'CSI' and 'CSI:NY' to Crossover in February 2013

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November 20th, 2012

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Gary Sinise to Guest Star on “CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION”


Ted Danson to Guest Star on “CSI: NY”





LOS ANGELES, November 20, 2012 – The CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and CSI: NY teams will combine forces in a special two part crossover airing in February 2013.


On CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) arrives in Las Vegas to surprise his girlfriend but learns she is missing. Now with her hotel room a crime scene, he joins forces with D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) and his Las Vegas CSI team in an effort to find her.  The special episode of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION airs Wednesday, February 6 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.


The search for Mac’s girlfriend continues on CSI: NY as Russell heads to New York to help Taylor, but even after apprehending one of the men responsible for Christine’s kidnapping, they still need to determine the motive and whether she is still alive.  The case gets personal for Taylor as he wrestles with breaking police protocol in an effort to find the kidnappers.  The special episode of CSI: NY airs Friday, February 8 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

  • merrranga

    Mac as a Person of Interest would freaking rule!

  • Paulo PT

    This means CBS wants at least one more season, 10 seasons is good and enough.
    CSI should ends after 15 years.

  • Lu

    I like the idea of the crossover but WHY do they have to involve the personal life of a CSI?
    I still love CSI but please!

  • Jon

    Another crossover is always good, NY has had its fair of them with the backdoor pilot in CSI Miami, the second crossover with Miami in Season 2, the sort of crossover with Cold Case and the CSI Trilogy.

    I’m surprised CBS doesn’t crossover the sitcoms, it’s a little tricky as HIMYM is owned by Fox and Rules of Engagement is Sony/CBS, the other four are all owned by WB, 2 Broke Girls could go to California to take part in some weird experiment for money and meet up with The Big Bang Theory gang or the gang from BBT could travel to NY for a convention which is being worked on by Max and Caroline

  • Paul

    CSI NY is closing in on the end of it’s run, maybe it will survive one more year and that will be it. The original CSI, 2-3 years and that will be done too!

  • Networkman

    Now when is CBS going to order additional episodes for CSI:NY this season? I feel it deserves a full season of 22 episodes. As much as I feel it is able to return for a 10th season, CBS has alot of older/aging shows on their schedule that they have to slowly phase out. They need space/timeslots available to create new hits. So CSI:NY should end this year. But if CBS gives it a full 22 episode season, at least it will have produced over 200 episodes.

    These are the “older” CBS network dramas and when I feel they should end:

    CSI-15 seasons (end in 2015)
    NCIS-13 seasons (end in 2016)
    Criminal Minds-10 seasons (end in 2015)
    The Good Wife-5 seasons (end in 2014)
    NCIS:LA-7 seasons (end in 2016)
    The Mentalist-6 seasons (end in 2014)
    H5O-5 seasons (end in 2015)
    Blue Bloods-6 seasons (end in 2016)

  • jessica

    @ Luke
    Clearly you seem to have forgotten that 7 season show on CBS called Cold Case and what it was about. Cold cases aren’t the exclusive property of Philly. The crime takes place in 1961 or 1962 and Sheriff Lamb doesn’t solve it. Or maybe he thinks he does. It becomes a cold case (or a closed case). Fast forward a few decades and new evidence is discovered thanks in part to CSI Greg’s fascination with the history of the city and DB Russell and company finally (correctly) solve the case. The Vegas episode would be a stand-alone but the CSILV episode would contain flashbacks in which Sheriff Lamb and other characters from Vegas would appear. Alternatively the crime could take place anywhere between 1961 and 1979, the years Ralph Lamb was the sheriff, and have a self-contained crossover solely within the CSILV episode via flashbacks and a now elderly perp who is finally brought to justice. If they were wanting to not do it entirely with flashbacks they could get the makeup artist to age Dennis Quaid and have him appear in the preset as a now retired former sheriff who helps solve a case that has been open for the past 34 or 48 years. The real Ralph Lamb is still alive so why couldn’t the fictionalised version also be in his 90s in 2012 (the fictional Ralph Lamb is somewhere about 15 years older than the real Ralph Lamb).

    Cross-overs are usually done to promote a show and expand its audience. More cross-overs within the CSI collective hardly does that. A Vegas/CSILV cross-over would likely help Vegas and connect CSILV to an actual sheriff of Clark County, albeit a fictionalised version of the man. It would be nice if there was some sheriff in CSILV who wasn’t a criminal.

    Luke, twitter tags don’t really work in comments on what i think is WordPress site. But please do keep shaking your head until some sense comes into it. Maybe then you will understand my interest in historical fiction and crime dramas is clearly evident in my initial comment.

  • Cathy

    Does this news make it more likely that CSI NY will be renewed or not? Or are they just doing it one last time before there is only one left?

  • Holly


    Does this news make it more likely that CSI NY will be renewed or not?

    This has no bearing on any renewal decisions.

  • CBSViewer

    A cross-over episode is a good news or not for CSI: NY ?

  • RG-X

    They need an Original CSI and Criminal Minds cross-over episode!

  • Gah-Kai Leung

    I agree with the idea of a ‘CSI’/’Criminal Minds’ crossover – the plot for this one sounds pretty contrived! Mac’s gf going missing in Las Vegas, of all places?! As if the other crossover storylines weren’t contrived enough, lol.

    OTOH, at least the BAU has federal jurisdiction so they could conceivably go to Las Vegas without the writers being too po-faced about it.

    I also think that ‘CSI’ ought to end after season 15. Nice round number of seasons. I watched the early years, but not so much now.

  • Nathan

    This is going to be a great crossover! Laurence Fishburne did it by appearing in all three CSIs at once (it was the best crossover in CSI history!). David Caruso was able to appear in all three CSI shows, and I think it is now time for Gary Sinise to appear in all three too (it was on my wish list by the way). Knowing that the ratings are really low for CSI: NY, maybe it can get a boost. Who knows?

    I have to agree, we need to get some of the CSI: Miami characters to crossover into both CSI shows so we can see how our old friends are doing. If they can do it between L&O: SVU and L&O: CI, they can do it in the CSI universe!

  • taylor

    how bout a csi and criminal minds crossover, it would air as a two-hour episode since csi is on right after criminal minds

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