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November 16th, 2012

Grimm has become Friday's highest rated drama series despite having reruns as its lead-in. The week that the network aired the Mockingbird Lane pilot  at 8PM, Grimm's ratings rose, strengthening the case that the show could grow into a genuine hit, at least by Friday standards, if it had a compatible lead-in. This is your chance to play network executive. What show from NBC's current and upcoming line-up would you move to Friday at 8 (or 8:30PM if you select a half hour show) to help Grimm reach its potential? Since this is a frivolous poll, you are free to do something that NBC never would, like move Revolution to Friday.Make your selection, then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • Bobby

    Hannibal or Crossbones.

    Or it could be crossbones@8, Grimm@9 and Hannibal@10.

    NBC can lauch a ‘horror night’ or something like that. Im sure that would be amazing! Especially since it’s on friday night…great night for those kinds of shows! They will find their own fanbase on friday nights…it would be amazing.

  • Leondre


  • Dan S

    I see the majority selected Hannibal but that definitely is a 10pm show. I voted for Crossroads which sounds like it could work at 8pm. Do no Harm or Hannibal could go to Thur at 10pm replacing the failed Rock Center.

  • Rebecca

    It says “Parka” and Recreation in the poll, lol. I voted for Off Their Rockers but Hannibal might be a better fit. Personally, I watch LMS on ABC anyway so I don’t watch anything on NBC before Grimm starts – I just switch over to Grimm at 8 pm MDT.

  • s0303

    it would be nice if it had a good lead in for once…and no, chuck was not a good lead in…it was getting around 1.0 last season :)

  • James

    -_- Days of Our Lives in Prime Time on Friday. Why not…

  • NBC is awesome

    Not sure…Hannibal would be good Fridays@10. Crossbones would be weird at friday at 8, maybe Sundays, but not there. Chicago Fire would also be good @10. Maybe Deception would work @8

  • Bright

    Mockingbird Lane of course. Perfect match.

    I take the moment for ask, could be know, please, the L+7 days rating for it, please?

  • a p garcia

    I would say Mocking Bird lane but that is a long shot. Hannibal might be a good parring, but I would prefer a re-imiging of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

  • Fred

    Just move it up an hour and let it be the lead in. Honestly, I have a DVR and don’t care.

  • Josh

    I think they should make Mockingbird Lane into a series and put it on before Grimm.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Clearly MockingBird Lane nothing else would fit.

  • Paulo PT

    Maybe moving Grimm to other night instead kill a new show!

    NBC don’t have a decent lineup on sundays, wednesdays and thursdays!!!

  • Rebecca

    Maybe Grimm should be on first and then have something like Hannibal air after it. Might be a bad time slot, earlier, but I like it being a Friday show so I’d DVR it and watch it any time that night, really.

  • Dee

    In the wake of Mockingbird Lane, NBC need MORE busted pilots! Let’s see, here is a list that will take care of the rest of this season: Aquaman, Global Frequency, Wonder Woman, Lost In Oz, The Robinsons: Lost In Space, The Time Tunnel, Dark Shadows, Young MacGyver, The Rockford Files, Marlowe, Poe, Beauty and the Beast, Locke and Key, Beautiful People, Midnight Sun, A House Divided, Dark Horse, Gotham, Back, Reconstruction, The Frontier, Practical Magic. Who cares whether they are any good, or not. The curiosity factor for many of these could be substantial.

  • Taylor

    I voted for Hannibal since I think from the standpoint of the tone of the two shows, they would work well together. Although, like many people pointed out Hannibal isn’t a show that would be suitable for an 8 P.M. time slot.

    Since a lot of people on this site have talked about how they think having Revolution on hiatus for an extended period of time will really hurt the show’s ratings like doing that did with Flash Forward and The Event, perhaps if the show’s ratings return fairly low they could move it to Fridays before Grimm instead of leaving it in its time slot as the show slowly dies. Perhaps it might be able to find a stable audience on Fridays that would be good enough for Friday nights’ standards to keep it on the air while also potentially helping Grimm improve its ratings. Again, I’m not saying this because I want Revolution to fail, because I don’t want it to, even though I’m not extremely crazy about the show. I’m simply mentioning this as a hypothetical scenario that could potentially benefit both shows, especially Revolution since there is a good possibility that being on hiatus for several months will really hurt the show’s ratings if Flash Forward and The Event are any indication of the future of Revolution once it returns.

  • Tony

    Law and Order:SVU Why? Two police shows back to back on Friday night,one by the book show and the other extremely unconventional.It could be called T.G.I.C.F (Thank Goodness it’s Cop Friday)!

  • Anthony

    I think that thematically there are a number of shows that could do well with Grimm. Dracula (monsters), Hannibal (dark crime procedural), Do No Harm (procedural with fantastical elements), even Crossbones could sort of be a match. The question is which (if any) are compatible with the 8pm timeslot? Dateline could always be an option and then air one of these shows at 10pm. Honestly though the main thing is, get something (anything!) in the 8pm timeslot, pronto.

  • Tom

    I am amazed at how many bad shows NBC has….I mean other then the Office and Grimm, there are no other shows on there I watch…..ABC not much better……CBS kicks ass.

  • Chris

    @Dee: I like your idea!

    It’s basically resurrecting the old “CBS Mystery Movie” routine, but for NBC. Every Friday, they could do “NBC PRESENTS: (this week’s failed hour-long pilot)” as a special event. They could pump it up during the week the way networks used to promote pilots and Very Special Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and so on, and see if the Nielsen crowd can be attracted by sheer novelty.

    Plus, it’s probably cheaper than anything else they could do, short of more Dateline.

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