'Partners' Canceled by CBS

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November 16th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has canceled freshman comedy Partners and will pull it from the schedule immediately. This week it earned a series low 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. No replacement has been announced, but CBS's sturdy relief pitcher Rules of Engagement is likely to take over the time period until mid-season series Friend Me debuts.


Update: CBS is replacing the Monday, November 19 episode of Partners with a repeat of Two and a Half Men.

  • Casey


  • Freddy Arrow

    Newflash! People in sitcoms are not portrayed realistically.

  • forg

    I’m curious to see how 2,5 Men repeats will do and if CBS will go back to their “old Monday lineup” by midseason.

  • AniMatsuri

    I’m just glad this mess of a show is gone from my view when I tune in and wait for 2BG to start.

  • The Other Tony

    Partners was disappointing, but personally, I thought the “friendship”/pseudo-marriage between the lead characters on Will & Grace was WAAAYYY more annoying and stereotypical.

    But at least Will & Grace had Jack and Karen to provide the comic relief. Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh just weren’t the right fit as supporting players.

  • Paulo PT

    Last tuesday i said that Partners will don’t appear next monday!

  • Paulo PT

    Not good for TAAHM moving timeslot again. But CBS should launch a new sitcom on thursdays after TBBT. Will Friend Me succeed? No other sitcom is on the lot?!?

  • TeeVeeViewer

    Killing off “Partners” was a good start. Now, CBS should get rid of “Rules of Engagement” which has never been funny.

  • Mark E.

    Partners was hilarious! This show and 2 Broke Girls are the only comedies that actually make me laugh. Well, 2 Broke Girls is the only decent comedy left. I’ve tried watching New Girl, Modern Family, Mindy Project, Community, Happy Endings, and a lot more, but they are all so boring. Nothing at all to laugh at. Thank god for some good dramas.

  • ToXiX

    Two And A Half Men is not moving back to Monday. Its a repeat. A random repeat.

  • axola

    Finally!!!! 5 episodes too late… How this series could ever get a green light is a mystery. Not even the lovable Sophia Bush made it watchable. If Ben and Kate is soon canceled I will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of awful new comedies this year.

  • mort

    move the mentalist out of sunday

  • Cass rowlwland

    why isn’t Vegas cancelled

  • Josh

    I also liked this show. It was getting better, and the snappy writing was on par with the Will and Grace creators. Networks just don’t give shows a chance to develop. I think at least a season to each new show would give them time to find themselves. After that if they still haven’t, then cancel them.

  • Dan

    My guess is that the main reason CBS didn’t let the episodes burn through is that their midseason is overcrowded. I’m thinking that Rules of Engagement will probably return in January than by March get replaced by Friend Me.

  • Max

    According to tvtickets.com , they are still shooting. I don’t understand why they are still filming, when only 2 are un aired?

  • brian

    I really liked this show too. I agree that it was improving with each episode. It was nice to have an old-school sitcom with a modern sensibility. So much more fun that yet another crime scene or reality show. :(

  • TvAllDay

    all you haters can suck it.

    why, Why, WHY!!!

  • The Other Tony

    I think CBS should retool and repackage a new pilot for “Super Fun Night” (either partially or fully recast) — clearly, the pilot that shot last spring didn’t test well, or else it would have been a logical, and perfect (on paper, at least) companion to TBBT.

  • Dan

    $1000 says the repeats of Two and a Half Men this monday and Big Bang Theory next monday will bring the monday comedies over 3.5 in the demo and 10 million for each show.

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