember correctly a show or 2 have been picked up below that. Things change, and broadcast TV is slow to enact any of it.

    Incidentally, some shows can sustain 22-24 episodes. There are a number that can’t, or shouldn’t. Being attached to longer seasons can kill a show, sometimes even before it’s really started.

  • steve

    not a suprise but atleast all 13 episodes will air.

  • CBSViewer

    666 was a very good show :(

  • American

    Nashville would be good on Sundays, and I’d definitely watch then.

  • CrimTV


    Good choice :) I love Revenge

  • BigBrotherFan

    No surprise about the last resort. This sucks because I like them both. I thought ABC may give a bit for effort for 666 Park Ave. Ah, easy come easy go. Enjoy Mr. Bear! Dude, I know you been waiting atleast a month on this feast. “Partners” for starters and dont forget to leave room for the mob dr!

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