'General Hospital' Hits a Two Year High Among Women 18-34; ABC Daytime is Number 1 in Women 18-49 for the Sixth Straight Week

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November 26th, 2012

via press release:

ABC is the #1 Network in Daytime for 10th Consecutive Week

In Women 18-34, and for 6th Week in a Row in Women 18-49


“General Hospital” Ranks as Daytime’s #1 Program in Women 18-34 for the 6th Time in the Prior 7 Weeks, Boasting a 2-Year High in the Target Demo


“The Chew” Nearly Matches Last Week’s Series High in Women 18-34;

Hits 10-Month High in Total Viewers and 9-Month High in Women 18-49


Daytime Programming Highlights


  • ABC stood as Daytime’s #1 network for the 10th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/239,000), and was #1 for the 6th straight week in Women 18-49 (0.9 rating/599,000 - tied).


  • “General Hospital” qualified as Daytime’s #1 program for the 6th time in the previous 7 weeks in Women 18-34 (0.8 rating/275,000), rising to a 2-year high in the target demo  – since week of 11/8/10.


  • “General Hospital” surged over year-ago levels in key measures, including by 19% in Total Viewers (2.81 million vs. 2.37 million), by 55% in Women 18-34 (275,000 vs. 177,000) and by 10% in Women 18-49 (697,000 vs. 635,000).


  • In the final week before holiday cooking season, “The Chew” virtually equaled last week’s series high in Women 18-34 (194,000 vs. 195,000), ranking among the week’s Top 5 daytime programs for the 2nd consecutive week (0.6 rating), and hit a 10-month high in Total Viewers (2.56 million) and 9-month high in Women 18-49 (482,000) – since weeks of 1/9/12 and 2/20/12, respectively.
  • Sophie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that GH is doing so well. It’s so good!

  • ChuckieChk

    Love, Love, Love the Chew! One of the best shows on television and its for the whole family and its actually stuff you can do in your own kitchen!

  • James

    Better or worse, The Chew and General Hospital is becoming a combo. Dare I say it–sexy–combo. 2.56 Million for The Chew and 2.81 Million for General Hospital. The Chew and GH are earning themselves renewals, The Chew probably right now more long-term than GH’s. Gh is in right direction, need to be hitting at least 3 million.

  • rob60990

    Good for GH, the show has been really good with the return of Faison & AJ.

  • Sean


  • Cass rowlwland

    the chew and gh will both live past 2013

  • Jeff

    If only ABC had put their energy into saving AMC and OLTL, rather than destroying them. They all could be achieving these #’s and probably higher. At least it’s good news for GH. Higher rated than the Chew and Katie and higher demo #’s than the View. I am hoping that secures it a future!!!

  • cc

    GH. Woohoo!

  • diana

    @James, I am slowly warming to The Chew, for the reasons you said .. GH and The Chew might be a “combo”, gaining viewers from each other, as a TEAM .. women who don’t ordinarily watch soaps might tune in for The Chew and get hooked on GH, and vice-versa! Whatever keeps GH on the air, I’m happy, because GH is SO GOOD right now! It’s an ensemble show again, not just all about Sonny&Jason, whom I loathed. Tristan Rogers just makes GH for me. I love the way Cartini are giving us all these wonderful nods to history and giving storylines to the vets. I’m a happy viewer right now!

  • Greg

    The Chew SUX. How many friggin times can you talk about the same dishes every year? Hate the show. Wish it were canceled.

  • Jim H

    Happy for Gh but I will never ever ever ever watch The Chew Bring back OLTL


    I will be honest with you I like the Chew. Honestly it has grown on me and those are great ratings. Doing better numbers than AMC on a cheaper budget. I think IMO the guys are good but Daphane or Carla could be replaced with a higher profile female. I find them to be kind of blah for the panel and they could shake it up with better females who have more personality. Those are great numbers and the Chew is complimenting GH very well. They are a good combo.

  • Christina

    I’m with you Jim. I’ll never watch The Spew. Where’s my All My Children? #SoapFansGoneCrazyCirca2011

    I am so PROUD of General Hospital!!!!!!!! :) :) Frank and Ron really did wonders for this show

  • pinevalleylover

    Me three! i was a die hard all my children fan i will never watch the chew. as for GH woooo hoooooo!!! i hope it goes on for another 50 years:)

  • Mike

    Love The Chew. Love that is is getting better ratings. It deserves them.

  • donnie

    i will never watch “the chew” but i never watch anything on abc.

  • Robert

    Make Robert Scorpiona regular and I will stay. Turn back into the Sonny Show and I’m gone!!!

  • robertsprague

    trays leaving gh now lets get rid of kate kate isn’t kate with out megan werd she was kate. and give us Jackie zeman how much more are you going to waite also genie francis still love robin mattson as heather she makes gh and more anna Felicia and lucy lucy lucy.

  • Doug

    GH has been doing better because the new showrunners (who were running OLTL) brought over some OLTL characters. They will probably bring over some more after Prospect Park’s hold on the rights goes away in January. This new GH-OLTL hybrid is not exactly old GH (same characters, different tone), and not exactly old OLTL (a few of their characters, but the same tone), but has proven to be successful for ABC so far.

    @Robert – the mob hold on the show is over. The OLTL showrunners are just not interested in that stuff, which is to the great benefit of GH, I believe.

  • cass rowland

    all my children are never coming back it was to wxpensive and its ratings did not justify the expense

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