'Katie' Ranks No. 1 for the 9th Week in a Row Opposite All New Syndie Talkers

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November 20th, 2012

via press release:

 “Katie” Ranks No. 1 for the 9th Week in a Row Opposite All New Syndie Talkers,

Continuing to Qualify as TV’s Strongest Freshman Syndicated Talk Show Since 2009


Building its Overall Total Viewer Count Week to Week, “Katie” Equals its

Best Week Ever in Women 18-34 and 2nd-Highest-Ever Week in Women 18-49


Freshman “Katie” Stands Among All Top-Tier Syndicated Talk Shows This Season


“Katie” National Ratings – Week 9

Based on National ratings for the week of November 5, 2012, “Katie” finished No. 1 against all freshmen syndicated talk shows for the 9th week in a row with Households (1.8 rating), Total Viewers (2.355 million) and Women 25-54 (1.0 rating).  “Katie” once again led the week by double to triple-digit advantages over “Steve Harvey” (1.3 HH rating, 1.869 million viewers and 0.9 W25-54 rating), “Ricki Lake” (0.7 HH rating, 924,000 viewers and 0.5 W25-54 rating), “Jeff Probst” (0.7 HH rating, 902,000 viewers and 0.4 W25-54 rating) and “Trisha” (0.5 HH rating, 706,000 viewers and 0.4 W25-54 rating). Overall, “Katie” stands as television’s strongest freshman syndicated talk show since 2009 among Households, Total Viewers and Women 25-54 – going back to the debut season of “Dr. Oz.”


  • “Katie” grew its overall Total Viewer count week to week (2.355 million vs. 2.351 million), while equaling its best week ever among Women 18-34 (0.5 rating) and matching its 2nd-highest-ever week among Women 18-49 (0.7 rating).


  • Out of 17 total talk shows in the syndicated market this season, freshman “Katie” places among the top-tier across all key measures, including Households (No. 6), Total Viewers (No. 6) and Women 25-54 (No. 6).


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.


Source: The Nielsen Company, National Live + Same Day Program Ratings, week of 11/05/12.  Season-to-date ranks based on Nielsen’s Most Current data stream for 9/10-11/11/12

  • Joe

    Katie is not cute anymore, so what does she have to offer?

  • John_Galt

    It is not about ratings. It’s about someone who can stuff empty heads with the leftist agenda and do it with condescending smile…

    I am John Galt!

  • BSmith

    Kitty Litter is used to bury the turds of politics.

    She makes them smell tolerable.

    How can any thinking human listen to this idiot I will never know.

  • SB

    It seems that when you get inside the big NYC TV far left establishment….that you can can keep failing and they’ll keep looking for something that might work for you. When Katie took down Palin, she was awarded special status for life within the Marxist machine.

    I find it funny that they say that Katie’s had the biggest freshman impact since….all the way back…to…2009! Wow, in the 3 years that no network has had a hit talk show, Katie’s the best! She even beats the likes of Ricki Lake and Jeff Probst! What a ratings machine…this phony, bitchy, self important fraud is a disgrace.

    We’ve got a new policy in my home that everyone readily agrees…we NEVER put on NBC, CBS, or ABC. NEVER…these 3 networks are all left wing propaganda that has built a protective wall for Obama. People always complain that the media is corrupt…well, why do you help them get ratings (help them financially)? Until the regular public gets smart and STOPS watching…this garbage will continue. If these networks were abandoned by the 56M people who voted for Romney? They’d STOP with the nonsense. Think about it.

  • Marley Hunt

    Not sure who’s supporting Couric in her latest gig, but it’s no one I would associate with in my life.

  • Gmoney

    She won so many viewers because her program is one of the required viewing channels in prisons now.

  • Kingdad

    Couric has been an industry laughingstock and money loser for decades.
    Even bad Conservative talk show hosts get that many viewers a day.
    The Liberal talk show circuit is so full of the inane, asinine, and absurd that they have to constantly pump themselves.

  • dr bugsy

    Never watched her before, and I will not start now.

  • A.Lemke

    I will never forget her bored, bland description of the scene as she watched the first twin tower fall. That was the last time I watched her and would never tune into anything she is on.

  • rangergreg

    Rush has 10 times the audience…and he does it on radio. Just sayin’

  • Hussein

    Katie who?

  • Paul

    Its easy to win a time slot with no opposition!! They took their strategy from the episode of ‘Seinfeld’ where Kramer was the number one student in his karate class, but all of the other students were ten years old!

    And that creepy lipless smile……urrgh! She looks like the Joker!

  • Betty

    This is hardly surprising given the competition. But we will never tune her in. I can’t think of anyone of less interest to me than Katie.

  • MissyT

    Her time has come and gone and so should she.

  • Bert

    What a piece of work she is. Pure crap

  • greyfox

    Katie who?

  • JJA

    This just shows how badly the freshmen talk shows are actually doing.

    Katie is nowhere near the ratings of a Judge Judy, Dr. Phill or Ellen. Hell, she’s not even at the Judge Joe Brown level.

    Bottom line: Americans actually do like Sarah Palin (even if they don’t want her as President). They haven’t forgotten how this b**** humiliated her 4 years ago.

  • Bonnlass

    Katie talks cash and walks trash. If you held her up to the light you could see right through her. She’s so transparent that there’s no there there. You can’t fix stupid with a GALLUP POLE dancer!

  • Jack P

    She will be ousted sometime during 2013 as her ratings plummet into the toilet. She is incapable of holding an audience over the long run. Suffice to say that she is a loser.

  • djh

    Wow, there are still 2million people willing to watch this mindless, intolerant, ultra liberal twit with absolutely no integrity or credibility?
    Further proof that when bored, Americans will watch anything!

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