Will Science Channel Be Airing 'Terra Nova' and 'Dollhouse' Repeats?

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November 23rd, 2012

Today's a slow day on TV by the Numbers, and with the kids home for Thanksgiving break, the family television has been tuned to the Science Channel's Fringe Marathon because, you know, why not? However, something interesting has been appearing throughout today's marathon...promos for Terra Nova and Dollhouse repeats! Science Channel already airs repeats of canceled series Fringe and Firefly, so it would make sense, but we'll leave this in rumor territory until we hear something official. Here's a screenshot of a Dollhouse clip airing in the promo, for your viewing pleasure.And yes, it was taken on a cell phone camera, so it looks a little off.

  • Chris

    Thing, sorry. But seriously, folks–Science is a cool channel, so why ruin it with all these dorky failed genre shows that are full of bad science and worse writing? It’s like they’re all FAILED experiments, and the channel that’s supposed to be about lauding the scientific method is determined to prove they were a success. Does FOX own that channel now? :)

  • Masterbreel

    I would prefere a second season TN, but repeats are good enough for now :P

  • LD

    Science is just doing what every other cable channel before them has done – ditching their original mandate in order to broadcast reruns of dramas and sitcoms, because that’s where all the money really is.

  • Ray

    Terra Nova?? There needs to be a syndication bear.

    Hopefully for the repeat they’ll release the version in which the dinosaurs eat the three kids in the first episode so nobody has to watch them for the rest of it.

  • carigis

    Id love to see dollhouse reruns.. but the only good terra nova episode was the first.. the rest of the show was horrible and the son was incredibly annoying especially.

  • carigis

    dont worry about the science channel moving to repeats.. they will just start a S2 channel in the future.

  • Diana

    We think that the only Joss Whedon show worth reviving is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We think that are many possibilities that could happen regarding this show, We still want to know will it be Angel or Spike. Maybe there is a way to keep fans happy regarding his many shows.

  • One

    If SciChan is going to be airing repeats of something as reviled as Terra Nova, someone should go out of their way to pick up repeats of Last Resort, and give that series the vindication it so greatly deserves.

  • One

    I got it! I know who should pick up Last Resort repeats! Petition the Military Channel! The same people who run Science run Military Channel, maybe they’d be in the market for a couple critically acclaimed, criminally underwatched dramas of their own!

  • One @ Joss’s Biggest Fain

    Dollhouse deserved to get canceled so Dichen Lachmann could do her true life’s work on Last Resort.

  • s0303

    probably dumb question…but what’s the difference of re-airing these shows that didn’t last very long and a show lasting 88 episodes and making syndication???

  • Oliver


    The ’88 episodes’ is for stripped syndication, where networks will air a show daily year-round. Networks don’t want to repeat the same episodes too often because otherwise viewers will tire of them and stop watching.

    This is just a good old fashioned rerun. From Science’s POV, only having a few episodes means they can afford them since their unsuitability for stripped syndication limits their after-market value.

  • Mark3

    I wish someone would bring back firefly already! Its a good show. Now im not a die hard fam but i would watch it. The movie killed off a couple characters so you really only need a few to return. U prob cant get EVERYONE to return but if u brought back most of them and then introduce a new charrcter or two then it will work! And please keep the ship EXACTLY the same!!!! It could happend in a couple years. Gotta wait for castle to end first. If a network broight it back…i gotta say that would be the smartest network on tv!! I have NEVER seen such die hard fans of a show like the ones for firefly!! Its bigget them when they brought back family guy. Even ten years after it wemt iff the air its STILL A HUGE SHOW!! LIKE i said im not a die hard fan. But it is a good show and im shocked no one has broight it back with all the fans out there and dvd blu ray sales of the series. It just needs a good network and goodtime slot.(not on friday please) .im talking to you syfy channel and tnt!! That would be a good fit to show before falling skies!!!

  • Oliver

    I wonder if Universal ever made a profit on Serenity.

  • frank

    When are you guys going to have “The Great Geek Off?” Where you attempt to find the best Science Teacher in America by making them have Demo Offs – like Top Chef or Next Great Food Star except with chemicals. You can get Bill Nye to be the host – like RuPaul’s Drag Show.

    When it comes to most of these shows, don’t the fans already own the Blu-rays?

  • BagToPunch

    the family television has been tuned to the Science Channel’s Fringe Marathon because, you know, why not?

    Because it’s a terrible show.

  • Chris

    @LD–yeah, exactly.

    @Mark3–never gonna happen. Joss Whedon found his true calling–making movies based on comic book characters created by other people. Firefly flopped–as a series and as a movie. It’s dead as dead can be.

  • danny94

    Surely anyone who wants to watch these shows agian would jusy buy the dvd’s

  • DTravel

    I’m just not sure what to make of The Science Channel airing more science fiction than the (former) Sci-Fi Channel. :/

  • Oliver


    Discovery has already commissioned a similar series called The Big Brain Theory presented by Kal Penn.

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