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November 16th, 2012

Grimm has become Friday's highest rated drama series despite having reruns as its lead-in. The week that the network aired the Mockingbird Lane pilot  at 8PM, Grimm's ratings rose, strengthening the case that the show could grow into a genuine hit, at least by Friday standards, if it had a compatible lead-in. This is your chance to play network executive. What show from NBC's current and upcoming line-up would you move to Friday at 8 (or 8:30PM if you select a half hour show) to help Grimm reach its potential? Since this is a frivolous poll, you are free to do something that NBC never would, like move Revolution to Friday.Make your selection, then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • David

    Give mockingbird lane a go
    Even if it’s for a short run of 6-8 episodes.

  • Mi

    Do No Harm and Hannibal seem like the best candidates on paper but I can’t see them as 8PM shows. I would’ve chosen Deception but NBC already gave it a timeslot for the spring.

  • Bob Ketler

    This is a show that MUST be saved. Many shows in TV history started poorly but were given a GREAT deal of time to develop…..think MASH! This is a brilliant show that only gets better with every week’s new episode. The two true innovative new shows on NBC this year are GRIMM and THE NEW NORMAL. Both have ENORMOUS potential!!!

  • omabin

    I don’t actually see any of these shows as perfect matches for an 8pm friday, but i agree with the general consensus… they should put something there, anything.

  • Kenny

    I would put Mockingbird Lane on with Grimm

  • Kalena Henden

    CROSSBONES! No question. I had no idea what it was so I googled it. Up came the description about “1715”, “rogue nation of thieves” and the “diabolical pirate Blackbeard” and its a no brainer. It just screams dark niche historical fiction costume drama only capable of surviving on Fridays like GRIMM.

    From NBC official website:
    It’s 1715 on the Bahamian island of New Providence, the first functioning democracy in the Americas, where the diabolical pirate Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, reigns over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and miscreant sailors. Part shantytown, part marauder’s paradise, this is a place like no other on earth – and a mounting threat to international commerce. To gain control of this fearsome society, Tom Lowe, a highly skilled undercover assassin, is sent to the buccaneers’ haven to take down the brilliant and charismatic Blackbeard. But the closer Lowe gets, the more he finds that his quest is not so simple. Lowe can’t help but admire the political ideals of Blackbeard, whose thirst for knowledge knows no bounds – and no law. But Lowe is not the only danger to Blackbeard’s rule. He is a man with many villainous rivals and one great weakness – a passionately driven woman whom he cannot deny.

    From the award-winning creator of “Luther,” Neil Cross, and award-winning producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, comes an extraordinary action adventure with an unexpected moral center where one can’t be sure whether the pirates or the British crown are the villains.

  • Temis

    Nothing on that list is compatible. Another vote for Mockingbird Lane.

  • Carmen

    I think the best lead in for Grimm would be Revolution.

    Of course, the question is “what is the best lead in” not “what is most likely to happen”

    Grimm has found a nice niche for itself on Friday nights. It would be a mistake to move it to another mid week spot despite some posters views to the contrary. It would likely be crushed.

    Conversely, for the moment at least, NBC would never move Revolution to Friday nights.

    So the Revolution – Grimm pairing is not for the forseeible future

  • martine

    Revolution would be obvious. But I don’t know if moving it to Friday would be good. I really think they need another quirky sci fi show. Look at how well Revolution and Grimm are doing. What about making Mockingbird Lane a real show?

  • martine

    Well, I love Grimm, and from the description I know Crossbones is a BIG NO. It sounds totally boring. People dressed up in 17th century outfits talking, talking talking…not thanks. One thing that gets Grimm up is there is a lot of action. So you need a show with action. Like with actually well choreographed fight scenes. And at least one of them in every episode. Thast the type of show that would work. Not people dressed in wigs talking.

  • martine

    Why does Crossbones sound a bit like a Last Resort sort of failure? Too much ambiguous soapbox type of blah blah blah. People hate that kind of thing. No one likes historical drama enough for it to survive on a network anyhow. I mean who cares about who rules that island and the politics of 1715? Thats crazy.

  • martine

    Dracula would work.

  • luisl

    Revolution. So they can have a lot of seasons LOL.

  • GreenGreenGreenRed

    I put Chicago Fire on for Friday because, despite the fact that I haven’t seen the figures for its ratings, it’s a “toss-up” on the Renew-Cancel index, which suggests that if its ratings continue as they are, it sounds not-too-improbable that NBC could move it to Fridays either later this season or, if it gets renewed, sometime next season. I also think it has the opportunity to be a quite helpful lead-in for Grimm, as those two shows have more in common than many of the other shows on the list. They’re both dramas and procedurals, and while Chicago Fire isn’t nearly as strange as Grimm, it’s certainly closer to Grimm than The Biggest Loser is.
    Of course, this logic depends entirely on Chicago Fire getting “good” ratings on Fridays, which may not be the case.

  • spence29@hotmail.com

    Revolution repeat?
    But its already repeating on Saturday.

  • Justin121

    Come on, Hannibal and Do No Harm would need GRIMM to be their lead-in, not the other way around.

    What could be a lead-in for Grimm is something more light hearted or a reality series.

  • Grimm Junkie

    Grimm is the only thing I watch on NBC..So I can’t help with a lead in…

  • David Howell

    Dare I say it, but Fear Factor could make a good lead-in.

    It’d get adequate Friday numbers, skewing young, at a low cost while still being dark enough to be paired with Grimm. Might bring in a bigger 18-34 audience (though obviously on Friday that won’t be huge generally).

    And then Hannibal at 10.

  • Ellen

    Mockingbird Lane!

  • Paul

    Terra Nova!

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