'Partners' Canceled by CBS

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November 16th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has canceled freshman comedy Partners and will pull it from the schedule immediately. This week it earned a series low 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. No replacement has been announced, but CBS's sturdy relief pitcher Rules of Engagement is likely to take over the time period until mid-season series Friend Me debuts.


Update: CBS is replacing the Monday, November 19 episode of Partners with a repeat of Two and a Half Men.

  • TVWatcher00

    Oliver, I’m not 100% on that, but I’m pretty sure they were close to 13.

    IMHO, I don’t think Sophia Bush is really cut out for comedy, not in sitcom form anyway. And Brandon Routh was just painful. And the writing didn’t do them any favors.

  • John A

    So are all the episodes made or has production been completly shut down?

  • Dumb Nikki

    OH NIKKI! I was on your side until you started off throwing insults. Now you sound just like the dumb bitch you probably are.

    The show sucked! It’s cancelled! Also, grammar DOES matter, even on the internet, you tool! What a joke you are…

  • Bart

    Bring back “Rules of Engagement” STAT!!!



  • j

    I don’t think Rules of Engagement will do particularly well, but solidly enough that 2 Broke Girls should be boosted somewhat.

  • CBSViewer

    CBS should move 2 Broke Girls back to 8:30 and move 2.5 Men at 9 and replace it by Rules of Engagement on Thursday. If Rules of Engagement airs on Monday it’ll be canceled :(

  • Joseph

    Our own Cancellation Bear must have enjoyed whacking this one!

  • Joseph

    It’s my guess “Partners” was a victim of the growing popularity of ESPN’s Monday-night pro football games.

    Most Monday nights, ESPN’s football games draw more viewers than any other cable program or any broadcast program that night!

  • Oliver

    It’s interesting that the majority of the shows people predicted would do badly have bombed: Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, Made in Jersey, The Mob Doctor, Partners.

    The only real surprise is The Neighbors, which has hugely exceeded everybody’s rock bottom expectations. Chicago Fire has also done a little better than expected, although it’s hardly setting the world alight (pun very much intended).

  • TVDude

    Even if Rules doesn’t get canceled, it might not come back. This will be its seventh season and don’t contacts usually expire after this one? If I were in the cast, I wouldn’t want to stick with it. I like the show, but if it were me on it, I would rather have something that gives me 22 episodes instead of 13.

    David Spade said in an interview around August that he’s particularly ready for Rules to end. Patrick Warburton has always stayed pretty busy, despite not being as well known as some of the other stars.

  • a p garcia

    Let me get this right ROE is going to be pulled when its replacement is ready!

  • a p garcia

    Its about time!

  • a p garcia

    Hope ROE does real well

  • Brian

    This show could have been so much better if they had the gay guy a little less gay. They need to stop portraying gay people acting like such fa**ots. We are not all like that!! Plus the one playing his bf was a horrible actor, and the two had no chemistry together.

  • Adam

    Partners was by far for me the worst new comedy of the season. It was good actors stuck with terrible scripts and steretyped views.
    The absolute BEST part of the show was the theme song which I bought off iTunes.

    If you’re curious: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons.

    Here’s hoping ROE and Friend Me can do well!

  • JP

    Finally! What’s more shocking is that CBS isn’t putting Rules of Engagement in its place.

  • kennya

    Can someone answer me this? Why don’t air a new episode instead of a repeat? They already paid to produce it and if they know they wanna replace it with RoE why can they not air at least until that date the episodes? They could make at least a little bit money. They also do not have to promote the show or only very little??? Why is this so?

  • Timmy G

    @ kennya

    A repeat of any of their other comedies will likely do better in that slot. Plus even though this can’t be proved it’s likely Partners is bringing down the average for HIMYM and 2BG. HIMYM already went below a 3.0 once this season and CBS certainly doesn’t want that to continue. I think they’re holding out on renewing HIMYM until the last moment so the creators will be forced to write the show with the mother in it. Of course if none of the actors renew their contracts that becomes a non-issue.

    @ Adam, word up.

  • SJ

    Finally. The show was offensive beyond words. To think it was actually created by a gay guy… Kohan and Mutchnik remain a one-trick pony. I wonder what reincarnation of Will & Grace they’ll try to pilot next development cycle.

    I do feel bad for the actors, especially Sophia Bush. But I expect her to bounce back pretty quickly.

    If I had to guess, Friend Me (which likely has a 6-8 episode order, I can’t find the info anywhere) will run Rob-style from January to March and then the poor, tired Rules of Engagement will make its final bow in the spring, mostly airing alongside repeats of the other three comedies.

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