'Boss' Canceled by Starz After Two Seasons

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November 20th, 2012

Boss has been  cancelled by Starz, according to an official statement from the network. Update: Deadline is reporting that there may be a two-hour movie in the works to wrap up the storyline. Official statement is below.


After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to not proceed with Boss. We remain proud of this award-winning show, its exceptional cast and writers, and are grateful to Kelsey Grammer, Farhad Safinia and our partners at Lionsgate TV.

  • Trey


  • wallaby2012

    Did the writers get too close to reality? Rham Deadfish Emmauel??

  • Pablo

    starz are pretenders when it comes to TV Show game. I will never pick up anymore of there shows.

  • Jo

    Hope Showtime picks it up, great show.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Why in the world would Showtime pick up such a low rated show that will have a limited run because of the plot anyway?

    That is crazy talk.

  • Greg

    It’s always a shame to see a well-produced product taken out of circulation. I am honestly sorry to hear they are not renewing…..

  • richard

    @ silvit

    yeah you’re probably right. i mean, im not a politics person was just stating what i had observed. however, i know very little about it, so i probably got that wrong. ha ha. anyway, all politics aside, i never did see this show. i think i sort of heard the premise, guy gets cancer? is it like breaking bad? cause thats one of my favorite shows, so id definitely have to check this out at some point!

  • Bubbles

    Loved this show! I hope they do the 2 hour movie to wrap up the series.

  • MikeInCanada

    I really liked this show. Maybe Netflix should pick this up. Add this to my wishlist.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    I wanted to like this show because I like K. Grammer as an actor, but “Boss” was a constant downer and I gave up on it after two episodes. Apparently, many others didn’t care that much for it either.

  • merrranga

    @Anthony Parello “Just because they are all bad actors/actresses” (referring to republicans)

    umm… gary sinise (MUCH bet believe), robert duvall,clint eastwood.

    all are amazing actors. but to be honest thats all a quick google search could find.

  • merrranga

    oops that was s’posed to read
    (MUCH better than CSI would make one believe)

  • Hattie

    This show had an excellent first season, but the quality’s slipped and the ratings weren’t great. Critically acclaimed, yes, but at the end of the day, it’s all about how many people are watching, and BOSS just didn’t pull enough of a crowd. Definitely a good show, but so much a niche show that it’s cancellation was inevitable. Sad it’s gone so soon, but not particularly surprised…

  • seasic

    I was wondering when they would finally cancel this show…glad it was before thxgiving. Now i have something to watch over the holla-day

  • thesnowleopard

    Slow, cynical and depressing? Can’t imagine why it was canceled.

    As for the whole “Republicans are discriminated against in Hollywood,” oh, yeah, sure. Republicans are so put-upon in Hollywood that most producers are Republicans. You know, the people who make the actual money and content decisions.

  • richard

    i take back my comment about republicans being discriminated in hollywood. but i still stand by it being about ratings. i mean, i still believe republicans are discriminated in a hollywood to an extent. but so is everyone, you know. like if the new normal was cancelled, it wouldnt be cause it had gay characters. could they be discriminated, yes. but ultimately, it would be about ratings, plain and simple. same with boss, it wasnt cancelled cause of politics, it was cancelled cause of ratings, plain and simple.

    im not gay or republican, nor do i have anything against either group, im just saying its all about ratings.

  • Bob

    Most people in Hollywood are in it for the money. Politics I doubt ever comes into the equasion unless it is specific to the movie or show…for example, “W” or the Sarah Palin Movie or “Obama 2016″. However, if a show is not making money or not enough, it will be cancelled regardless of political thoughts. For example, I bet more shows are canceled that have liberal actors in them….that is for sure a fact.

  • Tom

    Too bad. Kelsey Grammer and Kathleen Robertson were really great. Tom Kane was the only politician I ever respected. Four more years!!!

  • John

    They could have at least given viewers a short 4-episode season to wrap things up like HBO is doing for Treme (also a very low-rated show). That’s why HBO is a first class network that will continue to attract first rate talent, and Starz is a third-rate wannabe network.

  • James

    First season was ok, nothing to really get excited about though. I wasn’t even interested enough to follow it regularly or on demand.

    The first season & the prequel for Spartus were much better. Season 2 however was crap. Not really interested in the final season…

    In fact the prequel was that last ‘solid’ production that starts did. ‘Magic City’ is a VERY typical drama. The king arthur series was just boring – and I could not believe how BAD ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ was.

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