Actor Nobody Cares About Leaves Show Nobody Watches

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November 21st, 2012

It's now been well reported across the interwebs that Chevy Chase is departing the cast of Community after all but two of the thirteen episodes for this (its fourth) season have already been produced.

We at TV by the Numbers love Gawker and while the headline for this post was Robert's imagining of how they might do it, it was my pleasure to pull the trigger.

Community returns to NBC's schedule on February 7.

  • POI

    Good Radiance i hated this dude although i loved the character. The actor is acting like a spoiled brat so Good luck Community i hope u survive.

  • jel


  • Want

    Don’t care about the show or him, but the headline is rude and it seems like you guys will do anything for hits.

    I’ve been coming here less and less (partly because this TV season is an obvious dud) but I think this will be my last visit. Bye! :)

  • Kitsune

    See you tomorrow, Want.

  • StereoXGirl

    *Leonard likes this post*

  • marcos

    now we know who Max really is *sigh*


    Bad Boy, Bill! Bad! Bad!

    Headline led me to believe it was Mob Doctor, so the old man is relieved!

  • Chris

    That is kind of disrespectful to Chevy Chase don’t you think?

  • AniMatsuri

    Pretty much sums everything up. Makes you curious as to which show it is then you just nod your head with most people and when you find out.

  • DSC

    seems kind of pointless to leave a show 2 episodes shy of what may very likely be its final season. Will Dan Harmon return to write the finale now? that’d be a great trade off.

  • Skylar James

    Rude title.

  • Dan

    Show nobody ever watched returns on a network that no one has watched for 10 years…….on February 7, 2013.

  • DuMont

    Fortunately Mr. Chevy Chase exited before the series went downhill. His antics made this series watchable.

    It will be rather wrong, however, that the finale won’t feature Mr. Chase.

  • Dan

    @POI – It was the opposite for me. I loved the actor but recently he let himself go and while Pierce Hawthorne had his moments, overall he was an unbalanced character. He was a wise ass bigot with this role and it didn’t seem to work for this series.

  • Mitholas

    Big Community fan, laughed heartily at the article title. We all know very few people watch Community, but those that do have a great sense of humor. (Not trying to blow my own horn, of course.)

    I won’t miss Pierce. He was the character I never liked all that much anyway. He was there, he’d say something dumb and uninformed and that’d be that. Though the 8-bit episode facilitated by Pierce was superb! Can we have Dan Harmon back now if the show survives its fourth season? Which I so hope it does.

  • Charlotte Always

    You guys are so anti NBC it’s obvious. So very obvious.

  • Brock

    Ugh @ this website judging a show only by how many people of it. A lot more people care about Chevy leaving Community than they would about the mother leaving Mike and Molly or some crappy sitcom like that. More people may watch shows like “Mike and Molly” but “Community” has far more *fans*

  • Tessa

    This is funny (both the headline and the coincidence.) Just last night I was reading a list of top 10 characters who should leave their shows because they were past their expiry date and he was on it. Well, I guess he wouldn’t be missed.

  • Bill Gorman

    “You guys are so anti NBC it’s obvious. So very obvious.”

    …to the crazy.

  • Bill Gorman

    “It will be rather wrong, however, that the finale won’t feature Mr. Chase.”

    My understanding is that Chase is in the finale which was finished before his departure and it will be two “earlier” episodes that he won’t be in.

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