'Partners' Canceled by CBS

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November 16th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has canceled freshman comedy Partners and will pull it from the schedule immediately. This week it earned a series low 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. No replacement has been announced, but CBS's sturdy relief pitcher Rules of Engagement is likely to take over the time period until mid-season series Friend Me debuts.


Update: CBS is replacing the Monday, November 19 episode of Partners with a repeat of Two and a Half Men.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    “No back 9″ is the new “pulled from the schedule”.

  • rob60990

    About time.

  • ali

    and the mob doctor is still on tv

  • Maximillian

    Saw that coming…

  • One

    Deadline is saying it WILL be pulled from the schedule immediately. Might want to touch up that sentence to alleviate confusion.

  • rob60990

    According to Deadline, CBS is pulling it from schedule for comedy repeats starting next week.

  • Nikki

    No! that sucks it was a funny show. And it was nice seeing Sophia Bush on tv again. Again if a show doesnt have a doctor or vampire in it they cancel it such a shame. It was a good show, and really funny too. Well ill watch the remaining episodes..

  • Jeff (Canada)

    So what repeats will air in its place? Logic says that Big Bang Theory repeats would be the best bet. Hell, those repeats might do better than some of the NEW episodes of the other Monday night comedies!

  • Cyrax86

    What a shocker!

    Hope we get the ABC midseason schedule later today.

  • One @ Nikki

    it was a funny show

    You, dear madam, are a moron. You’re probably one of those people who doesn’t watch Last Resort because you’re afraid of increasing your IQ, lest you be lifted out of your contented stupor and actually have to deal w/ the harsh realities of the world. People like you are a blight upon the human race.

  • Petar Ivanov

    After CBS almost KILL 2BG they cancel it now? So slow, so bad decision making. AT least if not POI give 2BG post SB slot.

  • Dat

    CBS has a tendency to cancel their freshman shows, and that is a sad sad thing. We’re lucky POI falls above the axe due to Unforgettable last year. And look at where POI and 2BG this year :)

    CBS: that’s 2 for 4. Expect 3 for 4 by the end of this year. Elementary got lucky. They’re rooting so hard for the show, which is pathetic when you think about it.

  • SarahL

    I don’t know how it latest this long.

  • Nikki

    at one screw off okay. Just because i like a show you dont doesnt make me a moron.. and for you to call me a moron because i said a show was funny make you an incredible jackass. And you said id have to deal with the real life or something.. you dont know me from a hole in the ground so make assumptions about someone else… cause your so far off when it comes to me.

  • ron

    :( i actually liked the show :(

  • American

    It happened!

  • Tommy

    Darn, this show was growing on me. Sure the “pilot” was horrific, but I thought as each episode progressed the writing got stronger and more focused and the cast was starting to really gel; but it still wasn’t the best comedy around. Hopefully Sophia Bush will be able to find better luck with another pilot next season.

  • Greg

    The real question is why they left this on the air for so long.

  • Nikki

    ron.. me too.

  • One @ Nikki

    I know your type. You sludge through life simply listening to the lies fed to you by the media instead of actually making an effort to do the research that would reveal the world as a horrible place. Your kind fail to realize or act out against the noose that has been placed around your neck for the amusement of those who have the gall to attempt to instruct us as to how to act so that their power structure isn’t threatened. If people like you didn’t exist, humanity would be far better off.

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