'Family Time Together' Contest Announced Today on ABC's 'The View'

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November 26th, 2012

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Spending time together as a family is precious and limited. This holiday season ABC’s Emmy Award-winning talk show “The View” is offering a chance for four lucky viewers to win a Disney Parks Vacation in the “Family Time Together” contest announced live today, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26 (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET). The nomination process begins today and is open through December 21, 2012. Winners will be announced live on “The View” on MONDAY, JANUARY 7, 2013.


Whether it’s the sheer joy on the face of a child, the special togetherness with a family member about to leave the nest or grandparents who treasure every laugh and hug, now is the time to experience the fantasy, the magic, the laughter of a Disney Parks family vacation together. Winners will receive their choice of the following Disney Parks vacations for four: the “Ultimate Fairy Tale Experience” and “Family Thrills Vacation” at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida or the “Cruise into Cars Land Adventure” and “Big Kid Fun - California Style” at the Disneyland® Resort in California. Viewers can nominate their own family or a deserving family they know who need some time together. The viewers who nominate the winning families will also win a Disney Parks vacation for four.


Visit www.abc.com/theview to find out how to nominate friends or family members and for full details, including entrant and nominee/family eligibility restrictions, prize descriptions and limitations. Entrants must be 18 or older. No purchase necessary.


About “The View”: “The View,” a live, one-hour daily talk show from ABC, features Daytime Emmy Award-winning hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. It’s the original forum in which real women discuss everyday issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations. “The View,” broadcast in HDTV and produced in 2-channel stereo sound, is now available to watch online daily at 4:00 p.m., ET/1:00 p.m., PT on ABC.com. “The View” is produced by ABC and Ms. Walters’ Barwall Productions, with Ms. Walters serving as executive producer along with Bill Geddie, who also serves as executive producer for “The Barbara Walters Specials.” “The View” is directed by Mark Gentile. For breaking news and updated videos follow “The View” (@theviewtv) and hosts Barbara Walters (@BarbaraJWalters), Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGoldberg), Joy Behar (@JoyVBehar), Elisabeth Hasselbeck (@ehasselbeck) and Sherri Shepherd (@SherriEShepherd) on Twitter.™


About Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: More than 50 years ago Walt Disney created a new kind of entertainment families could experience together, immersed in detailed atmospheres and vibrant storytelling. His vision now includes a collection of five of the world’s leading family vacation destinations – Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA; Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL; Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan; Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallée, France; and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, located on Lantau Island. A sixth resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, is under construction in Pudong New District, Shanghai. In addition, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts includes the world-class Disney Cruise Line; Disney Vacation Club; Adventures by Disney, a guided group vacation experience to some of the world’s most popular destinations; and Walt Disney Imagineering, which creates and designs all Disney parks, resorts, cruise ships, entertainment and attractions.

  • Katherine Rudolph

    I nominate my daugther Chakera Samuel sne hax been going through a lot in the last 4 yrs and found out this year that her dad has stage 3 bladder cancer and we had’nt been a vacation as a family in about 7 years. well her family had’nt had a vacation in years. they are going though trying to stay in their house. we as a family. she has three children marcus age 9,trinity age 13,and bryanna age 18.please make our family the winners.

  • Kathy Neubert

    I am the mother of 3 now grown children. Our Daughter has 1 son, our son has a son and daughter and our youngest son is adopting a family of 5. We are so happy and proud of him and his partner for what they are doing. They started with fostering a 3 day old baby who turns 1 on Dec 17. About 6 months later they found out he had sibllings in foster homes already with no where to really go. So they took all the kids in as of July and are a beautiful happy family. The children are ages 1 – 8 with one girl and 4 boys. We pray daily for the courts to be gracious and let this all be legal. We are so proud and happy to soon be the Grandparents of “8”!!

