'Katie' Ranks No. 1 for the 9th Week in a Row Opposite All New Syndie Talkers

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November 20th, 2012

via press release:

 “Katie” Ranks No. 1 for the 9th Week in a Row Opposite All New Syndie Talkers,

Continuing to Qualify as TV’s Strongest Freshman Syndicated Talk Show Since 2009


Building its Overall Total Viewer Count Week to Week, “Katie” Equals its

Best Week Ever in Women 18-34 and 2nd-Highest-Ever Week in Women 18-49


Freshman “Katie” Stands Among All Top-Tier Syndicated Talk Shows This Season


“Katie” National Ratings – Week 9

Based on National ratings for the week of November 5, 2012, “Katie” finished No. 1 against all freshmen syndicated talk shows for the 9th week in a row with Households (1.8 rating), Total Viewers (2.355 million) and Women 25-54 (1.0 rating).  “Katie” once again led the week by double to triple-digit advantages over “Steve Harvey” (1.3 HH rating, 1.869 million viewers and 0.9 W25-54 rating), “Ricki Lake” (0.7 HH rating, 924,000 viewers and 0.5 W25-54 rating), “Jeff Probst” (0.7 HH rating, 902,000 viewers and 0.4 W25-54 rating) and “Trisha” (0.5 HH rating, 706,000 viewers and 0.4 W25-54 rating). Overall, “Katie” stands as television’s strongest freshman syndicated talk show since 2009 among Households, Total Viewers and Women 25-54 – going back to the debut season of “Dr. Oz.”


  • “Katie” grew its overall Total Viewer count week to week (2.355 million vs. 2.351 million), while equaling its best week ever among Women 18-34 (0.5 rating) and matching its 2nd-highest-ever week among Women 18-49 (0.7 rating).


  • Out of 17 total talk shows in the syndicated market this season, freshman “Katie” places among the top-tier across all key measures, including Households (No. 6), Total Viewers (No. 6) and Women 25-54 (No. 6).


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.


Source: The Nielsen Company, National Live + Same Day Program Ratings, week of 11/05/12.  Season-to-date ranks based on Nielsen’s Most Current data stream for 9/10-11/11/12

  • PhilipJames

    How the heck can you claim that a show that has only 2.3 million viewers?? Last count, weren’t there over 300 million Americans? In last election, over 130 million voters.
    And a success nowadays on TV is 2.4 million viewers?
    Wow… what a bunch of crap.

    Its funny… Couric is a success at 2.3 million and the woman the liberals claim was unsucessful, Sarah Palin, on her cable show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, had over 5 million first episode and averaged around 3.5 million after that. Couric a liberal success at 2.3 and Palin a Conservative failure at 3.5… go figure.

    Gotta love the left wing media propaganda machine.

  • Blanco Noir

    You people are horrid. Katie is a doll. She found a niche that Oprah abandoned. I find it repulsive anyone can be so down on her!

  • Mike

    It’s wonderful to see that that the dumbing down of America is not represented in the people who watch Katie but the childish idiots who post on message boards. If some of these comments represent the level of IQ of the folks who watched the shows Katie replaced then ABC probably cancelled them just to raise the IQ level of the fans of their network.

    What’s funny is Katie is still on the air. Where are the shows it replaced?

    Grow up folks.

  • Lee In Ohio

    Urrrggg She has bad breath – somebody is lying through their lipstick smeared teeth!!!

  • Snoopy

    She’s a total fake. I wish she, Madonna and the Kardashians would just go away!

  • TruthInSpending

    So, she’s number one among the “freshmen” talks shows. How do her ratings stand up against the entire field of “talk shows” including Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Ellen?

    I’ve never heard of Steve Harvey. And higher than a recycled Ricki Lake? Wow that’s some braggin’ rights, I tell ya.

    The best numbers of any start up talk show going back to 2009. LOL, that was only three years ago, not decades.

    She leads the pack of has beens, no names, never wases, and wannabes. Yowza, that’s some serious braggin’ rights.

  • Bill Bob Jim Ted

    Even a relatively crappy number as 2 million viewers (mediocre at best) is hard to believe. Couric is as insipid, saccharine, and unpalatable as cheap rum and diet coke.

  • randolphnurina

    Katie is a left/liberal who poisons the news with her own spin. But she can have a silly chat show. Why not? She can interview Justin Bieber and Joy Behar to her heart’s content. But to pretend this nitwit is a journalist is really stretching it.

  • Ivanhoe

    Katie’s on? Please.Kill.Me.

  • the_troubke_with_the_truth

    I say bring Sally Jessy back! Sure she looks terrible, but at least she tells it like she sees it, not a fake kiss ass like Katie. I have to admit being a child of the 90s spoiled me on talk shows, I miss all the 90s greats!

  • Deathgoat

    What is the sound of one hand clapping? “Katie”

  • Deathgoat

    Soon to be staring in Auto Body Filler commercials.

  • Deathgoat

    OH did I say I loved the show where she had that colonoscopy and they found her head.

  • Kip Noxzema

    It’s not hard for a Leftist when you’re up against reruns of Gilligan. And who’s watching this? Oh that’s right. The morons who voted for Baracka Claus. They can smoke their free medical marijuana and proclaim,”Job? What job?” It figures.

  • HawaiiRules

    I vote for a return of celebrity boxing. I’d pay to see Katie go against Mike Tyson–$1K for each tooth knocked out.

  • Jizz Cumonu

    She’s a n-talent POS..That gummy, phony smile..She looks like a rat..Feed the B some cheese and squish her in a rat trap..

  • Lali

    i saw 5 minutes of her interviewing Sally Field laughing and joking about being “nasty and bitchy”. I didn’t see or hear anything of substance, so I turned it off and took a nap.

  • She Stinks Like Dead Fish

    She is a creepy as Baraka Clause. And they both try to act normal.

  • Joe

    Kaite as alienated too many people with her unethically biased partisan “news” coverage.

  • Eddie

    That is 2 million total for the length of her show right? I refuse to believe there are still that many stupid people in the U. S.

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