'Dirty Jobs' Canceled by Discovery

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November 21st, 2012

Mike Rowe has confirmed via The Huffington Post that Dirty Jobs is not returning for another season. This announcement comes hot on the heels of Discovery canceling American Chopper, another long-running series.

  • GeekinTexas

    Ah well. Back to making Ford commercials for Mike Rowe. (as if he ever stopped)

  • B.K.

    I didn’t know they were still making new episodes of Dirty Jobs.

  • Nancy Mahews

    Well this is going to tick off my husband!

  • Observer

    Sad. Love that show.

  • John

    Two thoughts…

    (1) Fans sent several tons of nuts to the network that canceled Jericho. I can only imagine what angry Dirty Jobs fans will send to the Discovery Channel. Working in that mail room could become a very dirty job!

    (2) Personally, I think it’s a good time to end Dirty Jobs. If anything, the show was already past it’s expiration date. They were scraping the bottom the barrel looking for new jobs to showcase.

  • Joltman

    Did they air all of the episodes. I was under the impression that there were already new episodes done after the Australia ones.

  • Ben

    Mike Rowe has already moved on; hosting the documentary How Booze Built America for the Discovery Channel. Plus the work he has done in trying to get people employment in jobs that can provide a good living.

  • cra

    I’m sure Mike Rowe will get other gigs on Discovery. His “How Booze Made America” was funny and informative, so more shows like that would be great.

  • Joseph

    Maybe Discovery is moving in a new direction and we might see a major overhaul of the kind of programming they will be offering in the future.

  • Joseph

    Maybe we need a Cancellation Cub to stalk, whack, and cancel cable and syndicated shows!

  • Anne Noise

    Keep Mike Rowe around in some other capacity, please, Discovery. Dirty Jobs was a bit stale, but I was happy to look at him on my TV.

  • Jimmy J

    Mike Rowe will have no trouble finding his next job. There was no real problem with him or the show. It had just run its course. Nothing lasts forever. He still has “Deadliest Catch”, “After the Catch”,the Ford commercials, etc., and I’m sure that Discovery will come up with new projects for him. He’s still very popular!

  • Keena

    Co-sign, Jimmy J!
    Mike will be just fine!!

  • One

    ‘kay, I think I know what I did wrong to get that comment deleted.

    But like I said, Oprah’s at fault. If they didn’t have to prop up that failure of a network of hers, they wouldn’t have to cancel a metric ton of programming.

  • terry

    This is just stupid…why don’t the TV producers cancel those stupid shows?

  • Tim Streitz

    I love Dirty Jobs. Very Sad that there won’t be any new ones. Mike Rowe is great. He makes me laugh. Hope he gets another great show.

  • MemyselfandI

    The show was not cancelled due to bad ratings, neither was American Chopper or Mythbusters. They were cancelled for the same reason Star Trek the next generation, Battlestar Galactica and many others were; there were simply no need for more episodes-there are more than enough to keep it in syndication for years, and to make more when you can just show repeats makes no economic sense-viewers be damned

  • Greg Yount

    I had to miss alot of dirty jobs episodes because they were so gross I almost got sick watching them I did enjoy some of the shows and I like mike rowe I remember that show he use to be on called THE MOST and the history channel still runs it I do hope he gets another show soon but one that does’nt make me wont to BARF!

  • Scott Jensen

    @MemyselfandI, Mythbusters hasn’t been cancelled.

  • Kitty Mueller

    Now Mike can have the time to go on Dancing With The Stars! He would be great!! :)

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