  • Kathy Neubert

    I really hope you consider my son and his new family as winners of your contest. And of course Grandma and Grandpa would love to go along. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Ruth Frisbie

    RE: “Family Time Togeter Contest”

    I would like to nominate the Dale Milliron family. Dale is a heart transplate
    survivor with five young children whose wife died last June. His children are ages: Breanna, 25 1/2 months; Shania, 4; Duane-Lee, 3; Leland, 7, and Ariana, 8. Dale has his hands full with all these small little ones with his ill-health. His mother, Violet Lofton, lives in the next county, and they are all living on limited income. Violet is a widow living on S.S. income in senior housing. She tries to help out as she can. Ariana has a big responsibility as the oldest child to help out with all the other children. Only the two oldest are school age. Dad often can’t get away to attend their school functions because of the other little ones. A vacation would be sooo special for all of them. I would want Grandma to go in place of me. She often takes a couple of the kids to her home two at a time for a week at a time to give Dad a break.

  • Wilma Harding

    I would like to nominate my daughter Michelle Peters for the trip to Disney World and her 3 children Mitchell, Melanie, Tyler and spouse Scott,, also granddaughter Kinlee. My daughter lost her first child after he was born. Michelle went on to have 3 more children. During which time Michelle has spent years working and going to nursing school. Michelle has sacrificed her own comfort to help provide for her children by working in the medical field. Michelle will graduate in May 2013, with her RN degree. In the years Michelle has worked and gone to school her family had to sacrifice their time having a mother. My daughter and her family needs this time with each other as the children are now 19, 16, 14 and granddaughter is 2. Michelle has also helped to raise a grandchild. I as the grandmother sold my home and moved with them to the country and helped fill in as a surrogate parent so the children never had to be put in day care. Although you can never regain the time there is a way to fill the time now with great memories. My daughter dream has always been to take her family to Disney World but had never been able to afford the trip. Please, allow my daughter and her family to make their dreams a reality. Thank you.

  • Anna Leithoff

    I’m nominating my daughter fo the trip to Disneyland. She has a daycare in her home, she always has a xmile on her face even delt with alot of problems that gets in her way. She is married with a family of five, with a surprise addition of a Grand daughter they now raise autism she’s our special little angel. They put alot of work and effort into thier family and manage average. They have never gone on vacation except for one Christmas we took them to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas. They where so appreciative of that trip my Granddaughter still wears the T-shirt. They are a wonderful group of great children that would deserve a trip like this one being offered. Thank You for the offer. Please enter them for a chance they will never get on their own.

  • Rose Giannantonio

    I am the mother of 3 children. My husband and I have 6 grandsons ages from 24 to 8 years old 4 from my daughter and 2 from my son. My husband and I will be married 59 years in February. I just turned 80 years old on December 19. We all went out to dinner and as I was looking around at the table I realized that all would not be here if it was not for my husband and I. We are blessed that all my children and grandsons are healthy great people. My husband and I are healthy also so be have much to be thankful for. We are a close knit family and I found that I have the opportunity with your event to praise my family. My husband prays each that one of our grandsons will become a Priest but down deep I know this will never happen in our lifetime. We just love watching The View as we are both retires. It is such an informative show. It would be a wonderful thing if we are chosen so we can all be together. Rose Giannantonio

  • cheryl braz. leeds, al

    I am writing to put my ex daughter in law and my 2 beautifull. Granddaughters in your time alone search. My daughter in law amber has had a really hard time of trying to get things together since the split (which wasnt mostly done on her part), she is a young mother and together we are trying to make things great for my grand girls who despite it all are still on a.b . Honor roll at school i miss them being a family. You know 4.2 people fence dog but she had to pick up the pieces as he got on a bus and didnt look back. Myheart aches and yet is full of anger at times because they ask me questions that make my heart feel as if someone is mashing it. I believe this trip will help them all mentally and my girls still believe in the dolls of cinderella, belle, snow white, so thank you for your listening. And god bless us all a great, promising new year… sincerly. Cheryl braz

