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November 26th, 2012

The previous two episodes of Revolution each hit a season-low 2.6 adults 18-49 rating. The show is still winning its time period, but it's a far cry from the 4.0+ adults 18-49 ratings it earned at the beginning of the season. Tonight Revolution airs its fall finale. Will it rebound before its lengthy hiatus? Make your prediction below, then discuss it, and whether you think disappearing from the airwaves for several months will hurt the show's future performance.

  • Robot

    I have a feeling The Voice will fall again this week and with that I really don’t see any reasons for the up tick for the Revolution (which in my subjective opinion is an swful garbage) so i would predict the range 2.5 – 2.6

  • Phill

    hang in there revolution! give us a 3.0!!!!

  • The End

    @Simon, Psac

    Well said both of you. This isn’t a bad show, just one making bad choices, the viewers have no reason to care if Danny lives or dies, and the fact he’s the brother of a character people hate makes matters worse. The show ultimately is better when we’re seeing the characters travel, and encountering new people/getting into situations that only end up being ‘ruined’ when you know they’re going after Danny and nothing more.

    Basically everything else besides the Danny stuff is infinitely more better, and ultimately people just want this Danny stuff to end so the show can move forward in a positive direction. Danny was nothing more than a plot device to get them to Philadelphia and is a pretty bad one at that, which is why the numbers have been declining, people just don’t care about him.

    A rescue storyline is only good when you know and love the character/s in question that need rescuing, how many people here honestly care/know about the Danny character beyond him being Charlies brother? No one I would imagine. Once Upon a Time did it right with this kind of storyline, Snow and Emma in Fairy Tail land, they need rescuing and those who love them are doing the best they can in the real world to help. This had build up, sadly Revolution didn’t have that.

  • The End


    I agree, she wants her brother back but it’s hard to buy her performance when it’s delivered so poorly. It’s honestly like she knows the audience cares as much as she does if Danny lives or dies. She isn’t great at delivering genuine emotion, at least in my opinion.

  • TVDude

    I don’t see it taking a huge dive this week, but I don’t see it having a dramatic increase either. It’ll probably stick around in the mid to high 2’s where it has been recently.

  • Just Desserts

    I predict a 1.8. :)

    We should just put Charlie out of her misery.

  • Lanie Grace

    If NBC were to show previews of Tracy Spiradakos getting killed off, Revolution’s ratings might soar to 5.6. She is easily the most annoying and talentless actress since the terminator chic in the robot show a few years back. I agree with Richard Steven Hack that it will return and continue to slid right into cancellation.

    I predict a 2.4 for the season finale.


  • Brian

    Holds a 2.6.

    To answer your other question, a hiatus will hurt the show. But considering the dire straits that NBC is in, it will have to fall pretty far to hit cancellation.

  • Gregor

    I think that the long hiatus will hurt Revolution but it will still get renewed for next season.

  • Joseph A

    I would expect a slight bump but still under 3.0

  • John

    @Lanie: Who in their right minds would think Summer Glau is talentless!! You’re blind!

    @All others who’re picking on Tracy: Did you see the last few episodes! She was so adorable! Not fully likable, but she’s getting there!

  • michael in cmh

    it will be down big time when it returns. And that is why NBC sucks!

  • freckles

    Stupid,stupid,stupid… 4 mo. r u kiddin me. I’ll be there but I don’t matter. They don’t even know I exist… All they know is $$$

  • sarah nz


  • Jiji Moran

    All the flashbacks of each character have done nothing to humanize the characters, or to make them lovable. All the killings, unnecessary violence, hate and brutality, erases any likeable qualities that they may have. We have seen self-defense, but these people seem to kill out of joy, both the good guys and the bad.

    I think the producers are trying to do a crossover between Lord of the Rings and Hunger games. But in both of these stories the heroes killed out of desperation and we felt the danger and necessity for defending themselves. They found truoble, they did not go hunting for it.

    At this point, I find myself not caring for ANY of the characters, and even fell asleep at the two minute mark of tonight’s episode. Ok, I was tired, but this wouldn’t happen during a show I truly enjoy.

    I didn’t see the episode, so I hope the viewers got some answers as to the powers of the 12 rings, I mean pendants.

    Hopefully they rescued the brother, and got a bath and ate something… we have not seen them eating or bathing during the six-week trip, yet.

    I do like the girls character and I understand her demeanor, because it’s Armageddon-like, her parents were killed, her brother kidnapped, her uncle is a psycho killer, she has no boyfriend or friends her age, and there are no female hygine products (since they can’t manufacture anything.)

  • Jiji Moran

    Apologizing for typos, clicked the “Submit Comment” before proofreading.

    I’ll add that the Monroe character doesn’t look so devilish, and though he may be sadistic and looney in the story, he looks more sane than everyone else, including the women.

  • Lanie Grace


    The Summer Glau jab was a friendly swipe at some of my old TSCC Fanboy friends LOL… Summer is a much better actress than Tracy Spiradakos.

    After watching the finale I don’t see how this show survives into Season 2 when it’s back order is run in March 2013. Just read articles on both CNN and Huffington Post that ripped Tracy Spiradakos and few of the major inconsistencies that plague this show.

    Still predicting 2.4 after seeing it.


  • JJ

    Hooly S***! (May I say that)! I was not a huge fan of this show, but that was an epic finale! I am now firmly a fan! I really hope this episode gets atleast a 3.0!!

  • JJ

    @Jiji: You’re wrong. They already bathed a couple of times in the previous episodes.

    Also, this episode was a huge turnaround. I’d rate all the episodes of Revolution aside from this between 5-8 out of 10. This one was a 11 on 10! Monroe became my favorite character.

  • JJ

    @Lanie: I’m calling your bluff. CNN, nor Huffington Post has reviewed this episode yet and the article that you state ‘ripped the inconsistencies’ actually spoke in favor of the show more often than not. I remember that old post.

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