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November 26th, 2012

The previous two episodes of Revolution each hit a season-low 2.6 adults 18-49 rating. The show is still winning its time period, but it's a far cry from the 4.0+ adults 18-49 ratings it earned at the beginning of the season. Tonight Revolution airs its fall finale. Will it rebound before its lengthy hiatus? Make your prediction below, then discuss it, and whether you think disappearing from the airwaves for several months will hurt the show's future performance.

  • bk

    I hate to say it,but I suspect this’ll hit 2.5-2.6 again and with a long hiatus,the show will get hammered when it returns. I wonder if it’ll lose as many people as Jericho back in 06/07 (2 million or so for a Nov to Feb break)

  • bk yet again

    Btw – a some musings/rants regarding the episode
    1st – The ‘we’re almost out of bullets’ statement – I really wonder if that tidbit wasn’t added to the episode to answer the criticism that erupted around the surprising abundance muskets and swords .. and given the episode production number,perhaps as a way to patch at least some of the plot holes (I’ll ignore the fact that you can make your own ammo post blackout and also that 5 years is plenty of time for an organized outfit to start producing enough ammo to keep ’em going)
    2nd – When will the screenwriters learn that watching supposedly trained persons firing bursts at a target not shooting back from a trivially small distance and missing is both implausible and way too overused (hell,if anything,it ruins the ‘will he make it’ suspense)
    3rd – The helos in the final part of the episode are supposedly raided from military bases (like the one we saw some episodes earlier),yet the production team is using Vietnam-era birds instead of the more plausible twin-huey derivatives or the UH60’s. It might be nitpicky, but details matter. And if the budget was tight – couldn’t have they borrowed some newschoppers from a couple of NBC affiliates,smudged some dirt/grease on them to look post-apocalyptic-y and put some MG’s on them on visible ‘DIY’ mountings. That way it’d be cheap and realistic
    4th – Don’t yap,just shoot – if you [b]want to kill[/b] someone, you don’t go on a dramatic speech – you just freaking do it (Hasn’t Miles watched [b]any[/b] Bond Movies before the blackout?!

    Sorry about^,but I had to get it outta my system and my wife hasn’t seen the episode yet,so no spoilers :)

  • JJ

    @bk yet again:

    1 – You can make ammo easily, but bullet casings need to be machined with high specificity for modern guns which requires computerization.

    2 – Doesn’t every show use that? I’ve seen that stuff in Fringe, Homeland, Person of Interest, Last Resort, every cop show, etc

    3 – The Nam-era birds are being used because they are the most easily repairable machines when you compare. The ultra-modern ones require more parts that need to be machined with low tolerances, parts that cannot be gotten easily. Since there was no power, Monroe had them working on maintaining the basic heavy machinery.

    4 – That scene was fantastic. They were both unsure about it and was believable. This episode stepped it up.
    Yup, that’s a rant. lol

  • Verus

    I´m sure it will do ok. Perhaps 2.7 or so. The problem is that NBC will kill the show off with a long break just like they did with V. That show also did ok at first followed by a long break that it never recovered from.

  • senor chang

    Up ~15% in households: 5.3 this week versus a 4.6 last week. Mathematically speaking, that should translate to an even 3.0 in the demo; more realistically, I’m guessing it’ll be up to a 2.8-2.9.

    But it’s a finale. It might surprise. Who knows?

  • senor chang


  • Lanie Grace


    No bluff needed!

    Written yesterday 11/26 and it rips Tracy Spiradakos and the huge plotholes everyone has mentioned on the FB fanpage several thousand times.


  • CrimTV

    I don’t understand why people are so critical on Revolution in terms of the science. Yes, maybe if there was no power the human body wouldn’t work, but it’s A TELEVISION SHOW, not a piece of non-fiction writing.

  • CrimTV

    Revolution – 3.2/2.7 = Around 3.0 wooo!

  • JJ

    @Lanie: Did you actually read that article and comprehend it? I still don’t see the Huffington post trashing the show that you said existed btw.

    In the same article, they quote the post from Huffington I previously mentioned. The entire thing is meant to infuriate and attract traffic. Picking random quotes from a much larger review isn’t difficult for a hater. And yes, the ‘writer’ is a hater since he barely says anything other than ‘annoying, whiny Charlie’. Even Matt Mitovich from tvline and Huffington’s reviewer likes the show overall.

    Anybody who has good taste in tv could see that the finale was one of the best ones ever. David Lyons, the guy who portrays Monroe was Emmy-worthy.

  • JJ

    @CrimTV: Awesome! That was what I expected.

  • Lanie Grace


    You’re a classic fanboy in denial and will a be worthy contestant in Bill Gorman’s “Fan Excuse Bingo” when the show slides off the ratings cliff next year. Just a siggestion, don’t start off with “The show was just too intelligent”….that one has been over used. LOL



  • Lanie Grace

    Sorry for the typos, I shouldn’t be posting and dri

  • JJ

    I wouldn’t use’ too intelligent’ on any show since most aren’t, Lanie. Are you actually blind to the facts of my points or what? You’re using next year’s ‘probable’ slide in ratings right now. The show’s finale was fantastic. This is what every great tv should follow. What you’re saying portrays signs of a classic hater and troll.

  • Jiji Moran

    Bad shows also ruin shows.

  • bk

    First of all – reading my rant after drinking my coffee was awkward to say the least :D

    1st-bullet casings can be made without computerization (though it helps). Case in point are the 7.62×39 (aka the round for the AK47) and the 5.56,that have been in production before computerization of the manufacturing processes even began. And then – there’s handloading,where they could reutilize at least some of the spent brass to make new ammo. Of course,the new rounds could (though not necessarily) be lower quality than the pre-blackout stuff
    2nd-I know,but that doesn’t make it less annoying. Of course,I might be a tad biased,given how hard they emphasized accurate shooting back when I was doing my conscription (and missing that badly equaled a 20 kilometre trek with full gear :D )
    3rd-The problem is that it’s easier to find newer birds + they aren’t that more mechanically different than the Hueys in the scene,but I guess the crew was on a budget and it’s easier to hire them than to ask Uncle Sam for some technical support
    4th-I’m not saying it wasn’t a great scene(though to be fair,the only prerequisite to have such in this show is to keep Charlie offscreen :D),but the whole let’s share our feelings and then brawl is way overused. And it’s interesting how the henchmen with Jeremy Baker were supposedly just behind Bass,yet they were delayed long enough for the whole exchange.

  • dubs

    great show wish seaon lasted longer then ten episodes and the show better come back or ill be pissed i waisted ten hours of my life

  • Speedie

    The Finale is pre-empted by Blake Shelton on West Coast Time?????? Please replay next week so we can see the season finale!!!!

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