Monday Final Ratings: 'Dancing With the Stars' & 'Gossip Girl' Adjusted Up; 'How I Met Your Mother' Adjusted Down

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November 20th, 2012



Dancing With the Stars and Gossip Girl were adjusted up a tenth while  How I Met Your Mother was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, November 19, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 3.7 9 10.60
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.9 8 7.45
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars (8-10PM) 2.4 6 14.28
FOX Bones 2.0 6 7.11
CW 90210 0.4 1 0.78
8:30 PM CBS Two and a Half Men -R 2.0 5 6.02
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.4 8 9.74
FOX The Mob Doctor 0.9 2 3.08
CW Gossip Girl 0.4 1 0.72
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.9 7 9.25
10:00PM NBC Revolution 2.6 7 7.02
CBS Hawaii Five-O 2.2 6 9.02
ABC Castle 2.0 5 10.36

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  • W

    CBS Monday night for H50 at 10 PM demo ratings are still better other shows during the week night and weekend. Last night’s new H50 episode was season 3 best episodes ever! In fact, H50’s ratings have improved from previous week! CSI Miami didn’t do any better in the same time slot. Look what is happening to Revolution’s ratings, declining every week.

  • Just Desserts

    @Just Desserts

    Forgot the :)

  • karin

    Two and a Half Men -R down..

  • Terry

    @ Liam

    Castle held up well. No adjustments, thankfully. The enxt episode is in two weeks and doesnt have the DWTS lead-in, and im kinda worried how large of a drop we will see.

    Castle has been holding around 1.9-2.2, and the fluctuating ratings of DWTS has not affected it too much, so I think Castle would probably stay around 2.0 even without DWTS as lead-in.

  • Kourt

    So happy Castle was not adjusted down a tenth

  • omabin

    I think Five-0 will end the season on top again. Winter should be gone for it, as I imagine Deception will have a much higher crossed audience with castle than with 50

  • JC

    Watching Gossip Girl and 90210 sink is a serious lesson on how to ruin a show. I have never seen writers completely dismantle a show the way they have for these two shows.

  • bluejays

    Nice to see HFO stay at 2.2, so basically the last couple weeks, now doing the same as all the other ten pm shows, except for CSI and with WAY more competition. So it can’t be called pathetic, anymore than Elementary. The Mentalist, Vegas and the rest – oh and all of ABC’s ten pm shows!!!!!

  • Dawn

    I just looked at the ratings for H50 vs. Castle for this season (final ratings after adjustments, before anyone comments). For those people saying that Castle is pathetic compared to H50-Chris-that does not hold up. Season to date, Castle is 2.03/10.45mil avg, and H50 is 2.0/8.2mil average, and Castle has beat H50 4 out of 8 weeks. Doesn’t seem that the facts back up your assertions, so before you flap your negativity, make sure you have facts to back it up. Til, then, shut it.

  • Monica


    You’re an idiot. There are seven per shows wi LOWER viewership than H50 on Mondays. Clearly you want H50 to fail, but at least get your facts straight!!!

  • Guest

    @John A

    I Agree. 90210 is so much better than GG!

    90210 like you said “is watchable at times”

    GG is complete trash and all yawns!

  • AA

    Why doesnt 90210 just end…its getting the same numbers as GG, which is in its 6th season. MESS!

  • Monica


    Why so bitter? Did Alex O steal your girlfriend? So much hatred for someone you don’t even know. Take a deep breathe and Relax!! :-)

  • jo

    Next season will be the last for many comedies (At least How I Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly and maybe Two and a Half Men).

    OH DEAR GOD Do you really think they would do that? THEY WONT no way CBS to cancel 3 of their comedies their replenishment wont be nearly suspenseful as those 3 ask Partners

  • Nate

    CBS Mondays are doomed, they just wasted their cancellation on Partners. The real problem wasn’t Partners it was HIMYM being down this year and their dumb move of Men off of Mondays to put 2BG into an undeserved anchor position.

    I don’t see RoE or Friend Me improving the 8:30p timeslot when HIMYM is down as much as it is.

    I stopped watching 90210 when Dixon and Adrianna broke up.

  • Guest

    Last nights 90210 was the best of the season yett, it’s ashamed not a lot more viewers tuned in.

  • jo

    CBS Mondays are doomed, they just wasted their cancellation on Partners.

    nah They are just fine they get 3 from 8 til 10 which network can say the same thing ?

  • Nate

    @ jo
    nah They are just fine they get 3 from 8 til 10 which network can say the same thing ?

    For now they’re fine and far ahead of the comedy blocks from top to the bottom but in the future things aren’t looking so good. I actually see NBC potentially overtaking once they get some growth out of their multi-cams in the coming years.

  • TVDude

    No change for Revolution, that’s good news for NBC. It held despite The Voice being down. The Voice also ran late two minutes so this is impressive.

  • bluejays

    Kayla. Your ‘facts’ about HFO being the reason that CBS Mondays are down, suggest either stupidity, willful ignorance or insanity (of the Caruso induced kind).

    Firstly last season HFO was the number one ten pm show on any network. An accolade that Miami never got. Secondly when 2.5 Men went into re-runs in HFO’s first season, HFO regularly actually held up the night, getting better numbers than Mike and Molly! You can easily research this if A) You can read and then understand basic information. And B) You understand numbers.

    Your illogical post however tells me you can do neither very well.

    CSI Miami being moved being the reason for CBS struggling is about as hilarious as I’ve read on here. Only Petar’s POI posts are more random and nutty. Keep up the good work you’re amusing me.

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