'Partners' Canceled by CBS

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November 16th, 2012

Deadline reports that CBS has canceled freshman comedy Partners and will pull it from the schedule immediately. This week it earned a series low 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. No replacement has been announced, but CBS's sturdy relief pitcher Rules of Engagement is likely to take over the time period until mid-season series Friend Me debuts.


Update: CBS is replacing the Monday, November 19 episode of Partners with a repeat of Two and a Half Men.

  • Annie


  • Sophie

    NO! I love the show. It was funny and always made me laugh! It has been one of my favorite Monday night comedies.

  • Max

    So glad this show is gone!! Now bring back Rules!

  • doris

    This sucks the network cancels Partners and keep 2 and a half men really. They need to re-evaluate there idea of good comedy. 2 and a half men sex,drugs and booze or a show about friendship and loving people that rnt like everyone else. I am really disappointed that a funny show gets canceled and a piece of crap like 2 and a half men stays on.

  • Homer

    Just put Rules of Engagement on full time, like it should be, in this time slot and CBS will be fine.

  • LSC

    Too bad! This was a really funny show. Silly, but VERY funny. Well written, well acted. I don’t understand how that embarrassment of a show such as The New Normal gets hyper hyped, and is still on the air, and something with real laughs (after all, it Is a comedy) gets yanked off too soon. It would seem to me that CBS never had faith in this one, which saddens me, be ause they truly had something special, and original. …..on to more of the same crap. Well done CBS, you caved in and catered to the lowest COMMON denominator.

  • Martine

    @One; Now thats a nasty, mean spirited comment. How is Nikki a moron because she liked a show? Everyone knows that people in Hollywood are bullies to anyone that isn’t left of center, but that doesn’t mean the audience is like that. I think what happened to “Last Resort” proves that plenty of people are smarter then you. It figures someone like you would stoop to name calling.

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