Which New Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Next? (Poll)

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November 16th, 2012

While Partners finished third in our latest "Which New Broadcast Show Will Be Canceled Next?" poll, it was in fact canceled today. The season's dinner menu for the Cancellation Bear has also included Made In Jersey, Animal Practice, Private Practice, and Next Caller.

Which show will be next on the menu of the Cancellation Bear?

I've also added the "A show not on this list" option if you think a veteran show will be canceled next.

Better to Follow The Bear, Than Be Chased By Him. This season you can follow the Cancellation Bear on Twitter via @TheCancelBear. The Cancellation Bear will retweet all the Renew/Cancel Index post titles and links as well as engage in a little more back and forth banter than we do on our standard @TVbytheNumbers Twitter feed.

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later (two seasons ago those who answered The Whole Truth in the "next to be canceled" poll ended up being correct, it was removed first among the shows noted and never returned, despite initial ABC claims to the contrary).

What's your guess?

Vote as many times as you want!


  • Timmy G

    @ The Old Man

    It was rumored to be canceled but wasn’t. However, no back 9 has been ordered yet.

  • Samunto

    666 Park Avenue.

    Mob Doctor is already dead. But it’s announcement may come earlier than ‘Park Avenue’s’ cancellation.

  • Samunto

    LOL so funny!

  • SJ

    I’m just gonna keep voting for Mob Doctor until it’s finally gone. I mean, I’m bound to be right at some point, er… right?

  • Anon

    Apt 23 should have been on the list.

  • Kenny

    I have my money on Emily Owens MD this time this Mob Doctor has nine lives….LOL

  • Nikki

    Probably Emily Owens cause of how its been doing.. but isnt it still kind of early.? Dont most of these shows go till February or March at lease.?

  • Nikki


  • EatMorePez

    I think each of these shows will air all 13 episodes that were ordered. So the question is, which show will get to episode 13 first? I don’t have the energy to look up that information.

  • omabin

    Emily Owens, 666 and Last Resort. Fox is adamant in keeping the mob doctor for some reason, otherwise that would be it. I voted for 666, although this is kind of hard because i suspect last resort and 666′ fates will come simultaneously

  • David

    “for the purposes of this poll “canceled” means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot”

    So if there is no cancellation notice for Mob Doctor, when would it count for this poll? After 13 episodes are produced with no additional order? On January 21st when The Following premieres in the timeslot? Some other date?

  • DW

    i went with 666 as mob is going to be let go after the 13 eps. Emily Owens is on the cw so who knows what they measure a hit over there.

  • BG

    Mob Doctor

  • Pepper

    666 Park Avenue is next

  • Nathaniel M.

    The Mob Doctor is the MOST deserve to be cancelled while it will not be announce soon. And Emily Owens M.D. Should be cancelled too, however the CW would like to not announce until after the new show come out. So I would pick 666 Park Avenue or The Last Resort, it seem it is time for ABC to announce their cancellation for the new show.

  • Nick

    Here’s what will happen with the shows:

    Mysteriously dissapears during winter hiatus:
    666 Park Avenue
    The Mob Doctor
    Emily Owens, MD

    Airs all episodes, then dies secretly:
    Guys With Kids
    Last Resort

    Airs full season, then cancelled:
    The Neighbors
    The Mindy Project
    Beauty & The Beast
    Ben & Kate

    Airs full season, then renewed:
    The New Normal
    Malibu Country
    Go On

    No fall show will be “cancelled” until May.

  • ivan

    i would love to say the mob doctor but it wont be becouse there alredy been around 6 episodes and its not caneled so i guess fox will do what did with terra nova and alcatraz it will air all 13 episodes witch in the mob doctor case its not a good idea for the network any way i think that probably will be 666 park avenue who is a thousand time better than the mob doctor but i guess abc will air the episode with whoopy and cancel it after that so maybe 3 or 4episodes more nothing else doesnt seems to be ending until 2013 there is still a chance also for last resort to be canceled but becouse its quality they will air all of its 13 episodes and cancel it at may :p

  • spycomics

    I gotta say, I think @Nick nailed it.

  • Tom

    It’s not going to be Mob Doctor. It will air all its episodes prior to The Following start date and then will be formally cancelled at the May upfronts.

    The only real options to me are Last Resort and Emily Owens. Last Resort has Wipeout waiting in the wings, whereas if EOMD is cancelled CW has to air a repeat on Fridays. Because of the difference in available replacements, Last Resort “wins” in my mind.

    (Disclaimer: Last Resort is the only freshman show I am watching. But it isn’t making it out of the season alive.)

  • Melanie

    Emily still might pick up a few episodes for schedule spackle. 666 will ride out its episodes then be gone. Mob Doctor will air all its episodes and disappear when Idol starts up.
    So I say Last Resort gets pulled for holiday specials and never comes back (maybe episodes will be available online for those who care)

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