Will Science Channel Be Airing 'Terra Nova' and 'Dollhouse' Repeats?

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November 23rd, 2012

Today's a slow day on TV by the Numbers, and with the kids home for Thanksgiving break, the family television has been tuned to the Science Channel's Fringe Marathon because, you know, why not? However, something interesting has been appearing throughout today's marathon...promos for Terra Nova and Dollhouse repeats! Science Channel already airs repeats of canceled series Fringe and Firefly, so it would make sense, but we'll leave this in rumor territory until we hear something official. Here's a screenshot of a Dollhouse clip airing in the promo, for your viewing pleasure.And yes, it was taken on a cell phone camera, so it looks a little off.

  • were123

    I think Nathan is the main character in Firefly, right? The supporting cast can be excused in some manner. I’m just saying, I’ve never watched the show, but I imagine that the central pieces of putting a show back together are the core characters. You know, like if you’d revive Terra Nova you only need the Shannons, Taylor, and everyone else may be excused. On Fringe you would only need Olivia, Peter and Walter. On Dollhouse you would need Echo… and that’s it (just saying by what we saw on Epitaph 2, you could introduce more characters and excuse the rest)! You can work the rest out.

  • 1313 SVU Lane

    Wish they would get T:TSCC so i can finally finish watching season 2.

  • JulieDawn

    I’m in Canada and just wish our that Science Channel (it is affiliated) would air all these here. :(

    Unfortunately, when it comes to syndicated programming the rights would have to be purchased separately in each country….and with Canadian content laws (plus enough other cable channels showing all manner of syndicated programming – unfortunately not Fringe/Firefly!!), I fear we are out of luck when it comes to Science Channel Canada. They’ll just keep airing repeats of things on Discovery.

    Perhaps SPACE will come through at some point and get the rights to syndicated Fringe, as they recently did with all seasons of Supernatual that they now air every weekday. And they show Serenity a LOT, so Firefly has to be a possibility for them too……sigh.

  • Nick

    I loved Terra Nova! I might just watch it.
    It wasn’t as terrible as people are saying. Sure it was cheesy. But even Once Upon a Time was cheesy the first few epsiodes! It eventually grew out of the cheese, but by then it was too late :(
    I’ll probably watch it if it’s on.

    Science Channel needs to get Alcatraz next! And syndication deals for Person of Interest and Once Upon a Time wouldn’t be too far-fetched either.

  • rob60990

    Well if ABC picks up SHIELD, we’ll be seeing JBF a lot more often? ;)

  • Debbie

    I am excited to confirm the rumor that we did pick up Terra Nova and Doll House. I’m the GM of Science. We are programming a night a week to science fiction. Hope you like it! Let us know.

  • USAmerica1st

    Ah, Terra Nova, the show that could have been so great with better writing and a different focus away from that obnoxious family, like….Falling Skies.

  • Observer

    I wouldn’t watch Dollhouse if they paid me (sorry JBF, I love Firefly tho) but it seems Science is becoming more sci-fi than Syfy! Hope the trend continues. :)

  • JulieDawn


    And Awake…….

  • The End


    Yes, Nathan Fillion is Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly, the main character, and Holly is also correct, the cast are also what made this show one of the best Scifi shows ever made. You need pretty much everyone on-board to make any revival perfect.

  • were123

    @The End
    Ok then, I hope that for Firefly fans the chance comes to happen.

    Couldn’t agree more, Awake was a really remarkable series, it’s a shame it got cancelled, it would be nice if it could live on syndication

  • Tested

    I’ve been delighted to see the Fringe first season marathon today on Science. I’m happy to see the other sci-fi shows too. But………

    A part of me thinks the folks at Science have to be exceedingly careful about how many of these purely entertainment shows they put on their channel. What I really love about the Science Channel are all the actual shows about science and discovery. If they trade too much of that for just entertainment, it will damage the core mission of the channel.

    They have to avoid doing to Science what was done to “The Weather Channel” – where it became hard to find weather on the weather channel. At least one operator questioned the value of the channel as a weather provider when it was airing so many big budget hollywood films in prime time that had little to do with weather.

    My hope is that Science will keep the sci-fi limited to no more than a couple of hours a day or maybe one night a week and use that to draw an audience to their other fine programs.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)


    I have to believe you are in fact the GM for two reasons. (1) The GM is Debbie Myers and (2) Only an employee would use the phrase “I am excited to confirm….”.

    These are very good programming developments.

  • brad

    Firefly is never coming back. At best, we might get an animated show or another film. But a TV series? No way. Too many of the actors and such are tired up in other projects.

  • david

    Good to know the Science Channel has picked a couple more Scifi shows. I have enjoyed the Fringe season one that has been on today. But like somebody else has stated i hope this channel does not completely fill the schedule with scifi programs. I also enjoy the science shows on there like Dark Matters and How its Made.

  • silvit

    How it’s Made is my drug.

  • Tom

    @ Brad You’re right. Firefly as we know it is dust. One option might be to do a reimagined series the way Battlestar Galactica was resurrected. I don’t know if that would have much audience appeal though.

  • Dan S

    I never caught Dollhouse when it aired on Fox. I may take a look at it when it starts it’s run on Science which could become more like the old Sci-Fi channel.

  • Eric_Philly

    If they pick up those shows too, I may just have to add Science Channel to my favorites list.

  • Chris

    The only think I watch on TSS is Punkin Chunkin’. And if Joss Whedon ever goes near that, I’ll KILL him. :)

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