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November 21st, 2012

It's now been well reported across the interwebs that Chevy Chase is departing the cast of Community after all but two of the thirteen episodes for this (its fourth) season have already been produced.

We at TV by the Numbers love Gawker and while the headline for this post was Robert's imagining of how they might do it, it was my pleasure to pull the trigger.

Community returns to NBC's schedule on February 7.

  • Oliver


    Communuty is not the next Arrested Development.

    Afterall, Fox gave AD great timeslots, lots of promotion and renewed it twice despite ratings that merited cancellation. NBC could never be accused of doing that with Community.

  • TVDude

    It would be very easy to say he graduated or transferred or left the school entirely. With it being an agreement between everyone for him to leave, he could also possibly come back as a guest, although I doubt he would want to… and I doubt they would want him to.

  • Ben

    Nobody can watch a show that is not being televised. Considering the way NBC has treated Community, another network should air it. NBC was supposed to bring it back on Oct. 15, 2012, and it has not returned to their schedule. Futurama went from Fox to Comedy Central, Cougar Town went from ABC to TBS. I hope the program gets another chance on another network.

    I agree with the comment as applied to Chevy Chase. He’s an overrated “actor” who has largely coasted on the opening season of Saturday Night Live, 1975 – 1976. His carrer has had far more misses than hits.

  • Ben

    Community is now scheduled to return to on NBC Thursday February 7, 2013 at 8:00 PM EST. Nobody can watch it until at least that date.

  • Oliver

    There is no chance of it being picked up by a cable network. It’s far too expensive ($1.6m/episode). Futurama is animated and Cougar Town is within spitting difference of syndication.

    I wouldn’t rule out a fifth season, though. NBC’s new sitcoms are struggling, Sony likely want additional episodes, and NBC may hope Comedy Central syndication and promotion boosts the shows ratings.

  • Ant

    I’d like to officially start the movement to change the top search function to default to “Community Ratings”

  • Ant

    …also, in the immortal words of Piercenald Hawthorne, “Let’s burn this mother down!!!”

  • kevin.b


    it’s kind of too bad nobody watches this show, the writing is clever and the actors/actresses are decent (better rated shows have worse casts, cough chogh…the mindy project! omg what a terrible show.)

    the only show on all the time that never dissapoints, sportscenter. lol

  • Mark

    It is funny that the people complaining about the harshness of the title are probably people who don’t watch the show, because if they did they would know the humor fit perfectly. And anyone who thinks the title was rude to Chevy Chase obviously never read what he said about the show..

  • Mark

    Hilarious title and so true. I’m sick of hearing these so-called elite critics proclaiming how great NBC’s Thursday Night shows are (apart from ‘My Name is Earl’, but that was too “redneck”)

    After watching Mark Sanchez and the Jets, I can easily say that was funniest stuff I saw on NBC on Thursday night since ‘Seinfeld’ went off the air.

  • Martine

    Awful headline. I laughed hard.

  • Mr Mumble

    Just for the archives in case people don’t understand the “show nobody watches” is tongue-in-cheek: Community season 3 DVD is no.6 on Amazon’s best selling TV comedies list this Thanksgiving behind all five seasons of Big Bang Theory. Out of all TV DVDs & Blu-rays Community is no.11.

  • AgentVee

    Mr. Mumble, are you playing Fan Excuse Bingo? Few people watch Community, let alone most NBC comedies, live, and that’s the only thing that matters.

    As for me, I’m hoping the Bear eats Community up. I’m tired of the hype and the fan campaigns and everything anyone’s doing to try to save the show. This show had a good first season and started to go downhill after that.

  • James

    Agree with the headline.

    A huge ‘meh’ to both the show and the actor.

  • Tony

    Chevy is overrated, but he was a funny old man as Pierce. I miss Community. There are better shows, of course, but there are many more worse ones.

  • Adam Decker

    The title is interesting. I admit that I barely know who Chevy Chase even is. And I’m sure that some people like Community, but it is far to say that few people watch it.

  • Mike


    Community is just a mediocre show, with mediocre actors, on a mediocre network, getting mediocre ratings, appealing to a very niche subset of the overall viewing population. It’s a decent way to fill half an hour of your life with mindless TV, but let’s be honest here, in 20-30 years, no one is going to recall the show; it didn’t break any new ground in the genre in any way.

    As for your assertions about its popularity via sales on Amazon, it’s not listed anywhere in the top 50 for Bestselling Comedies or in the top 20 for Most Wished for Comedies. However, it’s interesting to note that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation currently makes an appearance in both those categories, along with all of the seasons of Big Bang Theory, ahead of any appearance of Community. I think you’re massively overstating Community’s popularity. Fan Excuse Bingo anyone??

  • Ideation20

    I thought it was the ONION. Little bit Cruel, lotta bit Clever.
    It’s truly a TV show from last decade, a nifty show, I’d strip it like crazy.

  • hdarling

    I’ve enjoyed Community since the beginning, though Chevy Chase has often missed my funny bone. But I put up with him because the others in the cast are so wonderful. It’s an extremely imaginative show, innovative, and intelligent, and I have to admire the writers as well as the cast. I’ll be sorry to see it end.

  • Cal Igula

    Best headline ever. I did not realize Chevy chase was a real actor…a “Hacktor” maybe…..what a terrible show!

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