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November 16th, 2012

Grimm has become Friday's highest rated drama series despite having reruns as its lead-in. The week that the network aired the Mockingbird Lane pilot  at 8PM, Grimm's ratings rose, strengthening the case that the show could grow into a genuine hit, at least by Friday standards, if it had a compatible lead-in. This is your chance to play network executive. What show from NBC's current and upcoming line-up would you move to Friday at 8 (or 8:30PM if you select a half hour show) to help Grimm reach its potential? Since this is a frivolous poll, you are free to do something that NBC never would, like move Revolution to Friday.Make your selection, then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • Chris

    Do lead-ins actually matter, or can we just chalk the post-Mockingbird Lane ratings for Grimm up to ordinary week-to-week variability?

    Although we’re talking about Nielsen viewers here, so god only knows how those freaks decide what to watch. Maybe it really is all about getting them to watch a show on your network earlier in the night, and then hoping they forget where they put the remote when that show’s over?

  • Michael

    i would say one of these

    Mockinagbird land

  • Networkman

    Hannibal is most likely a 10pm show, so I voted on Do No Harm to start out the night and be a decent lead in for Grimm.

  • PJM

    Bring back Chuck. It worked for Grimm in its first season, right? :-D

  • Tina

    Love Grimm dateline at 8, Grimm at 9, and hannible, or Dracula at 10 … Perfect

  • POI

    mocking bird lane was great why not bring that for a season and see what happens.

  • Dillan

    If I was NBC, I would order at least some episodes of Mockingbird Lane and put it in that slot, considering both shows seemed to work together and bring pretty good ratings.

  • Justin


  • JW

    “Something Else Not Listed”?! Given the state of NBC’s development right now, I would be surprised if that was an actual title in a year or two!

  • Kangarookeeper

    Mockingbird Lane, of course.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Mockingbird Lane pretty much flopped and that was only a special the series as a whole wouldn’t do well.

    Hannibal or Do No Harm are the first options that I think of.

    I would actually like to see in the future Revolution go with Grimm those two shows should be able to to make a solid pairing together.


    Went with the masses & chose Hannibal, then Do No Harm

  • DryedMangoez

    Hannibal would be great, but I doubt it’s an 8pm show. Same with Do No Harm or Dracula. They might be at least 9pm shows if not 10pm.
    Maybe Crossbones or something like Mockingbird Lane.

  • TVDude

    Whatever airs before Grimm will probably flop over the long run so I wouldn’t put a scripted show before it. I know people hate Dateline, but I would try this on a Friday night:

    8pm Dateline
    9pm Grimm
    10pm Law & Order: SVU

    It might sound crazy putting L&O here, but the original show found decent success on Friday before Jay Leno caused it to bump into an earlier spot.

  • ToeHead81

    Something else – Chuck!!!

  • SMP Belltown

    3 points for Community:

    – It’s no stranger to he 8 o’clock hour
    – The show’s humor is not always that dissimilar from Grimm’s.
    – Community episodes often feature elements of pure fantasy.

    One way or the other, I think that they should at least find a way of moving Community’s KFC space simulator to the Grimm HQ trailer park.

  • Austin

    I think Dracula would work amazing on Friday. :)

  • cc

    Maybe nbc can get a hold of some of the BBT syndicated episodes?

    That was a joke for those here who take everything so seriously.

  • Kenny

    Putting a new show on friday is not a value judgement, heck with NBC’s standards….friday might give it more of chance

  • Big Check

    Community sucks stop talking about that weak show that nobody watches.

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