  • cheryl bigleman

    Im hopeing my daughter and her family can win the trip.
    she was talking about how she would like us as a family to take a trip to Disneyland..and how nice it would be to go to the Florida one but there has been no money for such a trip time off from work is hard for her she even gose to work sick cause cant afford time off bills/rent wont get paid.
    the family deserves time away and together away from all worries and stress even if for a bit to see the two grand children smile have a good time
    Thank you so much for offering this opertunity love ya guyd Nanna

  • Nancy Pricer

    I would like to nominate my daughter and her family, Cynthia and Jason Shelden. They have three beautiful children ages seven, four, and one. Jason works two jobs. Cynthia stays home with the two youngest and also keeps two other children four days a week to help out. She tutors two nights a week. So that doesn’t leave much time for family time. They have been working with the bank for two years to try to refinance their home so that it won’t be forclosed. They have no money for vacations. Their four old loves to dress up and pretend to be a princess. She would love to see a real Disney princess. Thank you so much for considering them.

    Nancy Pricer
    Mesilla Park, NM

  • Marie Tufo

    I would like to nominate my son-in-law, Thomas Spinella , for the Disney Family Vacation winner. Thomas married my daughter, Audra, in 2000 n after several years they decided to begin a family but they were unsuccessful & turned to fertility treatments. In 2006, Audra, finally became pregnant only to be told at 20 weeks that the baby she was carrying ha d a severe form of skelatal dysplasia & that the pregnancy was nt viable. Heartbroken, thay slowly recovered & tried again but were unsuccessful-more heartbreak. again they turned to fertility treatments & in 2008 they had a set of beautiful, healthy twins, Adam & Olivia, the light of their lives. But the worst heartbreak was in store. On Nov 10th 2008, when the twins were 8 months old, my daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable colorectal cancer. The next 14 months were sheer hell for everyone. Thomas left his job to care for his beloved wife only to lose her in Jan 2010-the twins were 23 months old.
    Since Audra’s passing Thomas has been a stay-at-home dad for the most part, caring for the twins with love, tenderness & devotion as he did for my daughter as she faced the ravges of cancer & the knowledge that the children she fought so desperately to have would never know her.
    Disney World was one of Audra & Tom’s favorite vacation places & it was thei dream that one day they would go there as a family with Adam & Olivia. Maybe on part of that dream could come true with your help.
    Thank you,
    Marie Tufo- Grandma

  • Marie Tufo

    I would like to nominate my son-in-law, Thomas Spinella. for the Disney Family Vacation contest. Thomas & my beautiful daughter, Audra, were married in 2000 & after several years decided to raise a family. They were unsuccessful & after many heartbreaking failures finally were expecting a baby only to be told at 20 weeks that the baby had a severe form of skelatal dysplasia and the pregnancy was not viable. Heartbreak again. They eventually recovered from the trauma of losing a much wanted child & tried again & again no success. Once more they turned to fertility treatments & miracle of miracles in 2008 Adam & Olivia were born-healthy & full term. However, more heartbreak was waiting. When the twins were 8 months old, Audra was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer & after 14 months of hell she passed. The twins were one month shy of their 2nd birthday. Thomas gave up his job to care for Audra through the ravages of her illness knowing what the outcome would be in spite of his love & devotion.
    Since that awful time, Thomas, has basically been a stay -at-home dad caring for the twins with the same tenderness, love & devotion he used in caring for my daughter.
    Needless to say, I believe he & the twins would love a vacation in Disney World & could certainly use the happiness that abounds there. By the way, it was one of Audra & Thomas’ favorite places & their dream was to go there as a family one day but fate had other plans. Maybe fate can be fooled this time.
    Grandma Marie Tufo

  • Marie Tufo

    Sorry, for the duplicate entry-I’m tech-challenged. Marie Tufo

  • B Rose

    I would like to stay unannounced, but I would like to see NATALIE BARTON’s family of Newtown, Ct or one of the families from there, I can’t think of
    any one else who needs a change of pace.

