ABC Ranks No. 1 for the November Sweep in the Non-Sports Adult 18-49 Averages

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November 20th, 2012

via press release:

ABC Ranks No. 1 for the November Sweep in the Non-Sports Adult 18-49 Averages


The Net Airs 4 of the Top 10 Non-Sports Shows for the Month in Adults 18-49,

The Most for Any Net, while Delivering 3 of the Top 4 Programs in Women 18-49


ABC Claims November’s Biggest 2-Hour Comedy Block, Leading by

Double to Triple-Digit Margins over 2-Hour Blocks on CBS, NBC and Fox


November 2012 (25 of 28 Nights):

Based on all programming, ABC (8.5 million) is on pace to finish the 2012 November Sweep as the 2nd-most-watched TV network overall, outdrawing an NFL-inflated NBC (8.3 million) and a “World Series”/NFL overrun-boosted Fox by (6.8 million).  In addition, the Net ranks No. 1 with Women 18-49Excluding sports to level the playing field, ABC is No. 1 during November in Adults 18-49 (2.5/7) and leads across all key Women demos (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54).


Please Note: This is the first time ever that the “DWTS” season finale will air outside of the November Sweep.


  • Highest-Rated TV Series:  ABC claims 4 of the Top 10 non-sports TV shows during November 2012 in Adults 18-49 (the most for any network), including the Top 3 broadcast dramas with “Once Upon a Time,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Revenge:” “Modern Family” – No. 3, “Once Upon a Time” – No. 6, “Grey’s Anatomy” – No. 8  and “Revenge” – No. 9. ABC’s “DWTS: All Stars” stood as TV’s most-watched unscripted series for the month, outdrawing both editions of NBC’s “The Voice” and Fox’s “The X Factor.”  In addition, The Net airs 3 of the Top 4 programs for the sweep with Women 18-49, including the Top 2 dramas in “Once Upon a Time” and “Grey’s.”


·         November’s Biggest 2-hour Comedy Block:  ABC claims November’s biggest 2-hour comedy block in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, leading by double to triple-digit percentages over CBS’ Monday block (+13%/+11%), NBC’s Thursday block (+110%/+50%) and Fox’s Tuesday block (+159%/+76%).

  • tik

    You make the sight of poop sound intersting.

  • wichitahusker

    Actually, this is pretty intersting. It shows that abc’s entertainment division is having some amazing results (compared to the other networks). If Disney would put Monday night football back on abc rather than ESPN, abc would easily be the #2 network…

  • Babygate

    ABC is my network so I’m glad to read this. Especially when I’ve always felt that NBC would be in the toilet if not for sports and The Voice. But I take exception to this ranking. Though I love Once Upon a Time, it only beat Greys in the demo one week when Greys got 3.0 and OUAT got 3.4. Every other week Greys has been the top drama in the demo, so how did OUAT rank higher? This makes me think they are cooking the books. And, as much as I find CBS comedies in unwatcheable and extremely offensive to women, there’s no way ABC comedy beat CBS. That’s is some creative ranking…

  • Doug

    I don’t what this speak to more: the fact that CBS, which would have typically ran away with it, has seen its ratings plunge this season, or that ABC is doing relatively well. Interesting none the less.

    I would guess that NBC is doing better on the whole even if you exclude The Voice and NFL, although that’s really difficult to do since they take up so much real estate.

  • Mark

    “ABC Ranks No. 1 for the November Sweep in the Non-Sports Adult 18-49 Averages”

    Or, to put it another way, 4th place.

  • Devin

    Yes, Disney, please bring MNF back to ABC where it belongs and move DWTS to one cycle in the Spring!

  • eridapo

    Season to date numbers….

    Ratings for Scripted shows from 9/10 to 11/19. Fox and NBC launch premiere week 2 weeks earlier than CBS, ABC, and CW…. So the ratings that followed covered those two additional weeks plus yesterday’s preliminary ratings.

    Net A18-49
    CBS 2.632
    ABC 2.416
    FOX 1.996
    NBC 1.887

    The ratings that followed are from what is considered the official start of the season (9/20) to Friday 11/16… The information excludes Fox and NBC results for 9/10 to 9/19.

    Ratings for shows from 9/20 to 11/16
    Net A18-49 A25-54
    CBS 2.642 3.524
    ABC 2.42 2.996
    FOX 1.976 2.045
    NBC 1.804 2.167
    CW 0.729 0.745

    Non Scripted (Does not Include Awards, News Shows, Sports or Specials)
    Net A18-49 A25-54
    NBC 4.013 4.7
    CBS 2.528 3.5
    FOX 2.489 2.884
    ABC 1.841 2.506
    CW 0.407 0.42

    Both Scripted and Non-Scripted
    Net A18-49 A25-54
    CBS 2.628 3.521
    ABC 2.278 2.875
    NBC 2.168 2.585
    FOX 2.091 2.233
    CW 0.656 0.671

    Once you exclude Sunday Night Football (or Football and other sporting events), the ratings picture for the networks looks different. With both ABC and CBS having stronger Scripted fare than the other networks…

    In a way, this is how networks should be judged because Sporting events will do well not matter what network they are aired in. It is just a matter of who buys the rights and decides to air the sport.

  • Kangarookeeper

    Is this a joke?

  • rob60990

    No mention of SCANDAL? :D

  • Max

    Who writes these press releases? These are so laughable!

  • Colonel

    Disney can’t just decide to move football to ABC, the NFL’s contract is with ESPN. If they wanted to redo the contract to move it to ABC they would have to pay a whole lot more money as well.

  • Justin121

    Big accomplishment really, and worthy of a PR.

    BUT are they really doing better than CBS and The Voice-boosted NBC?

    CBS has 5 sitcoms and 4 dramas that average a 3.0 or higher.

    ABC has 1 sitcom and 2 dramas that average a 3.0 or higher.

    What gives?

  • HB

    Revengeeee and OUAT :D :D

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