Happy Thanksgiving! (Ratings Delays)

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November 22nd, 2012

As those of us in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving, there will be delays in what appears on the site versus a normal Thursday and Friday.

The preliminary Fast Affiliate primetime broadcast network ratings should be published more or less on their normal schedule (Wednesday night's ratings already available here), but most of the rest of what we'd normally publish on a Thursday and Friday will likely be delayed until early next week due to the holiday.

That means those looking for daily Final Broadcast Ratings, Cable News Ratings/Daily Cable Ratings and the weekly Late Night and Soap Opera Ratings will probably have to wait until early next week.

  • danny94

    Enjoy your thanksgiving America

  • Jon938393093030

    Dont understand Thanksgiving. In the UK we celebrate Christmas and Easter instead.

  • James

    Its a celebration of all we are thankful that started when Pilgrims first came to the US because they wanted free religion which England wouldn’t give them.

  • Observer

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Max

    Damm I want American Horror Story ratings. My favourite show ever EVER!

  • rob60990

    Happy Thanksgiving all. :)

  • Jake

    Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans:)

  • Andrea from Italy

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Italy!

  • Ruan

    I don’t really know how that Thanksgiving thing works but, anyway, greetings from Brazil!

  • Ardnaskela

    Ruan, so check it out ;)

  • Ardnaskela

    And HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Poland ;) ;) ;)

  • Douglas from Brazil

    A Happy Thanksgiving from Brazil! :)

  • lol


    Yep, pilgrims stole land is what your were trying to say. America was built on lies, cheating and stealing. Go ahead and be thankful for that.

  • Jake

    no country is perfect @lol. get over yourself. GO AMERICA!

  • Drew Stromberg

    Hey lol, Go to hell!

  • Nick

    It’s not a holiday without ratings delays…

  • Corey

    @lol Name a country that hasn’t cheated or lied or stole to get ahead… oh wait there isn’t one.

  • Melissa

    @ Jon938393093030 in Canada we have Thanksgiving (in October), Easter and Christmas. In the US they also celebrate Christmas and Easter. Thanksgiving is an extra holiday that can be celebrated by everyone regardless of religion.

  • Ben

    On Thanksgiving we celebrate by giving thanks for the good items we have received during the year. It had it’s beginnings as a autumn harvest festival, as well as being a religious holy day. It’s celebrated on Thursday, because Christian preachers in England used to give their mid-week sermons on Thursday. What started as one time event in Plymouth Mass. (of which not much is really known about because very little was actually written down as to what took place), has changed over the centuries into the big event we celebrate today, thanks to many people putting their own take on the holiday.

    On Thanksgiving, most cities in the USA try to make sure poor and unemployed people have enough to eat, including those affected by recent disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy.

  • Bob


    America is the number one country in the world. And you are one jealous MOFO!

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