  • Corazon santiago

    I would like to nominate Julie Salander a single mom of 4 boys who struggled so much for 6 years after the big crime their dad did, leaving Julie and the boys nothing at all to live by,no
    Money,no house they live in a foreclose house until
    The bank tells them it’s time to live.raising 4 boys by herself is a very hard Job this family needs a wonderful
    Break from the terrible incident that happen to their lives they can’t afford to have the chance to enjoy each other and this is the only way I know to make it possible I’ve worked with this family as a baby sitter for 11 wonderful years this family deserves a wonderful gift so please nominate this family a d give them the chance to enjoy a vacation they all needed. Thank you very much

  • Sharon Jones

    I would absolutely love to take my granddaughters, ages 6 and 3 to Disneyworld, but my daughter-in-law won’t let me take them without her. I can’t afford to take my daughter-in-law and my son, and they can’t afford to pay their own way. Help! My granddaughters are so wonderful they would be excited beyond words. By the way, I would also be excited beyond words to see Disneyworld. I watch you every day (I’m retired) and tape your show daily just in case I have an appointment. Please make me the best grandmother in the world, (also the best mother-in-law and mother) and grant me this Disney wish.
    Thanks for considering us and thanks for your wonderful show.

  • Jean Naumann

    I would like to nominate a family from Watertown, WI. Jackie Stoner and Bruce Stoner have had a very scary and continuing medical challenge that involves their daughter, Sammy and Jackies husband Bruce.

    Sammy has been battling a very severe and rate case of Lupus, that started at the age of 14 and is continuing yet today at the tender age of 16. She has been in the hospital more in the last two years than at home or in school.

    The Lupus has attacked her in form of skin blisters on her entire body. This is a very painful form of Lupus and the Doctors have not been successful in ridding this dreadful disease. To date, they have been unsuccessful getting her into remission.

    On top of that and during her hospital stay, her father was in an industrial accident where an I-Beam fell on him on a construction site, placing him in the hospital and is again facing a fourth operation without guaranteed results.

    Jackie Stoner has continued to keep her full-time job as a manager for an organization that works with group homes for young adults with an eating disorder called, Prader-Willie. Her determination, travels with her job, continually addressing her daughter’s needs and her husband’s challenges has been very stressful, to say the least. If anyone needs a break in life, it is the Stoner family.

    Thank you for hearing a nomination.

    Jean Naumann
    130 Oconomowoc Sq
    Oconomowoc WI 53066

  • Bill McDonald

    I would like to nominate my daughter Angela Thompson and her husband and 2 children. Angela and her husband are school teachers in a smaill Texas school system and don’t make near enough to make a trip to Disney World. they work many hours a week and her husband works summers to earn enough money to just get by. They spend many days each year helping others that have had losses in their family or suffer from a disease or health condition that they need clothes, money, food, and other essentials. their heart is always thinking about others and I feel that it would be just a great experience for some one to show them the love that they show to others. thank you for your consideration!

  • Michelle’

    I would like to nominate Rhonda Brooks (My Mother) and my three little sisters Haretta 12, Markayla 8 and Marcosha 16. My mother is a single women who’s been through help and NFL she has 8 children but 3 are grown that she’s raised alone. She’s a hard worker, she works two jobs and attends school, I’m 18 and I just graduated May 31 and I pray everday that things get better and I become that famous wealthy person who can buy everythingand create that time that just me and my mom and sisters can spend together, because I can’t remember one time for the last 10 years she had time to spend with us, her family!!

  • vanessa williams

    I would like to enter my daughter Danyel Ford and her husband because they are both in the Air Force and every year for the past 4 years they have been deployed. This year their deployment overlaped. It will be a whole year before they see each other. They are the parents of 2 wonderful girls and one of them is a teenager. Right now my son in law has the girls. He is doing the cooking and cleaning well everything. I am very proud of my daughter and my son-in-law and what they are doing as many have made that choice to do. Missing birthdays and Holidays and all the special events. Not being there when there is an illness it a hard life. Its hard for the children and on a marriage. Please consider my daughter and her husband.
    Also please excuse my spelling and typing as I really do not know how to work this thing.

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