Which New Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Next? (Poll)

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November 16th, 2012

Just 4 hours after our last "Which New Broadcast Show Will Be Canceled Next?" poll, both 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort were canceled by ABC. 666 Park Avenue was #2 in that poll, while Last Resort was #4. The season's dinner menu for the Cancellation Bear has also included Partners, Made In Jersey, Animal Practice, Private Practice, and Next Caller.

Which show will be next on the menu of the Cancellation Bear?

I've also added the "A show not on this list" option if you think a veteran show will be canceled next.

Better to Follow The Bear, Than Be Chased By Him. This season you can follow the Cancellation Bear on Twitter via @TheCancelBear. The Cancellation Bear will retweet all the Renew/Cancel Index post titles and links as well as engage in a little more back and forth banter than we do on our standard @TVbytheNumbers Twitter feed.

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later (two seasons ago those who answered The Whole Truth in the "next to be canceled" poll ended up being correct, it was removed first among the shows noted and never returned, despite initial ABC claims to the contrary).

What's your guess?

Vote as many times as you want!


  • jessica

    FOX does not typically broadcast episodes of shows it has publicly cancelled. They might show up 5 or 8 months later in the UK or nowhere. Tru Calling being one exception though it has been nearly 8 years and i still waiting for TC ep 26 to be on FOX ;) Killer Instict was on Five in the UK; The Inside was on ITV in the UK; Wonderfalls was on VisionTV in Canada.

    I voted for Elementary because it being cancelled makes about as much sense as having this vote.

  • Harma

    I voted Emily Owens because a .4 is bad even by cw standards. Plus I forgot Mob Doctor was still on til I read the comments

  • jamandas

    The Neighbors so brutal how is that show still on.

  • Just Desserts

    What happened to Chicago Fire?

  • KiKi

    I LOVE THE MOB DOCTOR!!! It films in my neighborhood and its fun to see what they film and what ends up on tv.. LOVE IT. DONT CANCEL IT!!!

  • Jason

    Since killing Last Resort (and my soul), I’m hoping Vegas manages to avoid the bear; I am really starting to like that show. It’s different from the normal CSI procedurals…

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