Will Science Channel Be Airing 'Terra Nova' and 'Dollhouse' Repeats?

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November 23rd, 2012

Today's a slow day on TV by the Numbers, and with the kids home for Thanksgiving break, the family television has been tuned to the Science Channel's Fringe Marathon because, you know, why not? However, something interesting has been appearing throughout today's marathon...promos for Terra Nova and Dollhouse repeats! Science Channel already airs repeats of canceled series Fringe and Firefly, so it would make sense, but we'll leave this in rumor territory until we hear something official. Here's a screenshot of a Dollhouse clip airing in the promo, for your viewing pleasure.And yes, it was taken on a cell phone camera, so it looks a little off.

  • Matt

    FRINGE IS NOT CANCELED. It still airs and will have a proper conclusion. It will “end” but not be canceled. This definition means every show ever is canceled.

  • Mike

    Both shows BLOW

  • Herb Finn

    When did Science start becoming what The “Syfy” Channel used to be?

  • Anthony M

    Fringe wasn’t cancelled, that wording is all about page hits lol. And Science channel is going to run right by SCY FY channel if it keeps this up.

  • AuntKimmie

    Bringing back Dollhouse ????


    The sun will shine again !

  • coolioni

    Im knew the day would someday come when another channel would step up to the plate to take over where the Syfy channel has let us sci-fi fans down.
    At last a network is taking the dive into airing real sci-fi shows.

    The Syfy network that used to be oh so good is now oh so bad. It is filled with nothing but reality TV, wrasslin, game shows, crappy ghost shows, and who knows what other stupid show they will think of next that will cost them next to nothing to make and pull in 800,000 viewers !

    It is a mattter of time before there will be no more real sci-fi shows on SyFy. Every season it just gets worse and worse on that pathetic network.

    I applaud the Science Channel for what they are doing.

    Hopefully they will start to dive into some original programming next !

  • lynda

    cannot believe taranove is canceled my husband and watched every episode and several people i know did also

  • Dan S

    Maybe Science could also pickup the recently cancelled Eureka. I’d love it if they started getting into original scripted programming like the old Sci-Fi used to have. Maybe they could even pickup Blood & Chrome that SyFy recently passed on.

  • DarthSidVicious

    “Terra BULL” was an unequivocally terrible show. Unequivocally terrible shows are terribly unfun to watch and a terrifying waste of our precious time. That’s why the terribleness of Science Channel’s decision, to dig up this fossil of a show, cannot be overstated. I’d rather watch a test-tube full of paint dry!

  • Tom

    @Ray Finally, a kindred spirit. Pretty much every scene that whiny little girl on Terra Nova appeared in was irrelevant. The show already had too many subplots and interrupting an episode just to follow her and her pet dinosaur was both annoying and ridiculous. This wasn’t Sesame Street. I can see why science fiction fans might have enjoyed Dollhouse. But, Terra Nova was a tangle of incoherent story lines and deserved to be cancelled.

  • Lanie Grace

    The return of Dollhouse LOL….

    Does this also mean the return of TSCC Fanboys claiming Dollhouse and Robert Seidman killed Terminator?


  • John R

    Terra Nova is a stupid show for kids.

    Fringe is one of the best sci-fi shows of all-time.

    “Dollhouse deserved to get canceled so Dichen Lachmann could do her true life’s work on Last Resort.”

    You mean going topless is her true life’s work?!!! You need to get your priorities in order. Last Resort is a mediocre show which is getting more atrocious every passing episode. The characters are cartoonish, don’t seem like a part of the crew and are highly inconsistent.

  • cas127

    Hmmm…I think more people have commented on this *thread* than *watched* the shows during their original airing…

  • One @ John R

    Last Resort is the best and most important show on broadcast! It’s message must be spread, even after its premature death, lest we all fall vulnerable to the governmental machinations that would strip us of our intelligence!

  • david

    That kind of would make since for Military channel to pick up Last Resort because they show movies on the channel.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Lanie Grace: “Does this also mean the return of TSCC Fanboys claiming Dollhouse and Robert Seidman killed Terminator?”

    They never left.

    Also, I thought WE killed TSCC: you with the false finale script and me with my interminable criticism on the Fox Wiki? :-)

  • Billiam904

    Why Not? SyFy is mostly reality shows now, so why not put some scripted SciFi stuff on the Science Channel, especially if there is current research being done on some of this yet-to-new technology? It may open some doors to new scripted stuff one day, who knows? I’ve even tuned into ABC Family looking for quality scripted stuff because it is starting to get slim on the regular networks, I’m afraid…

  • tv#1

    I hope the Science Channel starts to make their own original scripted programming. It would be nice to have another channel or outlet that makes sci-fi/fantasy shows. Sci-fi/fantasy TV is my favorite type of TV, so I would always love to have more.

    As for Terra Nova and Dollhouse I am glad they are or will find a home in syndication. Now it doesn’t look like a complete waste for Fox to have made both of those shows. Personally, I am still kind of upset about the Terra Nova cancellation. Despite the numerous bad remarks about the show I overall enjoyed it. I would have liked to have seen a second season.

  • Warren

    Yah Firefly is dead in it’s current incarnation.

    I only hope that it can one day be brought back as a new show within the universe. Maybe revolve it around an adult River and ‘her crew’ etc.

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    Maybe it could become like the old SciFy Channel before it changed its name and became the home of 3rd rate reality shows and bad Saturday cheesy movies.

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