'Partners' Canceled by CBS

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November 16th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has canceled freshman comedy Partners and will pull it from the schedule immediately. This week it earned a series low 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. No replacement has been announced, but CBS's sturdy relief pitcher Rules of Engagement is likely to take over the time period until mid-season series Friend Me debuts.


Update: CBS is replacing the Monday, November 19 episode of Partners with a repeat of Two and a Half Men.

  • Tom

    The only surprising thing is that they would do it now. Why wait until 6-7 finished episodes are sitting around before pulling the plug? International sales* can’t possibly cover the cost of production, can they?.

    *I know Partners was sold to multiple territories; Mob Doctor was sold in at least Canada. I can’t find any evidence Animal Practice was sold in other territories. (Next Caller clearly wasn’t.) Can we really start guessing if shows will get production halted early just based on if they are sold in other territories?

  • Tim

    Now, all is left is to kick Hawaii FO to Sundays so CBS can get back their Mondays.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)



  • svpike

    @ONE you are the moron. I like both shows Parteners and Last Resort so what does that say. I would repeat what @Nikki said but there is really no point she said it all just right.

  • matt

    and 666 park avenue is still on? give me a break. Partners was the best new show on tv. 666 is the worst.

  • Nick


    Can someone answer me this? Why don’t air a new episode instead of a repeat? They already paid to produce it and if they know they wanna replace it with RoE why can they not air at least until that date the episodes? They could make at least a little bit money. They also do not have to promote the show or only very little??? Why is this so?

    You’re wrong. Promotion is a very big part in launching any show, new or returning. Look what happened to Kitchen Nightmares when it was slapped in the Fri@8 slot with zero promotion. The season premiere was down 50 freaking percent from last season’s finale!!!!

  • Networkman

    Smart move. CBS knows repeats of Two & A Half Men could do better. I don’t know what is taking other networks so long to cancel weak shows. 666 Park Avenue should be next very soon. Get rid of shows dragging down the night. This is great news.

  • CrimTV


    It’s mainly down to fact either

    1. Networks don’t have anything to replace it with (See CW)
    2. The mid-season shows aren’t ready.

  • Justin

    Thank god they cancelled this junk.

  • Mary 1

    The few episodes I saw wasn’t very funny. The laugh track was annoying. Sophia Bush is not funny and Brandon Routh couldn’t act. The whole premise of the show that the relationship between the two guys would take precedence over their relationship with their respective girlfriend and boyfriend made them seem like supercilious jerks.

    In one episode I think, the Michael Urie character didn’t bother to remember his boyfriend’s anniversary but was over involved in the relationship between sophie and David. Too unlikable and I stopped watching after that.

    That’s not to say it didn’t get funnier or better since I stopped watching. Anything’s possible. I also don’t feel the need to gloat that it got cancelled. (I don’t get that and why people have such a personal stake and rejoice so much when something fails). I could kind of see why it didn’t have mass appeal. Still the network needs to do better than the old & tired Two & A Half men.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Nobody’s surprised Partners was cancelled it was a bigger surprise that CBS kept it around as long as they did. They clearly wanted the show to work but CBS is a problem of their own success. When their in these situations they obviously panic, unlike the other networks they can’t be patient enough to let shows grow. When you’re a comedy on CBS you pretty much have to have a major impact right off the bat they don’t allow shows to grow there and that’s why Partners is gone today.

    It’s a bit unfortunate because the show did get progressively better since the pilot. If you ask me honestly I think it was CBS’ second best sitcom for weeks now after Mike & Molly quality wise. I don’t really care what anybody says but Partners was on the wrong network from the get go. A perfect network for it probably would’ve been NBC because it would’ve been a good partner for Whitney. NBC is very patient with most of their struggling comedies and they would’ve allowed Partners especially if Universal produced it to grow in the ratings. As a matter of fact if I was NBC or any other network I would look at possibly picking up Partners and seeing what can happen.

  • eridapo

    Feast and famine…

    The bear finally feast today on two morsels of food (Partners and American Shopper)… Will the bear have to wait too long for its next meal?

  • eridapo

    As the season goes on, we should stop being surprised with why it is taking Networks “so long” to cancel a show. Our biases from previous years expectations of ratings are not aligned with the reality of the season….

    Sure a show like partners would have been canceled a year or two ago given its performance, but when you consider that CBS as a whole is down when compare to last year it makes sense…

  • brutony

    RRROOOAAARRR!!!! The Cancellation Bear has struck! And hes HUNGRY for more!

  • Ron

    Not a suprised – stopped watching after 3 episodes – just wasnt funny

  • Ram510

    YAY!!!!! Hurry up and bring in Rules of Engagement! Probably will start in January

  • iMac

    @ Nikki and Ron

    Kids, as a gay man, this show was immediately annoying. I had such high hopes for the premise, and was stoked to watch the premiere. I watched it with my 70+ yearold mother, who said to me halfway through “this isn’t funny.” And I agreed.

    Have not watched it since. Nice try guys…but it’s done.

  • gustavo

    When is the Premiere of the new season of Rules of engagement?

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    as a straight man who’s best friend is gay the show is a complete slap in the face to both of us. It was extremely stereotypical to the point when we wanted to call CBS and curse them out. Thank god this crap is gone

  • Joseph

    @Peter Ivanov … I’m sick of you blaming Partners for the ratings of 2BG, if your show is lead dependent then it’s not that good!!! get over it!!

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