Actor Nobody Cares About Leaves Show Nobody Watches

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November 21st, 2012

It's now been well reported across the interwebs that Chevy Chase is departing the cast of Community after all but two of the thirteen episodes for this (its fourth) season have already been produced.

We at TV by the Numbers love Gawker and while the headline for this post was Robert's imagining of how they might do it, it was my pleasure to pull the trigger.

Community returns to NBC's schedule on February 7.

  • NE1

    Can’t get any sadder for this guy. His Old Navy commercials stink of desperation, yes we get it, you made a good Christmas movie in the 80’s, take a sweater and go home now.

  • lee

    meh – i watched the first ever episode. it was the last one i ever watched too.

  • Robnoxious

    Community will go down along with Arrested Development, Firefly and Jericho as shows with a lot more of a fanbase that never equated to becoming ultimately profitable. The internet hype still isn’t garnering any new eyeballs, it’s just making a bunch of superfans ultra hyper and annoying as the rest of the world gives a collective “meh”.

    You all like to rally behind syndication numbers but Community doesn’t have any staying power in syndication. Sure, it can be burnt into a crisp on Comedy Central like South Park, Futurama and Mad-TV but local affiliates won’t warm to it. 30Rock in syndication is still almost non existent and sloted in the witching hours if at all. Parks & Rec will suffer the same fate.

    No one care about Community outside of the seemingly internet masses wearing short sighted bubble vision glasses.

  • Mike

    Oh I agree Rob; Community is a niche show, so it will definitely have one go around in syndication; but after that, I see it just fading into obscurity like most of those minor successes to come out of NBC over the years.

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